Saturday, July 10, 2010

PhotoHunt: Future (Free)

This week TNChick gave us the Free-dom to interpret the theme the way we wanted to. And since I love free choice week ...

I took this photo of the all telling, all knowing Zoltar while on one of my long weekend rides to Venice Beach, California. For all you movie trivia fans, Zoltar turned little boy Tom Hanks into big adult Tom Hanks in the movie, Big.

Zoltar looks kind of cool and everything, but I prefer to let my passions and dreams dictate my future. :)

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Hmmm, I wonder if Zoltar already knows who will win the World Soccer Championship game in South Africa this Sunday. All I can say is I hope that Zoltar can speak a little Spanish . . .Go España!


  1. So... you didn't give Zoltar a chance to tell you your future? And if so, is it partly because he charges rather than avails his service for *free*? ;b

  2. Good one YTSL! LOL Thanks for making me laugh this morning.

  3. Cool shot, Zoltar looks very mystical. I loved the movie "Big"! Have a nice weekend.

  4. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. Big is one of my favorite Tom Hanks movie too. Have a great weekend.

  5. Si-Go Espana! Love your creativity!

  6. Great photo, Kathy!

    I hope you have it right about Spain being victorious . . .

  7. Hi M, thanks so much for your comments. And yes, go Espana! Only a few more hours more till game time. :)

    Hi Nancy, thanks so much for your comments. I hope I have it right too. It should be a great game and both teams are very good.

    Have a great day today M & Nancy!

  8. As soon as I saw this photo, I knew right away it was from the Tom Hanks movie, Big. I never knew Zoltar existed somewhere besides in that movie. Cool!!!! Yay for Spain!

  9. Hi G, yes we have a Zoltar at Venice Beach but I haven't asked him about my future or anything because I'm a little superstitious about that stuff. I'd rather create my own destiny. :) And yahoo for Spain! I was nervous watching the whole time, but what great satisfaction to see them win in the end. I would've cheered for Italy too if they had made it to the finals. But since neither Italy or USA made it, I was for Spain all the way.


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