Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scotland: The Silver Sands of Morar and More . . .

Today, I woke up and was surprised with the clear weather. I took advantage by deciding to do a quick walk in one of the beaches located between Arisaig and Morar. First, I come across a sandy beach with rocky islets, across from the Traigh Golve Course which is just off the Old Coastal Road heading south to Mallaig. From here you have spectacular views to the islands of Eigg and Rhum and to the Cullins of Skye. And since the weather was really nice today I could actually see them. Very cool!

I decided to do a quick walk along the beach and through the dunes . . . after walking this one stretch I looked back and saw my shoe prints in the sand and double back to take a photos. . . I guess it reminded me of the quote "Footprints in the Sand."

My walk took me along the sandy beach around these large rocks jetting out (on this trip my tripod doubled as a poking stick to make sure the ground was not too soft to walk in. In some spots it looked hard but was in fact soft so when in doubt, I poked!). . .

. . . I made my way over several large blankets of seaweed left by the tides . . .

. . . across the sand floors during low tide

. . . then up . . .

. . . and through high grassed sand dunes.

. . . and then I get to do it all over again! :)

Yesterday, I also walked along the very beautiful "Silver Sands of Morar". The sand was so soft and whiter than the other beach I walked on so I can see how it got it's name. And once again this is another location that was used in the movie "Local Hero".

Also from yesterday, the beautiful Silver Sands of Morar . . .

Due to the weather in the three days in Arisaig I was not able to capture a beautiful sunset, which is one of the things I wanted to see here and which Arisaig is very popular for. But I still had the most wonderful time. I love the hotel that I chose and from all the little towns that I could've selected this was the perfect place to base for the three days I had to explore this area. It is a village that has one main road going through it, a small post office and a small grocery store. I would totally stay here again if I were to ever return to the Highlands!

And I just had to post this photo! I finally got to see one of those famous long horned caramel, long bangs Highland Cows! Did you know that they rarely move. Today was rainey and I had to literally stand in the rain and wait for him to turn my way. I spoke to him, I whistled, I jumped ....and when I started to head back to my car because I was getting really cold . . . he turned! In fact, he almost looks like he's sticking his tongue out at me. :)

Today I visited Loch Morar but with it having rained all day I didn't get to really explore it like I had hoped, but I shall post some photos soon. Didn't get to see a Morag sighting though which is probably a good thing for me. Tommorrow morning I catch the Ferry to the Isle of Skye . . . .


  1. I am sorry to hear that the weather isn't totally cooperating, but I am glad you got in a bit of a walk on the beach. Your cow picture is great. It does look like he is sticking his tongue out at you!! I have been known to wait for hours for the perfect picture, though one time an Emu turned and started to chase me which was a bit scary.
    Your trip sounds so wonderful. Someday in the future, when we finally visit the Highlands you will be a wonderful resource.

  2. Hi Maya, thanks so much for your comments. I just arrived on Skye and on a lunch break before checking into my hotel . It is stunning here. I do hope that you visit Scotland and the Highlands. I think you and you husband would enjoy it here a lot.

    I've gooten use to the rain like the driving. :) even went for a nice walk last night in the rain. It wasn't bad . Having my rain ger helped a litthough :)

    thanks again and can't wait to start exploring Skye.

  3. Kathy, these photos are absolutely gorgeous! What a truly magical and peaceful place. And I recognize the beach from Local Hero - very cool.

    Sorry it's a bit damp but sounds like you're having a great time anyway. And I'm so glad that cow finally turned around for you! That's a great photo too.

    Thanks so much for the vicarious trip to the Highlands! Can't wait to hear about the Isle of Skye. Have fun!

    P.S. The Slow Travel blogs are still not working. I am having withdrawal big time. But thanks goodness you are able to blog because I'm really enjoying your posts. Happy Friday!

  4. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. I got such a kick out of seeing places where scenes in the movie Local Hero were filmed! I had the same euphoric feelings when I saw the Spanish Steps and the Coliseum in Rome for the first time. So much fun! I'm now in my hotel on the island of Skye. Let me tell you the the ferry ride over! ohhhhhh boy! Choppy waters and I am so glad that I took some dramamine because even with taking two of them I was getting really motion sickness. I went to the second deck and closed my eyes just to catch my equilibrium. I'm so glad I'm going on the Bridge when I return.

