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American Idol: It's Girls Night . . .

Season 1, Kelly Clarkson, Season 2, Ruben Studdard, Season 3, Fantasia Barrino, Season 4, Carrie Underwood, Season 5, Taylor Hicks, Season 6, Jordan Sparks, Season 7, David Cook, Season 8,  Kris Allen and Season 9, Lee DeWyze.  Will Season 10 crown a winner from among these top 12 female contestants.  Well, only time and these performances will tell:

Ta-Tynisa sings Only Girl by Rianana in the dreaded first up spot. She received mixed reviews from the judges. Steve and JLO both liking her performance and Randy not.  I'd have to agree with Randy.  

Naima chose the old Gershwin song, Summertime from Porgy and Bess.  She really has beautiful vocals and a great stage presence.  I loved her jazzy performance.  She also looked stunning in a dress she designed herself. 

Kendra sings Impossible by Christina Aguliera and I thought she did great.  Like with Paul McDonald, we only recently got our first glimpse of Kendra in the Vegas rounds.  I'm afraid that will work against her in the votes.

Rachel Zevita sings Criminal by Fiona Apple. I thought she was very good but the judges were a bit critical.  I think this was the first time I saw Steven Tyler actually speechless. 

Karen Rodriguez sings Hero by Mariah Carey in both Spanish and English.  I've been a fan of Karen since seeing her in the auditions and although her performance didn't blow me away, I enjoyed it a lot.

Lauren Turner sings Seven Day Fool by the great Etta James and wow!  Excellent!  She received high praises from all three judges.  I totally loved her soulful, bluesy, edgy vocals.  I also agree with Jennifer, I bet if she really cuts it loose she could be among the final 5 of this Season's best singers.  Way to go Lauren.

Ashthon sings Love Over Me by Monica.  I'm a big fan of Ashthon and I thought she not only looked great with the dress and as JLO put it, the big hair, I thought she did a good job.  At times, I thought she had to work to hold her notes. Plus it's always hard to follow a really strong performance.

Julie sings Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson and I'm a bit disappointed in her performance especially since she has been one of my favorites from the beginning.  I'm afraid she might not make it to the top 5.

Haley Reinhart sings Fallin by Alicia Keys and received mixed reviews with once again Randy being more critical.  It's hard to see anyone other than Alicia sing this song, but I thought she did a pretty good job. 

With the lights turned down low, Thia stands in the one spot light on stage to sing Irene Cara's Out Here On My Own.  It was a great visual.  It's so hard to believe that Thia is only 15 years old.  What a wonderful performance!  So sweet.  So talented. I loved it!

Lauren Alania sings Turn on the Radio by Reba McIntyre. All three judges agree that it was a great performance.  And I agree with all three judges. :)

Pia sings last with I’ll Stand by You by The Pretenders. She garners a standing "O" by both the judges and the audience.  She totally deserved it. A fabulous performance and the best of the evening!

And here's how rank tonight's performances:

Pia Toscano
Lauren Turner
Thia Megia
Naime Adedapo
Lauren Alania
Ashthon Jones
Karen Rodriguez
Kendra Chantelle
Haley Reinhart
Rachel Zevita
Ta-Tynisa Wilson
Julie Zorrilla

Good luck to all the contestants!  I'll be back to recap again for next week's top 12 Idol performances. I get too stressed out watching the results show especially the way Idol loves to string things out for dramatic effect, so I'll be taping the results show and watching it later.  :) I'm crossing my fingers for all of our favorites to make it through.

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Hi Kathy, I have the same top 6 as you but I liked Lauren a little bit better than Pia. I loved Lauren's bluesy voice.

    Overall, I think the guys are better this year. Some of these girls seemed to be trying too hard to be dramatic and it ended up affecting their singing. But there are some very talented girls.

    So I just read on another site that there's a rumor that they will announce the Top 10 tonight and then let all the others come back next week to sing again for the wild card slots. It's just a rumor but that would be cool for people to get a second chance to sing.

    Thanks for the recap...I'm looking forward to seeing what happens tonight!

  2. Hi Annie, yes Lauren and Pia were pretty neck and neck with me too. Lauren has such a powerful voice.

    It will definitely be interesting to see how the guys versus the girls do. I think the guys has more uniqueness and diversity in their styles than the girls so that could benefit them in the competition. Wow, that is interesting what you heard and I hope it is true because that would give them one more performance to be judged by for those contestants who are good but just either picked the wrong song or had stage gitters. I just hope they don't have that "sing off" again.

    Should be a dramatic results show tonight. I can't wait to hear how the fans voted. I threw my votes to those who I thought were on the bubble, Brett and Ashthon.

    Thanks for your thoughts and reviews. Enjoy the show tonight.

