Friday, October 7, 2011

PhotoHunt: Waiting

Trekcapri:  "Hey Bea, you may want to put your arm down, it might be a while before our train arrives."

Friend:  "But I just want to be ready to lift myself up the stairs and find a seat."

Trekcapri: "Hmm, maybe I should get ready too.  Btw, have you noticed that people on the other trains keep smiling at us."  :)

Friend:  "They're very friendly here in Italy."

Trekcapri:  "Yes, they are but I kind of think they're smiling at us for another reason."

Trekcapri & Friend:   "LOL"

When I saw the theme for this week, I immediately thought about all the experiences I've had waiting at train stations in Europe and so I have lots of train station photos in my collection.  They are all pretty interesting and cool, but none is more memorable (in a funny way) than this photo, which I took in 2005 at the train station in the small fishing village of Vernazza in the Cinque Terre (Italy).

While my friend and I waited for our train, we parked our humongous 31" luggage side by side at the edge of the platform so we can quickly lift them up the stairs and onto the train before it takes off on us.  As I saw other trains go by I kept seeing people (mainly locals) stare out of their windows at our luggage with great big smiles.  And well, let's face it, we all know why.

To this day, my friend and I laugh about our big luggage experiences in Italy.  And btw, I sold that infamous luggage at a garage sale a couple of years ago. Ha, ha.

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  1. Ha ha ha, great post. I too took a ginormous suitcase on my first trip to Italy and later gave it to the thrift store. Lesson learned!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Annie, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. I like the term ginormous. :) Lesson learned is right. I get tempted every trip to overpack. I should use this photo as my screen saver for the next month while I'm thinking about what to pack. He, he... In fact I think I have a funny

    Have a great weekend too!

  3. So... did you jam a lot of souvenirs into those bags? If so, those laughs (at you guys and the bags) were worth it then! ;D

  4. Hi YTSL, yes there were a quite a bit of souvenirs. :) Plus we were handcarrying a couple of bottles of you know what. :)

    Have a great weekend and welcome back from your vacation.

  5. LOL-great story and quite an appropriate photo for this week's theme!

  6. Hi M, I'm glad you liked my story and theme. The words weren't exactly as I wrote it but it was close.We gave quite a few passing by locals a good laugh. And it is a memory that still continues to make us laugh everytime we remember it. :)

    Have a great Sunday.

  7. Cute post! The largest suitcase I ever took was a 26". The size wasn't the problem, the weight was since there is more room to fill it up. I still over pack. I just take 2 smaller suitcases instead :)

  8. Hi Girasoli, two smaller luggages are a good idea. My current luggage is 26" but it doesn't look it. I also carry another big backpack for all of my electronics and cords. I always struggle with over packing, but I am getting better with each trip. :)

    Thanks for liking my photo. :)


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