Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear Elizabeth . . .

I have been really avoiding posting this blog, but I've been wanting to give everyone an update on Elizabeth and so when Donna SF posted a comment asking about Elizabeth, I felt it was time.

I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but Elizabeth is back with her owners. While Elizabeth was with me, I had an allergic reaction. Her owners who really adore Elizabeth, came to get her and told me that maybe I could see my doctor about my allergies and if it works out they would gladly bring Elizabeth back.

On behalf of Elizabeth, I wanted to once again thank everyone for the very cool Virtual party and for all of your wonderful comments. At one point I tried to get Elizabeth to look at all the cute graphics and photos, but instead she plopped herself on my keyboard. So cute...

Her owners are very sweet and they gave me an open invitation to come and visit Elizabeth anytime. My sister recommended Claritin so that is what I will try when I visit Elizabeth.

Elizabeth really stole my heart and so I am hoping things will work out . . .


  1. What a shame, Kathy. But allergies aren't to be sneezed at (excuse the lame joke!)

    I have pretty severe allergies to a number of things (and I use Claritin daily) so while I can visit cats, I can't live with them. Alas.

  2. Hi K: We are a very supportive blogging community here. I'm sure you have a grieving period to go through as well. In the end, it's all what's best for both you and Elizabeth. You've got a lot on your plate of life at the moment with work and all, but things always have a tendency of working out. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Take care, m

  3. Hi Girls, thanks so much for your comments.

    Sandra, I'm sorry that you suffer from severe allergies. I have allergies to dust but one squirt of zicam and it clears right up. Her owners are so sweet and they have been so patient and understanding. We both felt it was best for her to go back right away rather than waiting too long. It's good to hear that Claritin works for you. My sister told me to try that to see if it works with Elizabeth. I will have to try it.

    Hi M, thanks so much for your comments. It was a heart wrenching decision to return Elizabeth but we all agreed (as you said for both Elizabeth and I) to be the best decision. Her owners are so sweet and they knew it was a painful decision for me so we've gotten together since then and they have given me an open invitation to visit Elizabeth. It's so funny that we have so much in common like being big American Idol fans. BTW, they think this season's top 24 is very below par and I have to agree with them. I can now see why Elizabeth missed them, they are so nice. I'm looking forward to visiting them and Elizabeth.

    Thanks again for your comments and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the alergies. It can't have been an easy decisions but you really did what was best for Elizabeth and for YOU!

  5. Ditto what mene. said.
    I hope you are having a good Sunday.

  6. I'm so sorry you had to go through so much pain having to return Elizabeth. I'm sure the virtual shower did not help with your decision.

    I suffer from many allergies and certainly understand. For some allergies, avoidance is sadly the only thing that works. Otherwise I suffer.

    It sounds like her owners were very understanding. That is very nice of them to let you visit Elizabeth. I you find peace with whatever works out best for you.

  7. So sorry things didn't work out with Elizabeth. Glad you will be able to visit with her though. Take care :)

  8. Hi Everyone, I'm going to work through this as best I can. I have definitely been so lucky that her owners have been so understanding (a fact that makes me even feel more badly) and I am very lucky to have such great blogging friends. I loved the virtual shower that Annie, Maria and Anne coordinated with all of you for Elizabeth's arrival. And I do feel that I've disappointed you all, but I especailly feel badly that I disappointed her owners and Elizabeth. Something that I am not very proud of.

    In the next couple of weeks, I will be asking her owners if I can visit and spend some time with Elizabeth. I really like her owners a lot and I want to try to do what is best and not disappoint them or Elizabeth any further. I don't think I can go through that again and I definitely don't want to make them go through it. They have been really kind to allow me to still be a part of Elizabeth's life whether things work out or not and I do plan to take them up on that offer.

    Meanwhile, I appreciate everyone's comments a lot. Thank you...


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