Wednesday, May 14, 2014

American Idol Season 13: Top Three Idols Perform To Compete In The Finale

Tonight the top three performed three songs each for a chance to make it to the finale show and compete for the title of American Idol.

Here's how I rated all three performances:

Randy's Song Choice for the Idols:
Alex Preston sings Pompeii by Bastille (I thought him playing the drums was a very cool touch)
Jena Irene sings Titanium by David Guetta
Caleb Johnson sings Never Tear Us Apart by Inxs

Judge's Song Choice for the Idols:
Alex sings Stay by Rihanna (That was beautiful)
Jena sings Heart Attack by Demi Lovato
Caleb sings Demons by Imagine Dragons (Poor Caleb was having voice problems and you could really hear it in this performance. Talk about bad timing for him).

Hometown Picks Choice for the Idols:
Jena sings Creep by Radiohead
Alex sings Story of My Life by One Direction
Caleb sings Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin

Based upon tonight's performances I would have to say that Alex & Jena had the top two performances. Alex was brilliant singing Stay by Rihanna and Jena knocked it out of the park with Creep by Radiohead.  I feel bad that Caleb had voice problems tonight but based on tonight's performances it's clear to me that Alex and Jena deserve to move on. I think they would be a great Finale duo. Two amazing artists going head to head. 

And tonight is the 500th show anniversary, so a group of people to include some of the eliminated Idols like Malaya, Majesty, MK, Jessica, CJ, Dexter, Sam and Ben came out with a huge cake.  I'm sure they're in town already rehearsing for the finale show next week.  Well, another season of American Idol is coming to an end. It wasn't the best season, but it was a lot better than last year.  Now if we can only get them to stop with those overdone selfies. :)

And that's my Recap!  Keep on Rocking AI . . . .'


  1. Hi Kathy, sorry I'm late commenting. This is my busy season at work, and I haven't had time for anything fun. I did get to watch this week (I love to see them going back to their home towns) and was a bit surprised at the Final Two. I agree with you that this season has been better than last, but it's so different than it was in the peak Simon years.

    I read an article that said that even though Idol isn't the phenomenon it was at first, the ratings are still decent enough for Fox to keep it going.

    I predict that Caleb will win (that's just a wild guess) which will mean another North Carolina winner!

    1. Hi Annie, I'm always thankful when you come by my blog and comment, but please don't worry if you are busy and can't come by. Come by when you can, it's always so much fun chatting with you.

      I heard that AI will not be aired as many times as they usually do. Maybe they'll cut out a lot of those audition shows and just get right to the competition.

      I actually missed the Hometown shows (my bad), but only because I was watching the NBA Playoffs. :-O Yes, those peak Simon years were great. I have a feeliing they'll not rekindle that anytime soon, but it's nice that they are at least giving them another season. But I agree with you that it could be coming to an end. All I can say is it's better that they do it when they're semi still popular rather than wait too long.

      That's right, Caleb is a fellow North Carolina! I actually really like Caleb but I liked Majesty better. I wish she had gone further in the competition. Both Jena & Caleb are very talented and the Finale show should be off the hook. Congrats to a fellow NC in the finals Annie! Did Clay Aiken win the office he was running for?

      Have a great weekend and enjoy the finale. Hope work slows down for you this week so you can catch the sho.


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