Friday, September 30, 2011

PhotoHunt: Covered

While visiting Bruges (Belgium) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) last November I enjoyed seeing hundreds of  bicycles everywhere.  Some of them were pretty unique looking such as this one I found in Bruges, which has a big covered work bucket in the front.

I especially love the pretty lace lining under the rain cover. :)

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  1. K: Ah, Bruges - a hauntingly picturesque place. Lovely work bucket - a bit fancy-smancy. Have a great workless weekend!

  2. That is one funky bike, for sure. I wonder if it's a baby stroller? Great find!

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  3. Hi Girls.... thanks so much for your comments.

    M, yes Bruges was very beautiful. This was the only bike I saw with a complete rain cover and a pretty lace. Indeed fancy-smancy. :) I get a nice 3 day workless weekend as I took Monday off as well. Lots of errands to run and a dental appointment before the big trip. I hope to use the extra time off to also work on more trip planning stuff. :)

    Annie, yes this is one funky bike. Now if it had been painted purple I would have nicknamed it the big purple funky bike of Bruges. He, he. I've seen similar bikes with a wooden bucket similar to this one with little kids (maybe 4 or 5 year old) sitting inside. And others carry their "stuff". I guess it is the bike version of a passenger seat and trunk. Ah the Dutch are so creative.

    Thanks again girls. Have an awesome weekend!

  4. That sure is a well decked out bike!

    Have a super weekend.

  5. Hi Jerry, thanks so much for liking my decked out funky (Annie's term), big blue bike! :) Have a great Sunday.


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