Thursday, February 24, 2011

American Idol: Season 10's Top 24! Let's Get it On . . .

Tonight was sheer torture watching Idol take two hours to say what could have been said in one. But hey that's show biz.  The good news is that J-Lo seemed to have recovered from her crying episode after having to tell fan favorite, Chris Medina, that he did not make it to the top 24. 

As each contestant takes that long walk to hear their fate from the judges, short clips of their journey including their latest solo performances are shown.  Kudos to all of these young contestants for their passion and for going through such an emotional roller coaster in this competition.  I only wish the best for all of them in their future musical endeavors.  

In pure Idol fashion they reveal the final two spots by having it come down to choosing between some early fan favorites.  Thia Megia/Jessica Cunningham for the girls and Brett Loewenstern/Jacee Badeaux/Colton Dixon for the guys. 
But in the end, there lies a beginning and so with no further ado here are the top 24 Contestants to perform live for our votes on American Idol 2011. Whoo Hoo!

Here are the top 12 female contestants: 

Ashthon Jones 24 years old Home: Nashville, TN Audition: Nashville
Naima Adedapo 25 years old Home: Milwaukee, WI Audition:
Haley Reinhart 18 years old Home: Milwaukee, WI Audition: Milwaukee
Karen Rodriguez 21 years old Home: New York, NY Audition: MySpace
Tatynisa Wilson 20 years old Home: Aurora, IL Audition: Milwaukee
Julie Zorrilla 19 years old Home: Los Angeles, CA Audition: San Francisco
Lauren Turner 24 years old Home: Slidell, LA Audition: New Orleans
Rachel Zevita 21 years old Home: New York, NY Audition: New Jersey
Kendra Campbell 21 years old Home: Nashville, TN Audition: Nashville
Lauren Alaina 15 years old Home: Rossville, GA Audition: Nashville
Pia Toscano 21 yeas old Home: Queens, NY Audition: New Jersey
Thia Megia 15 years old Home:  Mountain House, CA  Audition: Milwaukee

And here are the top 12 male contestants:

Paul McDonald 25 years old Home: Huntsville, AL Audition: Nashville
Clint Jun Gamboa 26 years old Home: Long Beach, CA Audition: San Francisco
Robbie Rosen 16 years old Home: Merrick, Long Island, NY Audition: New Jersey
Tim Halperin 23 years old Home: Fort Worth, TX Audition: MySpace
Scotty McCreery 16 years old Home: Garner, NC Audition: Milwaukee
Jovany Barreto 22 years old Home: Harvey, LA Audition: New Orleans
Jordan Dorsey 21 years old Home: Laplace, LA Audition: New Orleans
Stefano Langone 21 years old Home: Kent, WA Audition: San Francisco
Jacob Lusk 23 years old Home: Compton, CA Audition: Los Angelex
James Durbin 21 years old Home: Santa Cruz, CA Audition: San Francisco
Casey Abrams 19 years old Home: Idyllwild, CA Audition: Austin
Brett Loewenstern 16 years old Home: Boca Raton, FL Audition: New Orleans

I was of course very sad to see Jacee leave the competition and I really hope that he returns next year. 

So do I have my favorites already?  Well, yes I do . . . I really really like Casey Abrams & Paul McDonald and for the girls I continue to like Naime Adedapo, Julie Zorrilla and Lauren Aliana .   And although they weren't one of my early favorites, I'm beginning to like Tim Halperin, Jacob Lusk, Thia Megia and Tia Toscano.  This should be a really fun and entertaining Season and I can't wait for next week's first live performances.  Good luck Idols!

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. I think my faves right now are Naemi and Jacob. But I'll know more after next week since we've only seen snippets of some of these people.

    Poor Jacee. I hope he'll come back. It was kinda weird that they lowered the age limit but then told so many people, you're not ready, come back when you're older.

    Next week will be fun!

  2. Oh, forgot to say that I'm glad that Scotty from NC made it. He's getting lots of press around here. It was the top story on the news this morning. But I wish that the other cowboy singer had made it too.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Annie, I also like Naemi and Jacob too. It's going to be interesting how they do performing live next week. And yes, I felt so bad for Jacee. I thought his solo was very good. I was torn because I also liked the other two Brett and Colton. I was so disappointed that all the contestants in the minor's group didn't make it, esp Deandre. I hope they all return next year. There is a couple of contestants who are returning idols and made it this time so maybe that'll inspire them.

    I really like Scotty and it's cool that he's getting popular in NC. What's so great about him in addition to his talent was his genuine character. Unlike Clint Jun who booted Jacee off the group and gave a lame excuse, Scotty took responsibility for not sticking up for Jacee (and he wasn't even the driving force behind the decision). Just a really nice person for such a young age. I think no matter what happens on Idol, he's going to have a great career. I am really bummed that John Wayne didn't make it too. Another really nice guy and talented singer. Can't wait for next week. I've recorded all the shows so far even when I've been home to watch it. Helps to play back and write my recap. :)

    Have a great weekend too!


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