Thursday, February 17, 2011

American Idol: A group of Minors provide a Champion like performance . . .

Last night was Group Rounds in Hollywood and each contestant had to break out into their self chosen groups for their next performance before the judges.  All groups had to consist of at least one member from Group 1 and Group 2 auditions. 

For some contestants group round was more of a challenge than for others and aside from their singing talent I think we begin to get a glimpse of a contestant's character and likability. I had a few unpleasant surprises from a few of  my favorites, namely James Durbin, Jordan Dorsey and Clint Jun Gamboa. They are all through to the next round but they are no longer on my favorites list. On the other hand, all the members in Sugar Mamas and the Minors are all on my new favorites list.

We also saw some contestants for the first time like Jacob Lusk who a capella'd his way into the next round,  Deandre Brackensick who has such an amazing voice, it made J-Lo swoon, and from the Four Non Blondes and that Guy group, Carson Higgins, who I don't remember from the Los Angeles Auditions,  is so much fun to watch, I want him to go through just to see what he'll do next. Other favorites who made it through:  Naima Adedapo, Julie Zorrilla, Brett Loewenstern, Chris Medina, Lauren Aliana.  And my favorites who got cut:  Emily Ann Reed and Paris Tassin.

And the tear jerker for the evening for me was what happened with Jacee Badeuax.  An original member of the Guaps, he was booted off because contestant Clint Jun Gamboa thought a 5th member was one too many and so at 2:30 am in the morning 15 year old Jacee was left to find another group willing to take him.  Enter Brett Lowesenstern's  Sugar Mamas.   With very little time, Jacee had to learn his new group's song.  During his performance he forgot the lyrics and charmingly made up his own lyrics without skipping a beat.  Kudos to Jacee for not giving up on himself and Kudos to the Sugar Mamas for taking him in.  Scotty McCreery who also moved on along with all members of Jacee's original group the Guaps was the only member to speak up about what happened with Jacee and his personal regret for not sticking up for him. Kudos to him.  Now I know it's a singing competition and all but as Tiffany Rios found out, it can also be about character. 

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. I felt so sorry for Jacee and was so relieved that he didn't get cut! There were so many new and talented people that they didn't show during the auditions! These group rounds are tough...some groups click and others don't, very stressful for them, I bet. Thanks for the recap!

  2. Hi Annie & Barb, thanks so much for your comments.

    Annie, I felt so bad for Jacee and when he went to his mom (it dawned on me how really young he is) she gave him a nice pep talk so sweet. I think you're right about the clicking and stressful part. I think I was a little too harsh taking James, Jordan and Clint Jun off my favorites list when they are talented singers. I need to get over it. Thanks so much for reminding me about the challenges of group rounds. :) I love all the new contestants we didn't see in prior shows a lot and hope to see more of them.

    Barb, you're very welcome. Glad you liked my recap. :)

    Thanks so much girls. I'm in the process of writing last nights.:)


  3. K: Wow! I got to watch last night's episode, and thanks to your updates felt fully informed. I must say, I was quite impressed with many of these talented hopefuls. Can't wait for next week. It amazes me that there is such (young) talent out there = makes one hopeful for their future and grateful that Fox has supplied a venue for them to be seen.

  4. Hi M, :) We must have been typing at the same time. Yes, this season has several very young talents and Idol was right about lowering the minimum age so we get to see them. I'm really looking forward to watching the top 24 perform this season.

    Thanks so much for your comments. Have a great weekend.

  5. Kathy, I don't think you were harsh at all. Stress or not, those kids were mean to Jacee! It might come back to haunt them too since some people won't forget and won't vote for them if they make it into the Top 24. The kid with the big glasses is a good singer too and I bet he makes it into Top 24 (I have forgotten his name).

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Annie, thanks so much for you comments. I'm so glad to hear that you felt the same way. I just think that it would've been a real shame if Jacee didn't move on because he forgot the lyrics especially since they kicked him off the group so late in the process. He had very little time to learn the song and practice. I think he sings well, but I just didn't personally like what they did to Jacee. I still really like Scotty though because he was the only one the actually acknowledged their mistake. There are three guys with glasses, Clint Gamboa, Jerome Bell and Jimmie Allen. We've seen a lot of Clint and I think a bit of Jerome (I like him a lot) but they haven't featured Jimmie. There's a few that haven't received any TV time so I'm looking forward to the next rounds so we can see them. I'm surprised that the Harvard Grad/White House Intern made it. But she did have a unique style.

    It's going to be very fun watching who makes the top 24!

    Thanks so much Annie. Have a great weekend too. I haven't decided yet on my PH.... :)


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