Friday, September 23, 2011

PhotoHunt: Yellow

Smile and say cheese . . .

I took this photo at a cheese making farm near Amsterdam, Netherlands.  It was part of a tour that I took while visiting there last November.  Lots of yellow here . . .  :)

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  1. YUM - Id like to sample that! I went with edible yellow items as well.

    Have a great weekend Kathy!

  2. Hi Jerry, thanks so much for your comments. I'm glad you liked my yellows. :0 Have a great weekend too.

  3. Say cheese! Ha ha. This is such a cool looking shot. Love the perspective and all that yellow cheese.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Annie, they even look like they're smiling. :) Thanks so much for liking my photo. Truth be told, I actually had a future "yellow themed PH" in mind when I saw this and decided to take a photo. Funny how I think about PH week when I come across interesting images Feels like I'm cheating a bit. :)

    Have a great weekend too!

  5. Kathy, what a perfect picture for today's theme & it looks so yummy!

  6. Hi Maya, thanks so much for your comments and for liking my photo. They even had samplers on this tour. :)

    Have a great weekend

  7. K: I love the composition of this 'yellow' photo - especially like your tag line:o) Was it November, really? You really ARE due for another trip! So glad you chose the picturesque Amalfi Coast - can't wait to see your photos and hear your escapades!

  8. Hi M, glad yo like my photo and tag line. :) I was just thinking the other day at work . . . "I really need a vacation":) I can't wait to take photos of Amalfi and to share them. I've been praticing and preparing myself :)

    Thanks so much for your comments. Have a wonderful week.


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