Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 Amalfi Coast Adventures: Mt Solaro and more of Capri . . . .

On day 2, I woke up early so I can catch the bus to Anacapri where I wanted to see the two things on my must see list, Mt. Solaro and the Church of St. Michelle

I arrived at Piazza Victoria in Anacapri where I can then take the chair lift (10 Euro Roundtrip) up to the top of Mt. Solaro for a 360 view of the island.  I was there just as they opened and was the first one up the chairlift. 

I’m not afraid of heights but I did get a little bit of a Yikes feeling as I first got on the lift. It is a single chair lift and operates much like a ski lift.  You stand by this spot and as the chair comes around the corner and reaches you, you sit. Of course it has been a long while since I went skiing and memories of one mistiming incident resulting in me falling, my seat partner falling and the lift operators being forced to stop of the lift came up.

But as luck would have it I managed to time it perfectly and I was on my way.  It wasn’t so bad once I got on and the view on the way up is wonderful.  It took 13 minutes and you pass over these lemon trees and other interesting looking gardens.

The summit of Monte Solaro offers (at 580 meters) a spectacular views over the island, including the Bay of Naples, the bay of Salerno and out towards the island of Ischia.

For about 15 minutes (until other groups of tourists arrived) I had the top of Mt.Solaro all to myself (with the exception of the chairlift employee). It was actually quite wonderful. :)

But what goes up must come down . . .

Next, I visited the Church of St. Michelle (2 Euro Entrance fee) . . .

The church is famous for its majolica floor covering the whole area under the octogonal dome and nave.  The Neapolitan artis Leonardo Chiaiese created this masterpiece in 1761.  The scene depicts the explusion of Adam and Eve from the Garden. There are great details:  the flowers, the plants and the animals including mythical ones such as the unicorn. Climb to the second floor to get a better view of the entire floor.

I then return to Capri by taking the same bus.  I decide to have a nice pasta lunch at this restaurant the hotel staff recommended. 

After lunch I took a pleasant walk down this path for a closer view of the Faraglioni Rocks. 

Well, my trip to Capri was a success.  Sometimes I don't do a lot of research on logistics and I often surprise myself that I am able to get from point A to point B.  But I do and I've been very fortunate.

I absolutely loved my day trip to Capri and I am so glad that I was able to return to a place that captivated me so. 

But I have to be honest with my feelings about the experience.  I'm not sure if it is me or Capri that has changed over the years.  I think it is me as a traveler that has changed because although I loved my visit here, it was not as "magical" as say my return trip to Venice.  It didn't feel as "magical" as my stay here in Praiano. 

Capri is a very beautiful and for anyone who has not yet been here I would recommend it highly.  But for a return traveler like myself, I think it could be my 2nd and final visit here.  I don't regret coming here and I loved sitting and watching the beautiful views from Anacapri and Mount Solaro and it will be forever in my travel memories.    

Thank you Capri for allowing me to relive my memories and for giving new ones to remember for the rest of my life. I will cherish them as always.      


  1. Capri looks so beautiful (as does Anacapri!) But I think I understand how you feel -- some places you can admire greatly, yet they just don't capture your heart and soul the way other spots do.

  2. What beautiful photos! Sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. Your photos are fantastic. What a great church....I love that floor!

  4. Your shots of the Church of St. Michelle were great. one of these days i'll finally get to see those fabulous floors up close.


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