Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hiking Encounters: The Good, the Bad and the Painful . . .

Well, this post was destined to be written as I have been doing more local training hikes lately.  You know, there was a time when I would see a warning sign about let's say a rattler and although I don't ignore these warnings, there's a part of me that has this "yeah right" attitude . . .

. . . until, of course, I actually encountered a live rattler slithering his way across the trail I was on. Yikes!

So, the moral of this story is this . . . as in life . . . go out, hang with friends and other (two or four legged) hikers, enjoy nature and get your groove and exercise on.  But also be careful out there . . . especially of any unsuspecting cacti bushes.   :)


  1. Yeah... one never knows what one might encounter. I've been lucky and haven't encountered too many critters.

  2. Enjoyed your hiking photos but I am so freaked out by snakes. This surprise encounter with one reminded me of my girl scout leader days when we were at Lazy J Rancy in Malibu. Hiking on a trail there was a snake slithering across the dirt path too. OMG my heart stopped. I am so afraid of snakes.

  3. Great shots, Kathy, and an important lesson about keeping your eyes open and heeding the warning signs along the trail!!! Growing up in the foothills of the Rockies, I developed a very healthy fear of bears in particular and always paid attention when warning signs about bear activity were posted. Even deer and definitely moose can be threatening if they feel threatened (and that was a coyote in your photo, they can be very nasty in packs!)

  4. Hi Kathy, what are you training for?
    I only came across a couple of snakes on my hikes back in the USA. However, since arriving in Australia I've seen dozens! Just yesterday we were commenting on how we need to be wearing gaiters since it is so hot and we are hiking in shorts--apparently the snakes around here have very short fangs and they shouldn't penetrate gaiters. That would be a good thing since most snakes around here are deadly. I guess I have that "yeah right" attitude about getting bitten, and it is time to get over it and break out the gaiters.

  5. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your comments . . .

    Marta, :) after seeing that first rattler, I tend to walk in the middle of the trails... :)

    Barb, I'm a big baby when it comes to all things that squirm and slither. I freak when I see a lizard let alone a snake. That's so cool that you were a girl scout leader. Seeing that snake slither across was scary but I still wanted to take a photo so I did actually go closer (surprised me) to take a snap. Such a dedicated blogger. :)

    Sandra, thanks for id'ing that photo. I wasn't sure because I had never seen one up close. I've heard them howling especially in the Hollywood hills but until then had not seen one in the day light. I had never seen a moose too and that one was so huge and didn't look very friendly but I snapped a photo anyway. :) Bears are scary. When we saw this guy at first my friends and I were excited to see it but when it started to move and we saw his body, we realized he could actually do us some harm. We stopped in our tracks. We still managed to click off a photo. :)

    Maya, five of us are training to do the Grand Canyon, down and up in one day. I've done local hikes here and there but the last really long hike that I've done was years ago in Yosemite so we are trying to practice on hills. I love reading about al the animals you have encountered on all your hikes. I find them interesting. Yes, I think maybe it's time to get those gaiters out girl. :)

    Thanks again everyone. Have a great day today.

  6. I've heard rattlesnakes but never actually seen one out in the wild...the noise alone scares me! Good luck with your training!

  7. Hi Annie, I've never seen one out one the trails before either and it was an interest combination of fear & excitement , mostly fear to have seen one out in the wild. This is a well traveled trail so I was surprised it came out in the open like that, but with the bite with venom what does he have to fear:) thanks for the good luck on the grainy. I've hiked the canyon before but never a down and out which for amateur me will be a huge challenge! :)

    Thanks so much for comments. Have a greT week.

  8. I thoroughly enjoy your photos from the comfort of my desk chair - thank you! Guess I'm too much of an urban cowgal although I do like being outdoors.

    Snakes, no thanks! Geikos are about all I can handle for something that moves quickly and slithers - somewhat. We have coyotes in Boston too!

    Take care, K! Guess you would look funny carrying a pot and a spoon with you - I hear banging something really loud scares them away:o)

  9. Hi M, thanks so much for your comments. I'm a city urban gal too so can I can totally relate.
    Like you I'm totally afraid of Geckos even tho they don't bite or hurt us. :) I'm even more afraid of snakes especially since they bite. Eek!


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