Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My PhotoStories: Old World Charm . . .

As most of the tourists have left  and the sun slowly begins to set . . .  

. . . . another glorious day ends in a small fishing village in Italy.

In 2005, I stayed in a small town called Vernazza in the Cinque Terre.  While my friend and I were having dinner at a nearby restaurant, we noticed one local after another come out and gather at this bench directly in front of us. 

We watched as they exchanged pleasantries and engaged in what appeared to be interesting conversations with each other.  This is a scene no doubt repeated nightly by the locals.  It was really fun to watch.

Today, we live in a world of new technology and many high tech gadgets. We communicate on Facebook, FaceTime, Texting, Emails, Twitter and yes even Blogging.  I am a huge fan of blogging and tweeting so I am no stranger to this high tech world that we live in. It is a great way of communicating and sharing our lives and common interests with lot's of people who we don't live close to.

But every time I remember this scene I have to say there there is something to be said about living life daily the old fashioned way.

I don't currently live in that world and so maybe that is why I try to seek it out whenever I travel so I can have the experience.

In about a month, I'll be traveling to the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy and as it was in 2005 I will be staying in another small seaside town called Priano.

It is a place where there is only one main road running through it . . .

a place with one church down the road . . .

a place with a couple of small markets

a place with only a handful of neighborhood restaurants/bar . . .

And as one fellow Slow Traveler said (mimi), it is a place that has a whole lot of

"Old World Charm"

And some pretty breathtaking views!

I have  been a busy bee arranging and confirming logistics, wiring the cash to pay for my apartment stay, booking my hotels, train tickets and car service, browsing the Internet and reading my numerous guidebooks all at the same time.  I have been learning quite a bit and I hope to do a few pre-trip posts before I leave.  

This part of Italy will be different for me and I think it will be a lot of fun both living amongst the locals and also doing some sightseeing. On the Travel speed scale this trip will consist of fast, medium, slow and snails pace.  :)  I have a couple of interesting day trips to see busy Naples, enchanting Capri and a few great archaeological finds in Paestum. Weeee!  More to come .  .  .

I had a dream last night
that I was flying for the first time.
And in the dream,
I could pilot my flight
with the thoughts in my mind. ~ Prince


  1. A great post, Kathy! I often wish I lived in a neighborhood like that. I know you must be getting so excited about your trip - sounds like you are almost ready to go. I can't wait to read all about it and see your photos! I've never been south of Rome, so I look forward to your posts.

  2. Your new town looks so beautiful, Kathy (as does your former town, Vernazza!) There really is something so appealing about slowing down and enjoying life. I think you're right: we look for this on vacation because we want to have at least a taste of that life.

    Looking forward to reading more about your plans!

  3. Hi Girls, thanks so much for your comments....

    Annie, I wish I lived in a neighborhood like that too. Maybe I can pretend I am a local while hanging out at the neighborhood bar .. but then if I did that I need to remember to leave my iTouch and camera in the apartment. :) You're right, I'm getting pretty excited and looking forward to visiting these small towns (and actually basing in a small town like Priano) to get a feel for this way of life. I'm also looking forward to photographing some of their beautiful sunsets. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get my mifi to work, but I will hunt down that bar that supposedly has wifi and will definitely do a few posts while there. :)

    Sandra, yes I would have to agree that both towns are very beautiful. :) I'm actually looking forward to slowing down a lot and just taking each day as it comes. Except for my stays in Capri I have no set schedules, just a list of must see's in each town. I'm saving the bus schedules and will wing what I do each day when I am there. I'm very close to Positano so I have a big feeling I'll make several trips there. :) My day to day itineary will also depend on the weather as well. I'm also looking for to meeting up with you in Rome and my short visit there. Hopefully, you won't be too overwhelmed being that it is only our 2nd day there. Maybe a gtg dinner out can be a distraction to your unpacking chores. :)

    Thanks again Annie & Sandra. Hope you have a wondeful rest of the week.

  4. Loved to read your post, Kathy. Very thought-provoking. I recognized the area of Cinque Terre before you mentioned Vernazza. Sometimes I think of some of Italy's towns as merging into one whether it be fishing, urban, hilltown. But their uniqueness does show through as your brilliant photos demonstrate. Loved your concept of the curiosity of what we don't have/own -- our own time, slow speed. Maybe that's why we are all so hungry to witness another place/speed?

  5. Hi M, thanks so much for your comments and for liking my post. I agree a lot with what you said. And yes, curiosity of a different way of life and culture is something I really enjoy when traveling. The last time I slowed down this much was my trip to Scotland. The small town of Arisaig and Portree was like a different world to me. Very small, so slow and high on charm. So different from LA's fast pace and it is totally refreshing to me. I'm looking forward to it a lot.

    Have a great day today.

  6. I am so behind! I started out in the wrong spot on your blog... leaving you a comment on one of your older Trip to the Amalfi Coast posts so I won't repeat myself here.

    Sounds like a great plan! I am looking forward to learning more about Priano. Southern Italy is very charming. The food is fantastic!

    AND yes, I agree that we really have lost that charm of face to face social interaction. I think that is why I love Italy so much.

  7. Hi Girasoli, I've been to Sorrento and capri but I having been as far south as Amalfi. I think Priano is a cool base as it is between Positano and Amalfi by bus. I'll be really living like the locals here, which is what I want to do. I can't wait.... :)


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