Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amsterdam: Sex, Cats, more Sex and an Old Church . . .

Yesterday,  I could not have visited two more opposite museums...First, I finally went to see the famous "Sex Museum" near Centraal Station.

I promised Girasoli I would give a report to see if it has changed since when she was there.  Keep in mind that this report is a "G" rated version.  First the fee is 4 Euros and the museum has 3 floors.  There are a few surprises in there kind of like an "x-rated" version of the huanted house.  Let's just say they involved an eye wink on a butt, a guy in a trench coat and I'll leave the last one to your vivid imagination.

There were a variety (and I mean a variety) of displays.  They even have the most unique looking Washroom I've ever seen in Europe.  When I first saw it I was a little suspecious and hesitated to use it! he, he  The wash basins are too funny. When you wash your hands an animation on the mirror appears above you and you see this scene with a man and a women with butterflies flying around towards you. So funny.  I took these photos for my WC's in Europe photo collection. :)  Thank you so much Girasoli for recommending this very interesting museum. It was a hilarious. :)

And since I was on a roll I decided to visit the Red Light District. It was daytime so no women in the windows so I was able to take a few photos.  I think this place would be kind of creepy late at night and my apartment owner sort of cautioned me not to visit too late in the evening.

There were quite a few coffeeshops there too . . .

And who knew there was a beautiful canal right behind the district.  And directly in front you can see the Oude Kerk which is Amsterdam's Oldest Church (early 15th century). It was closed so I couldn't go in. Maybe I'll try again later. Supposedly there are three stained glass windows in the Virgin's Chapel and a small contemporary art exhibition.

And lastly I visited the Katten Kabinet located on Herengracht 497.  This is the only house on the "Golden Curve" open to the public.  After the death of his cat in 1984, John Pierpont Morgan III, the last of its occupants turned his house into a temnple to the artist depiction of felines. There are a number of rooms with pretty cool displays of statues, posters and objects d'art.

There are 4 cats who live there. Three tabbys and one calico. They are free to roam around the garden and house. They sit on chairs and by the reception table to greet the many guests who visit. They are so gentle and beautiful.  The first one reminds me so much of Elizabeth.   This is a handsome 7 month old boy tabby.

Thanks so much Marta for recommending this amazing museum. I think AnnieNC would love this museum too.


  1. Quite a juxtaposition - sex and church - who would have thought - huh? Have to love the sense of humor and creativity that even extends to the washrooms! Glad you found the time to make the visit and to share with us.

  2. Hi M, yes quite....I don't know how they thought of such things for the washroom that alone was worth the visit :).

  3. I would love to visit both of those museums! Sex and cats - what's not to like?

  4. I have been keeping up with all of your blog post but just have not had time to comment. I had to comment though on this post!

    I do not remember anything about the s-rated haunted house and the wash basins with butterflies! All I really remember is laughing hysterically with my friend as we toured the museum. Thank you so much for posting these photos! I am glad you enjoyed your time there :)

  5. What a contrast but so typical of Amsterdam. I'm glad you were able to make it to the cat museum. It is not a big or big-name museum but I also enjoyed it.

    And thanks for showing the pictures of the Sex museum. I always walked by it. But it may have been interesting.

    Have a relaxing weekend. I recently saw some pictures a friend posted on Facebook from Berlin. Christmas is already on display. Looks fun and dress warmly. It looks cold also.

  6. That really does sound like quite the full day! The toilet is something else (and I'm interested in your collection of WCs of Europe!)

    The red-light district looks wonderfully conventional and quite dull -- by day! I imagine it would get pretty racy by evening.

  7. How did I not know about the Katten Kabinet?? Must bump Amsterdam up on the list! LOL

  8. Hi Everyone thanks so much for your comments

    Nancy, the two museums . . . loved both of them.

    Girasoli, thanks for the recommendation. I think if I was with my friends I would be in hysterics myself. As it was I was giggling a lot but so was a lot of other people. So the little surprise things are new. And I thought you didn't tell me on purpose.... he, he. I really jumped at the first one where the eyelid blinked on one of the butts. I wasn't the only one that jumped too. :0 And I can't even say what that third one was but think "penthouse." eeked. I jumped at that one too. The whole place was a crack up but also I have to say a shocker.

    Marta, many thanks to you for recommending the Kat museum and what an interesting place. The architure in that building reminded me of Venice with the painted ceilings. And it was so nice to visit with the current residence there.

    Sandra, yes I like to take photos of certain WC's or at least now I do ever since I joined Photo Hunt I try to take photos of everything odd or funny. :) The Red Light District was someplace I had on my must see list because of its' reputation but it done seem like it could be a racey place at night. It's funny how one developes a vibe from the different neighborhoods.

    Colleen, I didn't know about this wonderful small mnuseum too and it was great to see it and I'm thankful to Marta for mentioning it to me. Definitely bump Amsterdam up a couple of notches. :)

    Thanks so much everyone

  9. This sounds like so much fun. I would love to visit the Kitten museum...the sex museum too.

    I just got home and am catching up....I had such a great time and it sounds like you are having one too. It was warm in Venice! And I got some holy water from the nuns!

    Hope you are having fun in Berlin too!

  10. Welcome homne Annie! I'm so glad that you had such a fun time in Venice. I'm looking forward to reading all about your experiences as you begin to blog about them. That's so cool that you got some Holy water. I head for Berlin Tomorrow morning. So sad to leave here. The Kat museum was pretty cool and the Sex museum was hilarious as Girasoli had said.

    Talk to you soon...and hope your transition back home goes smoothly.

  11. I too thought of the irony of the OudeKerk being in the middle of the Redlight district and the prostitutes in the windows/doorways looking directly at the church. I walked by the Kattenkabinet and wanted to visit but it wasn't open at the time and I never had time to return. Being a cat-lover, I really did want to stop and see it.


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