Friday, February 18, 2011

PhotoHunt: Silhouette

The Silhouette of beautiful palazzos, gondolas and boats set against the backdrop of the most spectacular sunset!  And now I'm craving a nice glass (or two) of prosecco! :)

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  1. Sunset's really good for silhouette shots, isn't it? :)

  2. Hi YTSL, yes they are very cool! :) Thanks so much for your comments. Have a great weekend!

  3. What a beautiful photo! I love it! You sure captured the beauty of the sunset there.

  4. What a gorgeous photo, Kathy! That's one of the nicest Grand Canal pics I've ever seen, love that golden light!

    And guess what I bought this afternoon....a bottle of prosecco! I'm going to be opening it in a little while. :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  5. Hi Eden, thanks so much for liking my photo. I love sunsets and I was so lucky when I shot this photo the way it came out. I'm glad you liked it.

    Hi Annie, thanks so much for liking my photo. I was lucky to nab a good spot on the Vaporetto with no one in front and snap! What an amazing sunset on the grand canal. The colors and the silhouette of Venice. Smooth....

    A nice glass of prosecco sounds really good! I don't have any right now...hmmm maybe I need to make a TJ run for a nice bottle. Love their prosecco. Of course, none is more delicious than sipping on a glass while watching the sunset or rise in Venice on the Grand canal or anywhere in Venice. :) Hope you enjoy your glass this afternoon!

    Thanks so much girls for liking my photo. I enjoyed this theme a lot. Have a great weekend!

  6. beautiful. I love the tower in the distance.

  7. A great moody photo, K! Venice is a great backdrop. Have a good one!

  8. Ahhhhh . . . Venice!

    This is a gorgeous shot - you've really captured the special beauty of Venice.

    Have a brilliant long weekend.

  9. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments . . .

    Marta, I think it's beautiful too. :) I'm not sure what that tower is. I wonder if Annie would know. It does stand out amongst the lower structures nicely.

    M, yes a very oh I wish I was in Venice in the middle of this scene kind of mood. Since tomorrow is a day off, I'm swinging by TJs to get some prosecco and play my Lara Fabian songs. You're right it does have a moody feel. :)

    Jerry, ahhh Venice is so right. Venice is definitely in the "special" category. Jerry, I visited your blog yesterday but could not leave a comment for some reason. I will try again but if unsuccessful I loved your silhouette photo selection too!

    Thanks everyone for liking my photo. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Hi Kathy! I love the rings around the sun.
    Sorry I am visiting late, but still trying to get a rhythm going in the blogger world!

  11. Hi Maya, thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate your comments as always but really no worries if you're late or cannot comment. I've been reading your tweets about your move. What an ordeal. Hope all is well and your transition is smoother. Take care.


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