Sunday, November 21, 2010

Amsterdam: There are Flowers in November . . .

Thanks so much to Marta, today I visited the very cool Bloemenmark (Amsterdam Info) . . .

I almost skipped blogging today but there are so many things that happen on my trips these blog posts will help me to remember all the "fine" details of my trip . . .

Here is the Reguliersgracht, a charming canal which owes it's name to the convent of nuns that used to stand nearby before the construction of the canal network....

I've been pretty lucky with the weather but a cold front with possible snow flurries are being predicted in another day or two.  I guess I have to whip out my scarf and gloves for the first time...And it's only fitting since they already have their Winter Wonderland Christmas markets up in Rembrandtplein (can you tell this is my favorite hangout).

And oh the Dutch have such a wonderful sense of humor putting Santa Claus riding a reindeer with a beer in hand . . . love it. :)

Well, that's it folks. Nothing too deep for this Sunday's blog post....I made contact with the owner for my apartment in Berlin to set up our meeting time, so that's all taken care of.  Tomorrow I'm mailing a bunch of souvenirs home to lighten the load. I'm going to try to see the Kat Museum since it was closed today. I may try the Sex Museum which fellow Slow Traveler, Girasoli said was hilarious and I promised her a report. :)

I'm trying to figure out if one of the groups I featured in my pre-posts are performing any where? I would love to see them. And then I'm saving a day to do a day trip to Haarlem. Marta gave me a good suggestion to see if there is a Market day there and maybe coordinate my visit accordingly.

And now I'm off for my nightly walk. I like to leave my cameras at the apartment during my evening strolls and just soak it all in. I'm in Holland and it feels fabulous!   The people here are so friendly.  Nighty night all . . .


  1. I love the Dutch Sinterklaas. Here is a bit about him:

    Dec 5th is Sinterklaas day. Have you seen large chocolate alphabets (letters) in the grocery stores? It is one of the traditional items to give instead of a written poem.

  2. And I'm glad you made it to the Flowermarket. I'm always amazed at the amount of bulbs in the fall. Your day sounds so nice and relaxing.

  3. Hi Marta, that's a cool tradition. I'll look for those at the stores. You know I was walking along the canals on Saturdy and a boat with sinterklaas and his helpers came floating by with loud music and dancing. It was cool! And wouldn't you know I was caught without my camera. They were dressed in these costume like a circus at first so I didn't even know what it was about and I remember on st this slow traveler mentioned it to me too . Pretty funny.

    I really enjoyed seeing the flower market even stopped and had pancakes at the pancake house. It was a nice lazy day. Also had to do some laundry while I was blogging :)

    Thanks so much Marta for all of your wonderful tips and suggestions. I'm having such a wonderful time as A result.

  4. Your posts and Marta's comments make this place feel like a storyland..

  5. The Flower market looks so beautiful -- all those colourful bulbs! And the canals look so cool.

  6. Hi M and Sandra, thanks so much for your comments ,

    M , I agree the flower market was cool and I'm so thankful that Marta suggested it to me. It was a very cool place.

    Sandra I agree those bulbs with the colorful boxes is very cool and I just lice the canals ...

  7. When I'm on a trip, I sometimes have to force myself to blog daily, but it is such a good record of the great time you had - you can reread it for years and remember all the details.


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