Monday, February 17, 2014

American Idol Season 13: Rush Week Hopefuls

After the infamous Hollywood Hell week some of my initial pics were cut and some made it through.

First, let's talk about the new changes this year. Besides the improvement to the judges panel there has been additional changes to the format. Upon arrival in LA several contenstants who were on the fence were asked to perform. Then the judges separated them into three groups. One group made it through and the final two groups were told to board two buses. One bus headed back to the airport where the contestants had to return home and the other bus brought them to their hotel where the third group were waiting for them.  I have to say that was much more brutal than the format of separating them into three rooms. 

And then there was the dreaded group night. We witnessed the usual drama, we said goodbye to Tequila (I was sad to see her leave) as she called it quits, and then there was the notorious stage mom episode. 

Rumor has it that tomorrow there will be another final cut (before the live performances) then we get to choose the top 5 female and top 5 male contestants. The judges will have 3 wild card pics to make up the top 13 Idols.  Randy Jackson will return with the help of Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry to help mentor the Idols.  

After last week, I have since changed some of my choices based upon their group and solo performances last week. Here are my top 10 pics:

If 3 of my pics don't get voted in, I hope that the judges will use their wild card pics on them. 

Now if America agrees with all my top 10 pics, my choices for the 3 wild card pics from the judges are:

I am really hoping that America does the right thing and vote in MK Nobilette who is the first openly gay Idol contestant. She is very talented and has a unique sound and I would totally buy her single on iTunes. On judgement night, JLO told MK ". . . the World is changing . . . and we think that you can be an American Idol."  That was so awesome.

I love all of my top Idol pics and here are two of my favorite performances from last week.  Sam Woolf and Jena Asciutto performed two wonderful original songs 

I can't wait to see who makes it through. I hope my favorites make it. 

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . . . 


  1. Thanks for the recap Kathy. I missed most of last week so didn't know about some of these format changes. The bus does sound brutal! And last night, cutting 5 without letting them sing. While I do like the judges, I'm not that crazy about the new stage and set.

    The girls seemed nervous last night. I'm a big fan of my North Carolina girl Majesty. Some of the others are very talented. I missed the part where they revealed that MK is gay. That is cool. I remember how Clay Aiken and Adam didn't come out until Idol was over.

    Great to see Adam and Daughtery last night - great mentors. Thanks again for the recap!

    1. Hi Annie, yes AI has made several changes. The stage and back room format is crazy I agree. And I thought having the 5 contestants wait in agony to hear their names only to not be given at least a shot for our votes was pretty rough. I was surprised that a couple of girls I liked didn't get picked and I'm surprised that the ones I liked didn't really do a great job.

      I think Majesty, MK and Mayala did great. Majesty did NC proud. She is so talented. MK & Majesty gave the best performances last night. I was a bit disappointed with Jena and Marialle. Maybe nerves got the best of them. MK came out on judgement night when she told the judges. I hope America gives her a shot and vote based on her talent. You're so right, unlike MK Adam & Clay never came out openly until after. I also loved seeing Adam & Chris. I thought they gave much more useful tips than Randy. I didn't realize that they gave the Idols so much help with all those experts. I like Randy, but I enjoyed watching the practical tips with Adam & Chris and the other experts session more.

      Last week I missed a bit of AI, because I've been watching the Olympics but I have since discovered a way to watch olympic replays on the NBC website using my cable subscription, allowing me to watch last night's show and not miss any olympic competitions. :)

      I'm looking forward to tonight's performances from the guys.

      Thanks so much for your comments and recap too.

  2. I thought it was interesting that Chris told that one girl to sing without playing guitar but then she played guitar anyway!

    You are right - Adam and Chris has much better practical advice than Randy did. Though I do like Randy mentoring more than Jimmy Iovine. I wonder if he is gone this season too?

    I've been watching some of the Olympics - it's been fun!

    Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing what the guys do tonight too. Have a great day!

  3. Me again, I don't know if it's made the news out in CA but Clay Aiken is going into politics here in NC. He's running for a state rep slot currently held by this super conservative so I hope he wins! He's been in the news a lot around here. NC needs some liberals because the state has swung way too much into the "red" zone. :)

  4. Hi Annie, I think its awesome that Clay us running. He has name recognition so hopefully he'll win. I read a brief article in the LA Times (can't remember when, but remember thinking that was cool. I remember his background was in special education prior to Idol. I think it's great. Our President needs more Blue zone.

    I noticed that too. I think it was Jessica who didn't take Chris's advice. She used to be my fav, i think she did okay, but I love MK & Majesty the most. Its great to see Randy again and I do like him more than Jimmy too.

    Thanks so much for your recap. Can't wait for tonight! Enjoy the show and have a great day too!


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