Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Retirement Countdown: My New Fun List

All my life I've created several life lists for myself. We've heard of these terms before . . . . My Bucket List, My Laundry List, My To Do List and My Must See list.  As a retiree I think I’m going to create a FUN list to my list of lists. Ha Ha!  Every Retiree should have one!

My new "fun" list will also include some not so fun things like my declutter projects and selling more unused items on ebay.  So why are these on my fun list . . . well because they are things I need to do and what makes them fun is I don’t have any deadlines to complete them and I can do them anytime I have time to do them, meaning I don’t have to squeeze them in on weekends when I’m not working.  

My fun list will be unrestricted , constantly moving and evolving. They will come in all shapes and sizes and they will weave in and out and through my daily life with no rhyme, reason or structure.   

There will be no time deadlines, no stress, no pressures, no set way of completing them and most important of all, doing them is get this . . . optional.  

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