Saturday, February 27, 2010

PhotoHunt: Daily

The interesting and charming pleasantries of daily conversation that takes place amongst friends and neighbors in the small fishing town of Vernazza, Italy . . . .

I took this photo while my friend and I were having dinner at Trattoria Sandro located a short distance from the train station on the main street. While day trippers and tourists walked by, going about their business, my friend and I noticed a group of neighbors and friends gathered on these benches along the street to chat. A daily routine can be quite interesting when it's not our own.:)

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My thoughts are with the victims in Chile and with everyone in Hawaii like ST blogger, Girasoli. She's been posting some very helpful updates on the situation there. And Marta posted a very helpful live stream link called Upstream. Thanks G & Marta!

I spoke with my sister this morning and she assured me that they are not in the evacuation low lying ground. I was very glad to hear that. Be Safe all of you...


  1. I love this photo. One of my special things about traveling is people watching, especially local people. Hope you are enjoying a special weekend. m

  2. Lovely photo, Kathy.

    I've also been thinking a lot today about the disaster in Chile, and the implications up the Pacfic. Hope all of our friends and family in Hawaii stay well.

  3. Hi M, thanks for liking my photo. I totally love people watching while traveling. One of the great things about Slow Traveling is the ability to notice things one would not normally have the time to notice. We enjoyed watching the locals come out of their homes on to these benches to chat. It had such a cozy, comfortable, Italy feel to it. And it was part of what I loved about our stay in Vernazza. I hope you are enjoying your weekend too. Hope it's warming up for you all on the east coast.

    Hi Sandra, glad you liked my photo. I was so happy to read Girasoli's blog and she has been so good at updates which has been helpful to those of us with friends and family there. I feel bad as I did for Haiti for the people in Chile especially for the injured and families who lost loved ones. I'm als relieved for G, my sis and others who live there that the projected Tsunami did not materialize. The Hawaii residents and leaders did a great job in being prepared for it though. Have a great weekend.

  4. What a great shot, Kathy, and perfect for the theme. I miss Vernazza.

    It is so sad to the Chile tragedy to follow the Haiti one so closely. I pray for all the victims.

  5. Great photo! Brings back nice memories of my two stays in Vernazza.

    That was so kind of you to mention your concern about me on your blog. Because I was busy watching the local news early yesterday morning, I did not even realize the rest of the US was so aware of the tsunami warning happening in Hawaii. I didn't even realize that anyone would be worried until Annie mentioned it in a comment on my PhotoHunt post. I then figured I better do a little blog post to let everyone know I was ok and do some updates to let everyone know what was happening.

    We certainly were lucky! Where does your sister live? Glad she does not live in a tsunami evacuation zone. I can just imagine how freaked out those living in the evacuation areas were.

    I just heard a siren go off (on the TV - but didn't realize it was the TV at first) and my heart started pounding. I guess it will take a few days before I won't be so freaked out by the sirens after hearing them blaring all morning yesterday. Of course tomorrow is the first day of the month when they go off at 11:45 as a test.

    I am so glad nothing major happened and that everyone here took it serious and evacuated if necessary. Thank you again so much for your concern.

  6. Lovely photo, really captures the rhythm of daily life! Glad to hear your sister was not in real danger from the tsunami, must have been a scary time nonetheless.
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Hi everyone, thanks for liking my photo...

    Candi, this photo brings back some really wonderful memories. From all the villages, I'm so glad we picked Vernazza to stay in during our stay there. I loved that small town feel and I really loved watching the town wake up each morning....

    Girasoli, I have not been watching the news lately, so when I read your Tweet about the Tsunami I was actually pretty shocked and concerned for all of you. And when I was on the phone with my sister I could hear the faint sounds of the sirens. I kept up with your tweets and watched that live stream for hours until it was cancelled. My sister lives in Waipio which is not close to the beach or part of any low lying ground so she did tell me before heading to work that they were fine. And it was good to hear from you too. I agree with you, it must have been hard for those who were in the evacuation zones. I'm glad that the Tsunami didn't materialize as bad as they had projected. It was admirable how prepared Hawaii was. Glad to hear that you and your family are all okay...

    Anne, glad you liked my photo. The rhythm of daily life in Italy is a perfect description. So interesting and fun to observe and to be a part of, even if it is only for a few days. My daily conversations just doesn't seem as interesting or charming as this scene in Vernazza.

    Thanks again everyone and have a wonderful week.


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