Wednesday, February 23, 2011

American Idol: On the Road to Vegas and the top 24 . . .

Tonight was a roller coaster of emotions with tears of joy and tears of heartbreak.  And it's not just coming from the contestants.  In the first hour, the contestants are "bussed" to Las Vegas where they must perform a Beatles Song as part of a duo or trio.  There were a couple of stand out performances by duo Pia Toscano and Karen Rodriguez singing "Can't Buy Me Love" and from duo Paul McDonald (a Kenny Loggins sound alike) and Kendra Campbell singing a Beatle's song I'm not familiar with called "Blackbird".

After Las Vegas,some early favorites were cut such as Melinda Ademi, White House Intern Molly DeWolf, Newlywed Ashly Sullivan (there goes her 15 minutes) and that other guy, Carson Higgins.  The next cuts came in Los Angeles where each contestant were given one last chance to shine in a solo performance before the judges.  Other favorites were cut such as Hollie Cavanagh, Deandre Brackensick and the hardest cut for me came when Chris Medina was told that he didn't make it.  I thought the clip they showed on his solo performance was good so without having the benefit of seeing the other performances it's hard to know what the judges saw to make this decision.  But even so, I think it was very hard to watch Chris Medina's heartfelt journey come to an end especially knowing how much it meant to him and to his fiance, Juliana. 

But on a more positive note, Naima Adedapo made it and joining her in the top 24 include Ashthon Jones, Clint Jun Gamboa (he's got a lot to prove to the fans), Haley Reinhart, and Paul McDonald. 

Congrats to these top five who made it through and all the best to those who didn't make it to the top 24 at least for this season.  Tomorrow's show will give us the remaining 19 contestants and then next week AI moves on to the live performances where Idol fans will finally get to vote for their favorites. Yay!

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Hi Kathy, boy last night's show was so tense and emotional. I was kinda surprised how few perfomances they showed....they seemed to want to focus on the drama more. I thought the same thing about that guy...Kenny Loggins sound-alike (he was good). I'm ready for the Top 24 to start singind next week!

    Thanks for the recap!

  2. Hi Annie, was nit tho! I have to admit that I cried when Chris was eliminated and he was such a gentleman. It would've so good for him to stay longer to get better exposure in the music industry but I guess the competition is strong...

    And what did you think about the voice coach from he'll. I felt so bad for Melinda and Thia...she makes Simon look seem like a harmless little lamb...needless to say I didn't like her.

    I thought the wedding story was a waste of valuable air time better spent on hearing more of the contestants.

    The other performance I really liked was Tim & Julie on the keyboards. I'm sorry we didn't get to see more of some of the other singers who got booted off and who I thought did well.

    I liked Paul aka Kenny L. A lot and I'm glad that he and Naima made it....I'm still not happy with what Clint jun did to Jacee but he made it through. I can't wait for tonight's show to see who others will be....nd I can't wait for the live show so we can hear all of them sing. You're right they didn't show very much of the performances
    . Today I brought my little Wi fi so I could read your comments and check the other rcaps. I'm so obsessed :0

  3. Couldn't agree with you both, A and K, more! The wedding could do without; shed a tear or 2 when Chris (yes- a real gentle man) was eliminated and wondered "What is up with Jay-lo? Paul a/k/a/ Kenny L is quite apropros! I'm ready for this show to begin too....The only redemption I feel for having it drawn out (says I who have watched two episodes) is that the talent seems quite good! The real entertainment is watching the faces of Steven Tyler and his eye gymnastics.

  4. Hi M, yesI think we are all ready for the live performances and voting right in the competition. Poor J-Lo she had such a hard time telling Chris he was cut. It was interesting watching Randy and Steven try to console her. I thought it was cute. And Steven Tyler does have some fun facial expressions and I'm really surprised for a hard edged rocker like him can feel very comfortable showing his affection. Gymnastics is a great term. He is very expressive with his eyes as well as his mouth. What he says can be so funny, all bleeping aside that is :)

    Thnks so much to you and Annie for sharing your thoughts. It's fun to read what others think about the contestants and judges.

  5. I agree that the wedding footage was a big waste of time. Plus it made that poor girl look so neurotic and crazy.

    My nephews have started watching Idol and they are really into it. They aren't allowed to stay up that late on school nights so they tape it and watch it on Friday nights. They LOVE Steven Tyler and have started listening to Aerosmith!

  6. Hi Annie, oh that is sooooo cute that your nephews are now watching Idol and even cuter that they like Steven Tyler and are listening to Aerosmith. I read somewhere that sales for his records have gone up since he's joined idol. You probably don't follow Twitter but he recently started an account and his Tweets are so entertaining to read.

    What's interesting is that the girl who got married didn't seem all that broken up when she was eliminated. Oh well...wish them well on their marriage.

    Thanks so much for your comments and have a great weekend.


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