Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 Amalfi Coast Adventures: Trek returns to Capri . . . .

It has been many years since I’ve been to Capri and although I remember my visit to the famous Blue Grotto with great detail, I hardly remember the rest of the town.  On this trip I don’t want to repeat seeing the Blue Grotto, but wanted to do a couple of things that I haven’t done before. 

First of all, it was a very long trip to get to Capri.  From Praiano, I took the Sita bus to Amalfi, then from Amalfi I took another Sita bus to Sorrento where the driver let me out at Piazza Tazzo.  Would you believe that this Christmas tree is the only photo I took in Sorrento?  Sometimes I do revert back to my "I'm on a mission" mode which doesn't allow me to really appreciate being in the moment.  I really wish I would've taken more photos here.

The bus driver told me to walk down these stairs and they will take me to down toward Marina Piccola.  When I looked down, I thought to myself, he wasn't kidding. There are a lot of stairs here for sure. :) 

The hydrofoil ferry took about 30 or so minutes and it cost 15 euro (one-way).  Prone to motion sickness I did take a Dramamine and although most people sat below, I sat myself on the top deck for the fresh air and wonderful unobstructed views on the way over. 

From here you can see the main land disappearing in the distance and Mt. Vesuvius to the side.  Remembering my visit to Pompeii I’m reminded of not only its size but of its power.

As the ferry approaches the island you can see the vertical rocky cliffs and memories of my previous trip surfaces again. I know this image and I remember the long walkway of the ferry dock.

The ferry arrives at Marina Grande where I have to then purchase a ticket for the Funicular to reach the center of the town of Capri (Piazza Umberto). 

From here I got a glimpse of the spectacular view below. I checked into my hotel and went back to the piazza to enjoy a pizza, prosecco and the sun setting over the island. I later also capped dinner off with a gelato cone.  

Now off to bed . . . the hotel I chose is La Canasta and it looks like an old villa turned into a hotel. It has only 4 rooms and I think I only saw one other guest there.

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  1. It sounds like a greta arrival to Capri. It was a shame that we never had the time to get there on this trip . . . all the better for future trips though.


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