  3. Hi K: I have to agree with both you and Annie in most of the rankings too. But, may be in a minority - I thought the girls did a better job than the guys overall. I mean I would have a difficult time picking 5 or 6 of the girls (some unfortunately bombed -- were 'pitchy' [remember last season]last night). I think the guys brought more of a variety of styles of singing. Should be very interesting tonight - suspense!

    I'm tepid about the idea to have wild card slots filled with another round of singing = another chance for some but wondering if it would drag out the show longer than it seems.

    I do think that WOW what a difference with new judges - who wouldda thought!

    K, chuckled with Tyler being speechless -- thought he had some great lines last night - productive too.

  4. Hi M, glad to hear your thoughts on the girls. I really want the girls to do better this year since a girl hasn't won idol since Jordan sparks. I think the top five is def more competitive this year than last so it'll be an interesting season for sure. I'm kind of hoping they'll throw in an extra 13th spot also just because there are so many top contestants.

    It was funny when Steven went blank... JLO finally chimed In because there was silence. I think he was trying to figure out a nice way to critique Rachel ZevitA :) but couldn't find the words I reaaly like Steven a lot this season. So creative with his words and he knows music too as an accomplished artist himself rather than a record producer. I'm going to have to sneak some spoiler info before the west coast airi g as the suspense is killing me :). Thanks so much for shAring your thoughts!

  5. M is not in the minority...I read a few Idol sites today that said that the girls are stronger than the guys this year!

    I think I like the guys better because of the variety and diversity, as Kathy said. I like quirky singers and none of the girls seem to have that quirkiness like Crystal did last year. Naome almost has it but I agreed with Randy last night that she seemed kinda "lounge singer"....she will be better with a better song choice!

    OH...I forgot to tell you that my brother works for the same company as Scotty from NC's mother!!! He's been forwarding me some "vote for Scotty" emails that are going around their real estate company including one the mom sent that said that because Scotty is a minor, he has to go to school for 3hours everyday in addition to all the rehearsals and other Idol hoopla! She is out there in LA with him. It's funny!

    Okay, I can't wait to see what happens tonight. Have a great evening!

  6. Hi Annie, how cool that your brother works in the same company as Scotty's mom. Wow! Good for her for getting out the votes for her son. I'm going to make sure to throw votes to him too now. Sometimes its hard to believe he is only a minor because he sings like a seasoned pro. How fun for them.

    I really like Scotty a lot and I think he has a strong fan base too because of how he stepped up to take responsibility for not sticking up for Jacee (which Clint never did). A really nice guy. And he has a great voice to back it up. Hey, if Carrie made it I think he (a country singer that is) can also be idol. I think his strongest competition could be Casey. But I remember Adam being the front runner all throughout but Kris was consistent and pulled it out in the end and I think Scotty has that capability.

    I've decided to be brave and watch the West Coast airing and find out who is in rather than looking at spoilers. I just hope it won't be too stressful. Although if my top choices didn't make it I'm going to be upset and may vent tomorrow. :)

    Enjoy the show!

  7. Top 13! I am okay with it. :)

  8. Hi Annie! Really! Oh that sounds like good news for me then because we are pretty in sync...And there is a 13th contestant. How exciting. That means it was a tight squeeze at the end. Oh I wonder who they were.

    As long as my top 5 guys and girls gets in I'll be okay.

    Yay, only 45 minutes to go here on the west coast. Thanks so much for the

  9. Me again, see how excited I was, I didn't end my sentence. :) I meant to say thanks so much for the FYI... :)

  10. Okay Isince I don"t want to read any spoilers on Twitter I'm here on my blog...

    Yay, Annie's Fellow NC Scotty is in! And no surprise that Jordan, Clint ANC Jovanny is out, I only feel bad for Robbie, I bet he gets a wildcard try,

  11. Tatynisha & Julie , I would be shocked if they are in...

  12. Hey what's up the guys seem closer than the girls... Condolence hugs when someone t make it. Interesting

  13. Ugh Naemi and Lauren turner didn't get voted in, crossing my fingers they have a wildcard shot! Glad Casey and Paul MADD it...

  14. Cheeri g for Lauren, Naemi and Stefano, Brett, for wild card spots...

  15. I'm sooooo stressed! Drum roll.....and it's going to be....

    Asththon ... She earned it, stefano ....yay!.... And naim a thank goodness, out of the remaining she was the one I really wanted in! Whew!

    You're right Annie, I can also live with this top 13! And now I 'm exhausted ha ha

  16. The only change I would have made is to have Lauren Turner in place of Haley. I was surprised that Lauren wasn't asked to sing.

    But overall, I think it's a good Top 13!

  17. Hi Annie, you and I are in agreement. I loved that they asked Kendra to sing in the Wild Card, but was very disappointed that Laruen didn't get a shot. Thank goodness Naemi made it though. It was a great results show and I'm glad I ended up watching it live because it was pretty good.

    thanks so much for your comments Annie.


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