Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have you ever had Blogger's Block . . .

I have completed all but one last logistical arrangement for my trip and so now I am ready for the really fun part of trip planning . . . writing about what I'll be seeing and doing.

For each trip I enjoy writing pre-trip posts about what I plan on seeing.  It is a great tip I learned from blogging friend and soon to be Rome resident, Sandra (Leaping Without a Net).  It is a fabulous way to focus on what it is you want to see and do on your trip.  I had the day off yesterday (due to a holiday) and had grandiose plans on writing a few pre trip posts.

Then it happened . . . Blogger's Block! I have read my guidebooks, researched a lot of information on the Internet and I have bookmarked several videos, trip reports and blogs about the Amalfi Coast on my computer.  The ideas of what to write are all right there in my head.  The problem is I can't seem to move it from my head to the keyboard of my computer and onto a blog post.  :) 

For me writing does not come easy.  More than the ideas itself I have to write from a certain place.  And when I'm not in "that" place where ever and whatever that is, I can't do it.  Maybe all the logistical planning has given me this block, so now that I am 99% done, I will feel inspired and my Blogger's Block will soon pass.  

In fact, after thinking about and writing this post, I'm beginning to enter that place again . . . and just in the nick of time as I am now officially less than a month away from Italy!  Whoo hoo!


  1. A month away - that is exciting! I think you're right, blogger's block usually goes away if I just don't worry about it. I bet you are getting so excited!

  2. Hi Annie, yes I am definitely excited and wish I was there already. :) Blogger's Block is a funny thing. Sometimes when I want to write it doesn't come, then when I'm not ready, things are jumping around in my head but of course this happens when I'm driving or at work when I am not able to or spend a moment to write. And then the thought moves on....

    I have a little flow from this morning so will try to write something tonight before I lose that place again.... :)

    Thanks for the pep talk. Have a wonderful evening.

  3. Whoo-hoo! Your trip is coming up so fast -- how exciting! I also agree that blogger's block will go away if we don't think too much about it. Sometimes I almost need to sneak up on a writing project -- I pretend I'm just going to write a few lines to use some other time, and once I've started I keep going!

    Now, I'm really getting ahead of myself (and I'm getting really hungry) but here's a link to a restaurant we might consider when we meet in Rome!


  4. Hi Sandra, whoo hoo for you too. :) I think you and Annie are right. I'm not going to think about it for now. I started one paragraph last night but got side tracked and lost the flow. :)

    I checked out your link and the restaraunt looks cool and the food looks very delicious. I'm getting hungry too now. I love seafood. Thank you so much for taking the time to research for a place. I am really looking forward to meeting you.

    Hope your packing is continuing along smoothly.

  5. My blogger's block usually is the result of feeling tired. E.g., I didn't blog this past Thursday as I'm usually wont to do because I went to an opera and only returned home around 11.30pm that evening. ;b

  6. Hi YTSL, yes, being tired can put a damper on those creative juices. Hope you enjyed the opera....

    Thanks so much for your comments. Hope you have a great day today.


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