Friday, February 14, 2014

Saturday's PhotoHunting: Veritical

A few verticals from some of the most romantic cities I've visited.



Tuscany (Siena)




Happy Valentines Day Everyone! 

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  1. Hi Kathy --

    Have to admit that I'm an anti-romantic -- and am one of those people who tries to go about her regular business on Valentine's Day. So it's a bit ironic that the only place I've visited of the ones you have photos of in this entry is... Paris! ;b

  2. Hi! Great collection of photos! I have been to all but Seville.

    Sorry I have not been around much for quite a while now! I have recently changed the amount of time I am in traffic in the afternoon and hope that will bring me more energy to keep in touch with everyone.

    I did reply to your question about WordPress but not right away. Not sure if you saw my reply, so I will add it here...

    It was really easy to transfer. You go to the import/export page - not sure where it is on blogger. You export your blog (it all compresses to one txt or xml type document). I did not think that the photos would transfer but they all did which was nice! The links didn't though, so it is taking me a while to re-link them all. Also, the formatting is off a little. The comments do transfer though which was another great thing!

    I did try to also import into blogger for an archive backup since I wanted to delete a few of my older posts BUT am having more difficulty getting it to transfer into blogger. WordPress though was easy! It didn't take me very long to learn the ins and outs of WordPress. I love how easy it is to import photos and edit posts.

    Hope this helps! Send me an email if you have more questions.

  3. Hi girls, thanks so much for your comments and for liking my photos.

    YTSL, I'm a teeny bit of a romantic but sadly while visiting all these romantic places I couldn't take advantage of the ambiance as I was traveling solo! :)

    Girasoli, thanks so much for your detailed instructions. Your new blog looks cool. I have another website that is on wordpress too, but I've had this blog since 2007 and I'm so afraid to change now for fear of losing my info. As it is something happened and on a look of posts my pictures went missing and I had to go back and add them to those posts. I have another test blog called photo stories thought that only have 3 posts. I think I'll try to transfer that to wordpress using your instructions and see if I am successful. I'm going to play with it and see what happens. Thanks for the offer to answer questions. I will definitely e-mail you if I have any questions. I've got a lot of catching up to as well, I have been preoccupied with the Olympics and then AI is back. :) But I have a four day long weekend, so will catch up. :)

    Thanks again YTSL & Girasoli. Have a great weekend.

  4. These are the romantic cities I want to visit. Happy Valentine's Day Kathy!!

  5. Very nice choices ! We had Sushis for Valentine's day, for us it's something special !

  6. Hi girls, thanks so much for your comments.

    ECL, Happy Valentines Day to you too!

    Gattina, yum, I love sushi. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day!

    Have a wonderful weekend ECL and Gattina.

  7. What a great collection. So fun to see all these beautiful places you've visited. I posted a shot very similar to your first one! Hope you've had a great Valentine's Day weekend so far!

  8. Water looks a little choppy.
    I would have to have cover on my drink so I wouldn't spill it.

    Coffee is on

  9. I love the travel photos! I have not been to Positano or Seville. Although I've been to Tuscany a few times, never to Siena exactly. Such great photos and great additions to the theme! Travel photos are my favorite.

  10. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments and for liking my photos.

    Annie, yes I visited you and did see that we had a similar image. I love my photos from the water and wish I had taken more of them. I think I'll need to return. :)

    Dora, :) yes, a cover would save any prosecco from spilling.

    Mike, you would love Positano and Seville. Siena is such a great town. I love Tuscany but have only been once. Would love to return. You're lucky to have been there several times. Check out Siena next time you are there. You'll love it. I like travel photos too.

    Thanks Annie, Dora & Mike. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Beautiful shots, especially the Eiffel Tower well done! :)

    1. Hi Sue, thanks so much for liking my photos. I was lucky to have some blue skies for my Eiffel Tower pic. :)

  12. Hi Kathy,

    Transferring your blog into WordPress wouldn't mean you would lose your current blog. It would just be a second blog to see how it works so if you were going to do it, I would recommend trying your full blog (unless you create a new blog url name that you would not want to use later on). You can always delete it either way.

    It has been a TON of work but also fun learning new things. At this point, I think that there are some great positives with WordPress but there is also a learning curve on other things. I finally figured out yesterday how to link posts to a 2nd page and just today, I finally figured out how to add blog links to my sidebar.

    If you are happy with blogger, I would just keep it but if you want to see if there is more you can do with WordPress, I would give it a try. I decided to do it because I already had tons of photos from previous blogs and other stuff I have done in Picassa and was worried I would run out of room.

    When I transferred my blog from Slow Travel, all my photos transferred over and they did not even take up space allotted. My fear though is that if something ever happened to my Slow Travel blog (where all my photos originated from, they may disappear on my new blog. Yikes! Not sure if that will happen or not...

    1. Hi Girasoli, thanks so much for your comments. I actually do like Blogger but I also like the features and flexibility of WordPress. I may try to test it on another blog I have where and see how it goes. If not I don't mind continuing on with this blog.

      Thanks for the tips. I'm glad that your were able to successfully make a smooth transition.

  13. Hi Kathy,

    That's probably what I would do also if I had a blog this long on Blogger.

    I switched over because I I have not done much travel blogging lately and it was probably time to find a now blogging platform. Also, I don't like the unknown of what will happen with Slow Travel with the new changes coming up.

    1. Hi Girasoli, maybe you're right about sticking with Blogger. But I do like the wordpress. I'll try to test it and just see what happens and then decide if it's too hard for me. I can totally understand your desire to start with a new platform. I love Slow Travel but their recent decision to reduce their moderation staff and then reading Marta's and Amy's & David stepping down posts (and who can blame them) was kind of the last straw for me.I just felt like Internet Brands showed no support for the moderators and the community with their recent decisions. I still really like the moderators and the ST members. I'm just not a fan of Internet Brands now. I'm hanging out more on Pauline's Slow Europe forums where I feel like she genuinely cares about the community and members. Anyhoo, it'll be interesting to see what other changes will occur.

      Thanks again for all of your advice and tips.

  14. LOVE this collection of vertical shots!! Of course now I want to be in some of those places again :)

    Reading the exchange with girasoli re switching blogs...I must check out WordPress. I have a blog on Blogger (was going to use it for my non-travel stuff), but think I'd rather just have might move my ST and my Blogger stuff into one new blog at some point. I have a nagging fear though, that my pics and entries will vanish into cyberspace during the transition!

    1. Hi Anne, thanks so much for your comments and for liking my photos. I would also like to return to these places again, esp my first photo. :)

      I think Girasoli's new blog is very cool. You could probably do what she does. Have a page for Travel, and additional pages for non travel posts. I'd like to transfer and consolidate to one blog too but like you I'm afraid of losing my entries in the transition. I think I would save my information before attempting to try it. But that would take a lot of work, so I think I'll procrastinate for now. :)

      Hope you are doing well these days. I'm sure you're very excited to be finishing up with school soon. Good luck with your final year.


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