    This hotel is just gorgeous and the staff up graded my room to the one facing the bay. It's huge too so I can spread out a bit. It's too rainey to venture out plus I'm still a little motion sickness so I'm just going to catch my breath, have a nice Scottish dinner and chill. Tomorrow I will have a long day up to Staffin and the Quaraing. Thanks so much to you and Maya about the weather. I'm okay so far in dealing with it. And with the exception of not being able to take pictures. It's not so bad. Even driving in it isn't so bad. Easier than driving the LA freeways in the rain that's for sure.

    I'm sorry about the blogs not working. Hopefully, it'll be up a running soon.

    Have a great Friday too and thanks so much for your comments..

  5. Hi Kathy, I love your beach photos and it's so cool that there doesn't seem to be another soul in sight! You must have had the beach entirely to yourself, which would be lovely.

    And your cow is spectacular -- she and I are having the same hair issues, I think: too long bangs covering the eyes. I wonder if she'd like a barrette to hold them back?

    Like Annie, I'm feeling some blog withdrawal anxiety since we can't get into our Slow Travel blogs. But I'm so enjoying following yours, keep up the great work!

  6. Hope you have a relaxing evening and feel better soon. Did you take your rental car on the ferry and how long was the ferry ride? That sounds like an adventure for sure!

    I'm curious about the food and what you've been having. I know that when I was in the UK, I wasn't that impressed with the food - it was okay but not like Italy for sure (the best meal I had was in London's Chinatown!).

    Yay for upgrades! Another case of good travel karma along with the empty seat on the plane. :)

    Have a nice evening and a great day tomorrow!

  7. Kathy,
    The Highland Cow is so adorable! I am so glad you got to see it:)
    I am loving your photos of Scotland and the beach, and hoping the weather will cooperate to give you a beautiful sunset.

  8. Hi Sandra, I had to laugh with your hair comments. The bangs are so long that it does make you want to run up and put a clip or hair tie around it.... :) And I was the only one on that beach and it was pretty nice. There's a golf course in the back and there happen to be three guys golfing at the time I was there. It was so cute because at one point when I was just heading out they yelled over at me to pose for my camera. They were nice. I bumped into them in the parking area. And on the Sands of Morar it was just me. There was a couple that was there before me but they left just as I had pulled up. I was truly lovely...

    Sorry about the blog issues. I hope that they recover soon. I miss reading everyone's blogs...

    Thanks Annie, the dramamine and motion sickness finally wore off after a nice nap and now I'm just sitting and relaxing and reviewing my notes for tomorrow's road trip to the Quaraing. I'm so excited. I really hope the weather is clearer. And about the ferry. Yes, I had to buy one ticket for my car and one for myself. And get this I had to reverse it onto the ferry. That was interesting because I had visions of stepping on the gas versus the brake and running into the water. Thank goodness that is the one thing that is in the same spot, brake on left and gas on the right! The food has been quite good the past several days and I think they will be here too because their specialty is seafood which I really like. This morning I stopped at a place they had just one item on their menu for breakfast. Haggis, bacon, sausage and egg, black pudding which I'm guessing has some kind of meat product because the girl said I probably shouldn't eat that too. So they added onions, mushrooms and tomatoe instead for me. Very nice. I've had Smoked Haddock, Salmon and delicious prawns and they make their little potatoes with some kind of sauce with mayonaise that is actually very good. I read an article in a magazine that Marta loaned me and it is helping me with what to order. One article will be very helpful because it talks about the food here on Skye. The hotel has a pretty nice restaraunt so it will be nice to try more dishes here. And tomorrow they have a wedding party. The guy is a Scot and the girl is Spanish. The girl at the desk said that I might have a Kilt sigthing...That is funny that you mention you had Chinese in London. My favorite meal in London back in 2005 was at a French restaurant and in Glasgow I loved the Chinese Restaurant I stumbled onto my first night. Their curry chicken ans sweet corn soup was so good. It'll be interesting once I leave the Highlands and head over to Edinburgh how the food might be different.

