Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brugge, Belgium: A Traveler's Journey . . .

My second day in Brugge started with a walk through this very lively open market. It was being held in Burg Square rather than Market Square because they were preparing it for the annual Christmas Market to begin in December.  I enjoyed listening to the vendors shouting out their products in friendly competition with each other to attract customers. It was fun to watch. 

I decided to climb up the 366 steps to the top of the Belfry for a nice view of the town.  I figure it was best to do it early before it got crowed and I got tired from all my my sightseeing. Smart move!  The climb isn't straight non stop, thank goodness. There are about 3 little breaks where there is a room and benches (he, he).  The rooms have little stories about the tower's history and in a couple of them there is a display of the bells.  There was some rennovating being done so we didn't quite have access to one section at the top for a full 360 degree view. Still it was pretty nice to see the town from high up.

And towards the very top, the stairway became even tighter and in the center there is a big rope to hold on to.  Going down was also tricky because the steps were narrow and you had to watch when people were coming up and one of us had to stop and move to the side to let each other pass. Everyone was very polite.

View of the tower from below in a courtyard, I'll have to post a video of the bells.

I  could not take the canal cruise because they stopped operating for the winter. Bummer but the hotel recommended the City Bus tour, which I took.  It was 15 minutes long and gave a nice overview of the main attractions. 

From the tour, I discovered another place called the Begijnhof that I really wanted to see too.  It is a very peaceful little place with a nice church. I bought a nice guardian angel souvenir and gift here. They were made by monks.

And in case you needed a reminder to be quiet, here's their very polite way of reminding you . . .

A traveler's journey  . . . is filled with early and late night adventures, busy or near empty train stations, long train rides and peaceful places of contemplation.  They are filled with people you meet who smile when you tell them where you are from and who puts on smile on our own faces as we learn where they are from.  It's walking down a narrow street and moving to the side to make way for locals carrying bags full of fresh vegetables and other products they just bought from the town's weekly open market. 

And if a traveler's journey takes us to a beautiful little town called Brugge, Belgium, we should consider ourselves fortunate.  Thank you so much for the wonderful time I had . . .


  1. Wow, those steps look seriously steep! But what a great view. It sounds as if you're having a wonderful time, thanks for inviting us along!

  2. What a beautiful entry! Your descriptions are so evocative and bring this place to life for me. Reading this, with the interspersed photos, gives me a sense of travelling along with you. Love the steps of the belfry! I'll watch for the bells video. I remember recording the bells pealing in one of the churches in Assisi...I must post it on my blog one of these days. So glad you are enjoying your trip!!! Thanks for taking the time to share with us as you go! :)

  3. It sounds like it gets a bit scary at towards the top of the Belfry. I liked your description of a traveler's journey. Thank you for taking the time to share your trip.

  4. Your posts have been enlightening with an education for me on this part of the world. Almost looks storybook with the red roofs seemingly in miniature from your vantage point. Glad you seem to be enjoying your trip. Looking forward to reading more!

  5. Hi everyone thanks so much for your wonderful comments . I appreciate you all reading my blog entries

    Sandra they were steep and narrow so I was glad I just took my small camera :)

    Anne the bells are very musical and the tune sounded familiar. Very cute. I'd like to hear your Assisi bells too so hope you get to post it

    Maya thanks for liking my travelers journey I tend do go into contemplation mode on long train rides in between my little naps that is. I'm glad you like it

    M, thanks those red roof tops do look pretty storybook like. It was coolseeing that view from the top I'm glad you're enjoying my posts....


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