Friday, November 19, 2010

Amsterdam: It's Friday Night and I'm chillin . .

It's Friday night and I'm chillin here at the Rokery in Leidseplein while I wait for the Indonesian restaurant to open for an early dinner. I was going to twitter this but can't remember my password at the moment. he, he!  What a trippy place. :D  More on this place later.

Today was wonderful, I visited Anne Frank's House, did a Canal cruise, bought my train tickets to Berlin and my day trip to Haarlem . . . and now I'm here in this dark, psychodelic, candle lit, cave like atmposphere at the internet blogging and having some coffee . . . it's actually kind of a cool place, the conversations are so crazy , , ,

Well, I think my time is running out soon  . . . I shall post more on my day today when I get back to my apartment especially of my experience visiting the Anne Frank House. I wonder where the Red Light district is?  Is the restaraunt open yet?  Is it dark out yet? The music is very cool the vibe so Amsterdam I think! Well my time is really running low and its time for me to finish my coffee . . . .


  1. Wow you are really experiencing the full spectrum of all that is Amsterdam. Love reading your description of your surroundings. It's been literally years since I was in that city. Your posts bring visions to my head that swirl and delight. Love that you are having such a "cool" time. Enjoy every moment.

  2. Hi barb thanks so much for your comments, I'm glad you like my posts. I try to soak in as much as possible with some relax time and with two weeks here I'm able to take my ti e a little :). I'm definitely having a very cool time here in this interesting city. And for a small city there is so much to do ....


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