Friday, November 19, 2010

Amsterdam: It's Friday night and I'm chillin `Part II

Last night I noticed that the train ticket I bought to go to Berlin next Sunday is for this Sunday instead, so I went back to the Train station to get a new ticket for next Sunday (11/28/10). Voila I have them and while I was at it I bought my ticket to Haarlem which I'll do sometime next week. There's still a few more things on my must see list here in Amsterdam and I want to make sure that I have a chance to do them.

After leaving the train station I thought that I would take a chance and stop by the Anne Frank House. If it was too crowded I will take fellow Slow Traveler and blogging friend, Jane's advice and pre-purchase my tickets on-line so I can avoid the long queue.  I took the Stop and Go Bus from the Train Station which goes along my canal. It is only 1 Euro.  I got off the bus and walked to the Anne Frank House and to my surprise there was no line. I walked right up to the ticket window.  Talk about luck. 

Visiting the Anne Frank House is something I have been really looking forward to.  On my first visit here many years ago with a group tour, I had the opportunity to visit but opted to go on a cheese making tour  instead.  There was nothing wrong with the cheese making tour but I have always regretted not seeing the Anne Frank House.

The museum is wonderful.  It takes you through each of the rooms and the hidden annex where the group of eight hid.  There are videos and displays of excerpts from Anne's diary throughout the museum.  You actually walk through the hidden bookcase into the hidden annex and step into their living quarters.   I was so affected by the experience and I couldn't help but get so emotional when listening to Anna's words - - she writes how she and Peter would  go up to the attic so they could see the sky.  In her room she decorated it with little photos from a magazine her father gave to her.  The windows are kept covered.  Visitors can walk through the house and are guided by photos and excerpts from her diary.  She writes of how they would have to be quiet for fear of being heard.  She wrote of how she wish she could be outside, riding a bike and dancing.

There is a bookstore at the museum and I bought her special edition book and a nice photo book of the museum.

I will certainly remember this eperience for a very long time.  I'm so glad that I was finally able to visit the Anne Frank House.  It is a definite must see for anyone visiting Amsterdam.  There was something I read in one of the displays and which I truly believe in . . . in order to move on we must remember the past.  So true.

Here's the line after exiting the museum . . .

Here's the beautiful canal just outside of the Anne Frank Museum . . .

It was a clear sunny warm day and so I thought I would go on a canal cruise. I left my warm jacket at the apartment because it looked so warm. Within a couple of minutes the sun went behind some clouds and it got very cold.  I need to realize here that the weather can change dramatically and next time I need to take my warmer jacket and my umbrella just in case.   :)

I decided to still go on a canal cruise even though it got a little cloudy.  It still wasn't raining. The canal cruise brought us through all the major canals and pointed out some of the major attractions along the way.  It was a pre-recorded audio guide.  My photos aren't that great because of the windows. I opened my side window a bit to take some photos but that's about it. So I just sat back and enjoyed the ride instead.

After leaving the boat cruise I decided to check out Leidseplein where I want to possibly eat at Puri Mas (Indonesian Restaurant).  Well, the restaurant was closed but how convenient that it just so happens to be next to Rokery which fellow Slow Traveler, Shannon, had recommended.  Finding the Rokery was next on my list so what a coincidence.

Shannon was right, this is one trippy place....but oh so interesting.  Sat next to a nice couple at the internet bar and chatted, drank some coffee :) and I couldn't help but post a blog entry while there. Actually I really wanted to twitter but could not remember my password.

There's this cool, artsey, hippish, vibe to this place.  I checked out the back where they have these cushions and sitting areas and these colorful decorations.  I loved the music they were playing.  I didn't want to be a total dweeb and snap a photo back there but I did manage to take a couple of quick shots. Thanks for sharing this great find Shannon. 

Now after spending over an hour there, Puri Mas was still closed so I grabbed this donut thing at this kiosk for a snack while I wait for the next Tram. Well it took but a second to scarf that baby down and I went back for another one. I was embarrassed because the same girl waited on me. And she smiled and said "is good?"  I said yes very.  What can I say ... :)

I'm back at the apartment blogging and doing my daily tweet before heading out to Rembrandtplein. . . The chillin continues . . .

Thanks so much everyone for your interest in my blog. I'm so sorry for those of you who have left me such sweet comments that I have not been able to respond. I hope to when do so next week when things begin to slow down a bit for me.  If tomorrow is still sunny I may try the bike thing. It just didn't help my confidence when I witnessed a crash between a zipping moped and and cyclist.  The bikes wheel was bent in the incident but no injuries. I'm amazed at how cordial these two guys were. If it had been LA they would've been asking for their insurance cards by now. There are times when I wish things were like here in Europe back home. :)

Well, bye for now and thanks again everyone.


  1. Wow, what a day. You sure did do a lot--and everything so different. I can't wait to read about your bike riding adventure--there is no way I could do it I would run into someone or something!

  2. Hi Kathy! Sounds like you're having such a wonderful time --don't worry about responding to our comments, it's just such a treat to travel along with you!

    The Anne Frank museum must have been such a fascinating experience; your photo of the house and tranquil canal are so lovely.

  3. Hi Maya. And Sandra thanks so much for your comments. Yesturday was fun with a little bit of everything. The bike thing will be an adventure. While walking I've been studying how the bikers move about the traffic signals and signs trying to prepare my my try.I may try to bike in the park and may try to find one thing on my list...

    Thank you for your comments. Sandra the Anne frank house was a really interesting experience walking through history like that . It was so sad too. Being thAt young she really had a wonderful way of expressing her thoughts. A definite highlight for me .

    Thanks so much

  4. Hi Kathy - Go, girl! Tweeting, posting, shooting photos. Your entry about the Anne Frank Museum was intriguing. I remember parts of her diary so well - that the entry you wrote about, I remember too. Guess it left an impression. Mahalo for taking me along.

  5. I am so glad you went to the Rokerij! And the Anne Frank house. After I went to that museum, I said to myself, I will never feel sorry for myself again. And that was almost 9 years ago and I still remember that.

  6. Hi M and Shannon, thanks so much for your comments . . .

    M, I can see how you remember those parts of her diary, I think I will do the same too. And being in her room and reading her words was a very moving experience. It's so sad that she died a month before the liberation and that she didn't realize that her father had survived. I think I've tweeted every day so far, if I happen to miss one I'll just say it was because of the time difference and the good times.... he he.

    Shannon, that coffee house was very cool and so different from all the other places. I might have to pay another visit when I try that restaurant. Leidelsplein is an interesting place. I know what you mean about the Anne Frank house. I don't think I will ever complain too. The thing I love about travel is having these experiences. It makes the world so much more bigger than our own little world and we begin to appreciate things so much more. I'm going to probably get more of these feelings when I get to Berlin...

    Thanks again so much M and Shahnon.

  7. What a fun and diverse day in Amsterdam. You definitely covered a lot. I also was so moved by the museum and amazed at how small of a location that they lived in. I am so glad that it is available for everyone to experience. And it sounds like you had a great 'experience' later. :)

  8. Hi Marta thanks so much for your comments I'm also glad that they turned the house into a museum for all to see and that Anne kept this precious diary and for her father to publish it.


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