    Candi, I love my cow photo too! Even though he gave me a hard time posing, in the end I was pleased with the shot. I hope to see more while on Sky. Glad you liked my beach photos. That was so much fun and I was really lucky with the weather on that day.

    I'm hoping for a nice Sunset here on Skye. But if it doesn't happen, it'll be okay. I have been very lucky to get the shots that I have with the pockets of clear weather that I have had. Very thankful for that.

    Thanks again girls. I appreciate your comments and I'm glad that you are enjoying my photos. I hope that your blogs are up and running soon. Take care.

  9. I too love that cow photo!! Fantastic shot, and great *attitude* on the cow's face :)

    Your photos are amazing, the scenery is spectacular! I'm glad you're not being put off by the rain, I find sometimes inclement weather can just bring out a place's beauty even more. Something about the light after it rains. Hopefully the sun will shine more often for the rest of your trip though :)

    Sounds like you are eating well. Black pudding is made from pig (or lamb, etc) blood. So you may have been wise not to eat it! I'd probably have to try it just to say I did, but can't quite imagine I'd actually enjoy the flavour.

  10. Hi Anne, thanks so much for your comments. I'm glad you are enjoying my photos. I love that cow photo too. And yes, he has great attitude in his pose.

    Today's weather was much better although it is very windy and it started to storm as soon as I headed back to Portee.

    Wow, I'm glad the girl didn't serve me black pudding. Interesting name pudding...Let me know how it is when you get to try it. I've seen that on several menus already so it seems to be quite popular here.

    Thanks again for your comments and have a great weekend.

  11. The beach was all for yourself - how great is that. Spectacular shots. Can't decide whether I find the photos or the names of the places more intriguing. Mahalo for taking us all along with you! m

  12. Beautiful beach photos and I love that cow shot! I had to laugh that you whistled and jumped and finally left before he turned to look at you. I wonder what he was thinking.

    I am glad you are enjoying the food. I was wondering how that was going. Good choice skipping the black pudding.

    Sorry you experienced motion sickness. I have alway been lucky on a boat (even in very rough waves) but have gotten very motion sick on a bus, on a ski lift (was sick though when that happened), on a plane once, and in a car. I even had to have my friend stop and let me out when I got sick in the car. Needed to be on land for about 30 mins til I was ok.

    I hope you have better weather in Skye. A kilt sighting would be fun :)

  13. I LOVE the Highland cow! I'm glad you waited in the cold to get his photo!

    The beach photos are great. I am really enjoying tagging along with you on your journey.

  14. Hi Girasoli, thanks so much. I'm glad you liked the photos. The cow was probably thinking "crazy tourist" or something! :) You are very lucky that you don't get motion sickness on a boat. I do when the waters are really rough. I always get motion sickness on a plane so always have to take a dramamine before every flight no matter how long or short. I can also get sick in cars if I'm not driving. I'm better on buses and on trains. I did have a kilt sighting but couldn't snap a photo of the guy. Maybe I'll have more luck in Edinburgh. :)

    Hi M, glad you liked my photos. It was a very beautiful beach and I did feel like I had it all to myself. There were a few locals that were there before and after but pretty much when I was there I was the only one there. I like the cool names too. Some of them have Gaelic translations to them which are interesting.

    Thanks so much for your comments G & M!

  15. love the cow pictures both the one with the curly "do" and the one with the "bad hair day". loving the pictures of the lakes and the serene-ness of the beach and walks on the pathways next to some foliage. looks like there are some "fall colors" there, too!

    glad to hear that you are having a great time. the visual picture i have of you going through the roundabout 3 times just cracks me up and i can only imagine if i were there with you in the car, that we would be laughing so much to the point of tears :)

    anyhow be safe and happy thanksgiving! can't wait to read more about your trip.

    your sis-jean

  16. Hi Jean, thanks so much for your comments. I think we would be laughing too if we were ever caught in a round-a bout! It even cracks me up just thinking about that episode.

    The Highlands were so serene and wild at the same time. It was such an amazing experience. Maybe one day I shall be successful in convincing you to travel with me to Europe one of these days! :)

    I hope you and everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving! Take care and we'll talk soon! :)


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