Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 Amalif Coast Adventures: My Rainey Day in Positano . . .

The sky is dark, the beach huts are boarded up for the winter, most of the stores, hotels and restaurants are closed and the boats are all covered up . . .

. . . . on the near empty beach a loan sun bather types on her iPad while a couple of tourists are busily taking pictures.

And me . . . . I enjoyed a delicious pizza (best on this trip so far).  It had tomatoes, mozzarella and eggplant. I also had a nice glass of prosecco (also the best I’ve had on this trip) and a vanilla gelato for dessert.

Today I spent a Rainey Day in Positano and had the best time!  


  1. You have such a wonderful optimism and outlook, Kathy! Well done (and that pizza does look really delicious.)

  2. Pizza and prosecco...who cares if it's raining?!? YUM!

  3. That pizza looks so good. I love all the crispy brown edges that tell you it was baked perfectly. Sounds like you made the most of a rainy day.

  4. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your kind comments on this and all of my posts. Sorry for not commenting back more but trying to conserve my internet allowance. :)

    I totally love Chez Black and will probably go back again, plus I love visiting Positano actually next to Praiano it is my favorte town so far with Ravello a close third.

    Pizza, prosecco, gelato, rain and Positano....it's funny that I wanted to take off from Chez Black but the waiters and hostess was like no it's still raining, finish off your Prosecco... then you pay.

    Well, I obliged them. I stayed, finished up my Prosecco. Of course after all that relaxing I had to hightail it back up the hill to catch the next bus and I just barely made it. It was worth it though. :)

    Thanks again girls. Ciao for now.

  5. Look at you - a regular at Chez Black! Do they have your photo up on the wall?

  6. Hi Jerry, good one! LOL! I believe that they should since I've become a "regular" but alas I am neither rich nor famous. :)


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