Tuesday, May 20, 2014

American Idol Season 13: Final Two Showdown - Jena Irene vs Caleb Johnson

It's finale time and we were treated to a wonderful and lively Jena Irene vs Caleb Johnson showdown. Who's going to take this Season's title of American Idol? Will the rocker go through this competition without once landing in the bottom.  Or will a young piano playing songstress who can rock it out with the best of them swoop in and take the title.

Well, with no further a due, here's how I rated tonight's performances:

Producer's Choice:
Caleb Johnson sings Dream On by Aerosmith
Jena Irene sings Dog Days Are Over by Florence & the Machine

Idol's Choice:
Jena Irene sings I Can't Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis (I'm so downloading this song itunes)
Caleb sings Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney

Proposed Coronation Song:
Jena Irene sings We Are One
Caleb sings As Long As You Love Me

I really like both Jena & Caleb and I know that they'll go on to have very successful music careers, but based on the overall performances tonight, here's how I voted:  

Regardless of the low ratings this season I was so happy that the show went back to focusing on the contestants rather than the judges.  Bringing back Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez and adding new Judge Harry Connick Jr. to the original 3 Judge panel was a great decision.  And let's not forget the amazing talent the show discovered this season like Alex Preston, Majesty Rose, Sam Woolf, C.J. Harris, Jessica Meuse, Malaya Watson, Dexter Roberts and MK Nobilette. I hope that they all go on to have very successful music careers.

There are a few things I hope the AI producers will leave out next season. First, those overdone selfies.  Gotta go! Second, the half time Facebook results which I'm sure affected (in a negative and unfair way) the overall voting results.  I totally believe that Majesty Rose left way too early due to those Facebook half-time voting results.  Can someone please remind the AI producers that there's a good reason why on election night the media are not allowed to show any voting results until all the precincts in America have closed for the night.  If some fans see that their favorites are already losing, they just may decide not to cast their votes. Okay, I'll admit that voting for AI is not on the same level as voting for our next President, but to an AI fan it can mean the difference between their favorite moving on or being eliminated. Kind of a big deal to us. :)

I want to thank fellow AI fan AnnieNC (Blog: Churches in Venice) for her comments on my AI weekly Recaps and for sharing her own recaps with me. I hope that AI's ratings and fan base can bounce back next year, because it's such a great vehicle for giving the many talented artists like Jena & Caleb a shot in the music industry.  I know that there are other shows like The Voice that is giving AI stiff competition.  I'll even admit to watching The Voice a few times. :)  However, like Ryan Seacrest always says each season . . . there can only be one American Idol!  

And that's my final Recap for this Season!  Keep on Rocking AI .  .  .


  1. Thanks for all of your recaps, Kathy. I've enjoyed reading them and especially on the nights when I wasn't able to watch the show. The Finale was kind of lackluster (where was Prince when we needed him?!?) but overall, I agree that this season was an improvement over last year.

    I didn't know about those Facebook results - I agree, not a good idea at all! And no more selfies, for sure.

    I enjoyed seeing this in the paper this morning. North Carolina is now officially at the top of the list with the most Idol winners!

    Of the 13 “American Idol” winners, three are from North Carolina (Fantasia Barrino of Season 3, Scotty McCreery of Season 10 and Caleb Johnson of Season 13.)
    Two are from Alabama (Season 2’s Ruben Studdard and Season 5’s Taylor Hicks.)

    States with one “Idol” winner:
    Arizona – Jordin Sparks (Season 6)

    Arkansas – Kris Allen (Season 8)

    Georgia – Phillip Phillips (Season 11)

    Illinois – Lee DeWyze (Season 9)

    Missouri – David Cook (Season 7)

    Oklahoma – Carrie Underwood (Season 4)

    South Carolina – Candice Glover (Season 12)

    Texas – Kelly Clarkson (Season 1)

    Way to go, North Carolina! The article also mentioned non-winners like Clay Aiken, Daughtry, Kellie Pickler and Anoop.

    Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

    1. Hi Annie, yes! Where was Prince when we needed him. :) Survivor's Finale was the same night so I switched back and forth and from the little that I saw, yes they needed Prince. :)

      Yes, that Facebook results segment was pretty aweful and unfair to the Idols who were showing the lowest votes.

      Kudos to North Carolina! That is very cool. Wow, NC is dominating in AI wins and top contestants. That is so awesome. Lots a talent in the South and Midwest.

      Although I voted for Jena, I'm happy for Caleb. Just like Candice, he apparently tried several times to make it on Idol. I'm glad he finally made it and won. I think both Jena & Caleb will be successful. I'm hoping that Majesty continues her music career too. I really liked all the top 10 Idols this year. Hope they all get record deals.

      Have a great Memorial Day Weekend too. I get an extra long one with Tuesday off as well. :) yay.


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