Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Travel Thoughts: How people feel and what they say . . .

As you may have already guessed, I love creating YouTube videos especially of my trips. I recently read a few comments on my Youtube videos that made me feel pretty happy.

From my Hiking the Cinque Terre video:

My husband and I just booked this tour for our trip next week.. Im so excited! (I was excited for them)

Cincue Terre is the most beautiful place I been in my LIFE ^_^ Thanks 4 uploading

thanks for the video! going there next week!!

I spent five summers in the Cinque Terre. It's like reliving my childhood. Thank you.

I will never forget these five villages.

Wow. Made this hike in June 2004. AGreat hike with my favorite music. I don"t know why Ottmar works with this video, But it just does. Makes me want to hop a plane tomorrow. Awesome post,Gratz!

From my Churches in Venice: The Sacred Art video (inspired by AnnieNC's Churches In Venice blog and her wonderful Slow Travel Article, My Favorite-Lessor Known Churches in Venice). . .


From my Venice in the Early Morning Hours and in the Evening video (inspired by Shannon's Venice Article-Page 42 about seeing Venice in the evening and early morning hours). . .

venice look gorgeous and relaxing

Alicia Keys is a bit too hip for this beautiful city, but hey, gustus non disputandem!!! (I actually love this comment. Although there are several ways to interpret the lyrics to Alicia's beautiful song, my decision to pair it with my Venice in the Early Morning and Evening Hours photos was made because I was trying to imagine what my life would be like without having had the pleasure of experiencing Venice. And I couldn't imagine that feeling.)

I once did a post about why I love to Slow Travel and the one word that I felt described my feelings the best was "JOY". It feels so cool to read from other travelers about their joys too! Thank you so much Slow Travel Founder, Pauline Kenny, for changing this part of my life.

And, now I end my travel thoughts today with Alicia who I think is one of the coolest and hippest artist around (next to the Cool One of course), as she takes us through Venice in the Early Morning and Evening Hours.


  1. Kathy, your videos are so wonderful! I hadn't seen the Cinque Terre video before, and it was really lovely.

    Interesting to see other people's comments, too (and I disagree with the commenter who questioned your use of Alicia Keys' music. It was an unconventional choice, and I liked it very much!)

  2. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your comments. The CT video was I think my very first YouTube video and among all my videos is the most popular, which is a tribute to the beauty and draw of that part of Italy. And thanks so much for liking my unconventional choice to pair Alicia's beautiful music with beautiful Venice. I guess I tend to be unconventional in my choices since I did the same with my CT pairing it with Ottmar's Santa Fe.
    I found the comment interesting because I never thought of the hip factor when choosing her song. So interesting. Also the person that left the Bellisimo comment has a fabulous youtube video with a beautiful collection of International performances from artists I had never heard of. The things we stumble on...

    Thanks so much for your comments and for liking my videos. Hope you have a great day today.

  3. Love the photos.

    Don't throw shoes or anything but I am not a huge Alicia Keys fan. I liked a few songs from her first album, but then her music sounded more like she was screaming or something weird happened to her voice. I do like Prince though :)

  4. The Alicia Keys/Venice comment is funny! I think it's a pairing that works even if it is unusual. Love those early morning shots of Venice.

  5. Hi G & Annie, thanks so much for your comments...

    G, how about I throw a sock instead. :) Just kidding. No worries, music is really a matter of taste and not everyone likes Alicia, but as long as you like Prince we're cool! :)

    Annie, I'm so glad to hear that you like the pairing with my Venice Photos. I love looking Venice in the morning and evening too and sometimes I find it hard to believe I was there for two weeks. But it was no dream and a treasure my memories there.

    Thanks girls! Have a great weekend. It's going to be sizzling here in LA!


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