Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trekcapri's Camino de Santiago: Bad Ass Pilgrim

On my 4th trip, I gasped for air and paused 5 steps from the top!  The Redondo Beach stairs are used by many locals for their fitness training. I'm using them for my Camino Training.  

As I finally reached the top, a girl who was watching me cheered "Bad Ass" and then lifted her hand to invite an encouraging high 5 with me. I laughed, thanked her and gave her a high 5! And so was born my favorite Camino Training phrase, Bad Ass Pilgrim!  I enjoy staying inspired in a fun and kooky kind of way while training. :)

By the way I am now only 28 days until I leave for my Camino. Packing is still a work in progress and my training and trip preparations are ongoing.

If you want to catch your dreams, 
you have to drop your fears.
~ Anton Rubaclini

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