Tuesday, March 1, 2011

American Idol: It's Guys Night . . .

With the auditions and the notorious Hollywood Week Rounds all behind us the search to find the next American Idol finally begins with the top 12 male contestants performing live for our votes.  At the end of tonight's and tomorrow night's shows, Idol fans will get the opportunity to cast their votes by either calling, texting and "new" this season by going onto Facebook.  And since I don't do facebook, I will be registering my votes the old school way....by calling! :)  So here we go!
First up, Clint Gamboa sings Superstitious by Stevie Wonder.  I've made it no secrete that I have not been a fan of Clint because of the Jacee incident, but putting my personal feelings aside I do have to say that Clint can really sing and I thought he did a pretty good job.  So, if AI fans can forgive him for the Jacee incident and vote based upon talent I think he earned the right to stay in.

Jovany Barreto chose I’ll Be by Edward McCain.  I thought he was just okay. Steven and JLO liked it a lot, but I agree with Randy.  It wasn't great. He looked good though.

Jordan sang OMG by Usher which OMG I thought was pretty awful.  In fact, I thought he was probably the worst of tonight's show.  Sorry. And I disagree with Steven about him having good moves on stage. I didn't think so.  Sorry again.  

Tim sang Streetcorner Symphony / Come on Over by Rob Thomas and although I've been a great fan of Tim especially during the Hollywood rounds, I thought that this was the wrong song for him.  It didn't do enough to showcase his strengths.   

Singing, Light My Fire by the Doors, I thought Brett did a good job with the song and received some good comments from the judges.  The best comment came from JLO when she told him that she saw more hair flicking than she and Beyonce combined in the past 10 years!  Apparently, Randy was counting . . . 14 hair flicks! 

James Durbin sang You Got Another Thing Comin’ by JUDAS Priest and elicited the first ^%!%  comments from Steven Tyler.  I haven't been a huge fan of James but I actually liked it. I thought he was more in control of his high screeches and brought some Rock Attitude to the Idol's Pop stage.

Robbie Rosen sang one of my favorite songs, In the Arms of An Angel by Sarah MacLachlan.  It wasn't his very best performance but I thought it was good. 

Scotty McCreery picks, Letters From Home by John Michael Montgomery and did an amazing job with it.  I loved his performance.

Stefano Langone sings another one of my favorites, Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars and did a fantastic job. I thought he picked a great upbeat song to go with his positive upbeat personality.  And he's so cute too!

Paul just recently came in my radar after his performances in Round 3 in Vegas.  He picks a classic song in Maggie Mae by Rod Stewart and did such a fantastic job with it.  I agree that he really brings such a unique vocal and performance style to Idol which we have not seen before. Randy hit it on the mark and I really hope he stays in the competition so we can see more of him.  

 Jacob performs a Luther Vandross song, House Is Not A Home.  I have one word, Smooth".  Fabulous vocals. 
Casey sings I Put A Spell On You by CCR and it was off the charts great.  He is unbelievable!  I'd have to say that he is a lock. 

And here is how I would rank tonight's performances:

Casey Abrams
Scotty McCreery
Jacob Lusk
Paul McDonald
Stefano Langone
James Durbin
Brett Loewenstern
Clint Jun Gamboa
Robbie Rosen
Tim Halperin
Jovany Barreto
Jordan Dorsey

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. It was a good show last night, some very talented guys and guite a range of syles. But I'm surprised at how many people are going to get cut this week....they are going to take it from 24 to 12 in one week! Didn't they used to have a few more weeks at this point? It seems so quick to get rid of so many people.

    Here's my prediction for the Top 6guys:

    Casey Abrams
    Scotty McCreery (thought my NC guy was great last night)
    Jacob Lusk (might be my fave)
    Paul McDonald
    James Durbin
    Brett Loewenstern

    Thanks for the recap. Can't wait to see what the girls do!

  2. Oh Guru AI! I had to come here first thing to see what you thought about last night's performances! I totally agree with you about Scotty, Casey, Jacob, Paul and Stefano. Scotty and Jacob did extremely well, I thought. Unfortunately and surprisingly underwhelmed by the others. Isn't someone there to guide them with song choices? Yikes! Disappointed by Jordan and Tim - what happened! Was it Jordan saying, Yes, I need to sing 'my' type of songs -- Well, why didn't he? He is such a talent too. Sorry, I don't 'get' Brett. Even Ty, who actually watched most of it, asked who the judges heard singing when they all said he did a good job! Quacky, yes, but didn't really see his idolness....Hope the females do a better job...

  3. Hi Girls, thanks so much for your comments....

    Annie, you're right. I remember that from the 24 in seasons past they would cut bottom two (I think) until they got to the top 6 male/female contestants and then from the top 12, one got eliminated each week until we have the winner. I'm kind of bummed at this quick 6 elimination because they don't really have enough time for the fans to get a good look at what they can do. First night gitters and one bad song choice are factors and to be eliminated after only one try seemed to short change them and the fans.

    I agree with the variety in style this year and I thought your NC guy did NC proud. I would say he is in the top three among the guys. Paul is kind of the wild card in terms of sneaking up higher. I was torn between James or Brett for the final spot. I just thought James did better than Brett last night. Looks like we are all in sync for the top male contestants.

    Hi M, :) I'm glad you like my recap. Seems like all three of us agree with the top three. I think it will be a toss up for the other three spots and will depend who will get some popular fan votes. I thought Jordan did terrible. I was an early fan of his but that changed after group rounds for me. And I think it's ironic that the guy that he turned down as not being good enough for his group (Scotty), did way better last night than he did. Brett's performance was interesting and I had him literally tied with James for the final spot. I couldn't decide. I thought he could've done better. Watching last night's show there was a little part of me that was wishing Jacee was there.:(

    Thanks so much girls for your thoughts and reviews. I'm really anxious to see how the girls do and to see who the fans have voted into the final 12. There's some talk amongst the idol community that there could be a 13th Judges Wildcard again this season. I really hope so because there are some contestants that I want to see more of other than this one shot. Maybe they need to cut out some of those silly audition shows and make more room for the perfomance shows. I would rather they do that.

    Can't wait for tonight's show with the girls....

  4. Me again, FYI, I did more reading on the other idol sites and they are saying that they will take the top 5 vote getters for the guys and the top vote getters for the girls and that the judges will have the 6th spot wildcard choices. I actually like that idea. Still I wish we could have seen more performances from these top 24 contestants.

  5. I'm glad the judges have two wild card picks too....that way, they can save anyone who really deserves it but doesn't get the votes. But still, that means that 12 of these people are essentially "one-and-done" esp. if we didn't see much of them in the previous shows. I wonder why they changed it?

  6. Hi Annie, yes I really am glad that they are giving up two spots for judges choice too. I wonder why they changed it too. I would rather have had it like previous years. Lot's of pressure and I don't think I'll be able to watch the results show live. I think I would rather read about it first then watch the show. Especially the way Idol strings it out for the drama. Can't wait for tonight's performances ...


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