Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trekcapri's Camino de Santiago: A Journey of Reflections & Gratitude

I have only 24 days more to go before I leave on my Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.  I have named this trip "A Journey of Reflections & Gratitude.  My traditional Trip Announcment Video, will posted closer to my departure date. Meanwhile, here's a look at my newly created trip logo. :) 

Why do I deal with the dry dust in my mouth,
the mud on my aching feet, 
the lashing rain and the glaring sun on my skin?
Because of the beautiful towns?
Because of the food?
No. Because I was summoned!

~ Anonymous Camino de Santiago Pilgrim 


  1. Kathy, I am so excited for you! 24 days isn't long at all. Love the logo you created! Really looking forward to reading all about it and seeing your photos. Safe travels to you! Annie

    1. Hi Annie, thanks soooo much for stopping by and for your kind comments. Can you believe it! I can hardly believe it myself. I agree that 24 days is not long at all and I'm beginning to get really nervous already. I'm having packing challenges to keep it reasonable. I know I'll be overpacking, but I have scheduled two days in Pamplona in preparation to mail my post camino clothes ahead (and any additional stuff I need to unload). Until then, I'm using a service to transport my pack ahead and just carrying a day pack. I decided that I wanted to take it easy the first few stages and have time and energy to take photos and video tape.

      But in all the stress about packing and other preparations, I'm very excited about the journey itself (both internal & external). And I also love Spain (like I do Italy) and I'm excited to get to see a new part of the country.

      Thanks so much for your comments Annie! And btw, I am Loving Retirement! :) Hope you're having a wonderful summer.

  2. Wishing you a fantastic journey filled wiht awe and inspiration!

    I am heading to Hawaii for a week to help out my dad (not publicizing it on my blog or twitter. He is fine. I just need to be there while my sister attends a wedding in California.

    I'm going low key tech, only taking my phone, so I am not sure if I will be able to comment on your blog until I get back.

    I am SO excited for you!! Happy Trails!


    1. Hi Susan, thanks so much. Hope you have fun in Hawaii & enjoy spending time with your dad. I'll try to tweet/blog but not sure if the Wi-Fi will be strong enough. You probably won't miss much on my tweets & blog. :) Safe travels.


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