Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ABC WEDNESDAY: A is for Acoustic . . .

Thanks so much to my blogging friend, Annie (Churches in Venice), for introducing me to a wonderful and fun meme called ABC Wednesday. 

Starting this week, participants create a post (photo or words or both) of a subject or an idea that starts with the letter "A".  I think this is a really fun and creative meme and I am so happy to join Mrs. Nesbitt, the ABC Wednesday Team and my fellow ABC Wednesday participants for Round 10.

An acoustic (Wikipedia) guitar can really sing . . .

This is a close-up photo of my very special Spanish Guitar which I purchased in Granada, Spain.  It really beats the guitar App on my iTouch, which I carry with me when I travel. :)

To see more cool posts, please visit Mrs. Nesbitt's ABC WEDNESDAY website HERE


  1. Welcome to the club! Great first post.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Hi Kathy, this is a great one! Love your photo. I remember when you bought that guitar. A is for acoustic and also for App (ha ha, that's great that you've got that too).

    I think ABC Wed is going to be fun. Now I'm thinking about B!

  3. Love guitars !!

    Pheno, ABCW Team

  4. Very nice shot. Love photos of guitars

  5. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your comments.

    Roger, glad to be a part of ABC Wednesday. I'm looking forward to a great Round 10.

    Annie, I didn't even realize the A for App part. :) That's so funny that I got to A's in one. he he. I agree, ABC Wednesday is going to be fun and I am also already thinking of my B for next week.

    Maria, thakns so much for liking my shot. I love photos of guitars too. I decided to get up close and personal for my first ABC Wednesday contribution.

    This is fun! See everyone next week.

  6. Hi Ms. Burrito, thanks so much for liking my photo. Your photos are sooo cute.

  7. Creative take on the theme! With your love of music, I am not surprised that this came to mind for you. Acoustic guitar is one of my fave sounds...would love to learn to play someday (will have to put it on my bucket list! lol)

  8. A very nice purchase, you will always have the sound of Spain.
    Joy, ABC Team

  9. Great job with your post and your blog page and profile page are really well done. And you have videos too!!!

  10. Hi there and welcome aboard! Yes a great fun meme which gets us all thinking! WE are in the easy letters now - things can only get more challenging! lol! Look forward to the weeks to come.
    Denise ABC Team

  11. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments....

    Anne, yes I couldn't resist show casing my cool souvenir again. I love it. Myself, I'd like to learn the piano now... I just love it.

    Joy, thank you...yes I took a bit of Spain home with me to relive over and over....it's wonderful.

    Island Rambles, I'm glad you like my post and blog. And I love doing videos. :)

    Mrs.Nesbitt, thank you I'm so glad to be aboard. I love the creative platform that ABC Wednesday offers and I am really looking forward to the weeks ahead. Thank you so much to you and Team ABC Wednesday for hosting this awesome meme.

    Thank you everyone....Have a wonderful week.

  12. Excellent post! I think you've encapsulated the mission of this blog and our challenge.

  13. Acoustic is a great A-word and I love the photo that goes with it.

  14. Love the sound of an acoustic guitar! You'll have to give us an internet concert on your new guitar. Lucky you. Such a great purchase for perpetual (or close to it) remembrances and joy! m

  15. Hi Capturedalive, I'm sorry to have missed your comments earlier. It was surprisingly in my Spam folder, but I marked it as not spam right away. Thanks so much for liking my guitar pic. I love guitars too. I own a couple of them, but this is my fav.

    Hi Anonymous, I don't know who you are, but thanks so much for liking my post.

    Hi EG WOW, thanks so much for liking my A word and photo. This is a really fun meme.

    Hi M, well ..... I don't know about doing an internet concert. Only if I can convince you, Annie, Sandra, Girasoli, Anne and all of our internet friends to sing Lead and background. And of course it would have to be a you know who's song. :)

    Thanks everyone for all of your wonderful comments. See you next Wednesday.

  16. oh my gosh, it would be so much fun to do an internet concert! We could each record our bits and patch them together into one video! lol

  17. Hi Anne, oh that would be fun. And it would also be fun to come up with a really cool name for ourselves. :)

  18. This is a very cool photo! Am looking forward to each letter and what you come up with!

  19. Hi G, thanks for liking my photo. I think it'll be fun too. If you're interested maybe you can join too. It's fun. Annie, Anne & M are doing it too.


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