Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scotland: Interesting Sightings . . .

One of the things I've tried to learn to do more of during my travels is to pay attention to the little details (something I learned from reading AnnieNC's blog on the Churches in Venice) because you never know how very special they may be.

While driving the Road to the Isles, this little church was not on my must see list but I hit the brakes and made a stop as soon as I saw it. It is the Church of St. Mary & St. Finnan and it was built in 1870-1872. I walked closer to take a photo and low and behold I find a little shrine hidden away to the right with this beautiful Virgin Mary. Thanks for the lesson Annie.

While taking a walk in Morar I look down and find these pretty sea shells . . .

And as promised my first sheep and cow sightings. My cow isn't the pretty caramel long horn Highland cows but he was so cute and had a little curley doo on the top! I was so excited to finally see my Scottish sheep and Highland Cows (or at least one of them)!

Next up, my day exploring the Silver Sands of Morar . . .


  1. Wow, what a GREAT find - that is such an awesome shrine! I had no idea that they have them in Scotland too. I'd like to have that one in my yard along with the Torcello one I want to copy! That church looks pretty special too; I would have slammed on the brakes for that one. :)

    Love that curly hair-do on the cow. Hope you continue to run into nice surprises and animals along the way (and glad you're getting comfortable with the driving!).

    Thanks again for all these great posts; it's so much fun to read these.

  2. Kathy, that's a beautiful little church and shrine! Annie really IS training us well to pay attention to these details!

    The cow is so pretty and I love the sheep, they look a bit raggedy which I think is so cute.

  3. Ha ha, Sandra's comment cracks me up. I've got people looking for shrines all over the world!

    If you still have wi-fi, i though you'd like to read this great interview with Adam!

    Have fun!

  4. Hi Annie, thanks so much! I thought you'd love that shrine. You can't see it from the road. I just saw the church but when I walked down the little road to the church, there it was. It is the first shrine that I have encountered here and it's a beaut! The ones in Venice and Italy are in a class to themselves, but this one was wonderful to stumble onto. The church is really cute and they are so different than the ones in Italy which are also different than the ones in Spain, etc. It's almost as if you can define a country or culture by their Churches. Interesting! Shhh, but I braked and pulled a "Reverse" to get back to the church...

    I love the curly do and I loved looking at all the sheep and cows they have here. I even bought a little stuffed animal baby cow as a souvenir, couldn't resist.

    It is very cool how comfortable I am now with driving on the left and all that time in pre-trip planning I was really border line scared of the experience.

    Sandra, yes I think Annie has done well to train us to pay attention to the details. I've always been someone that looks at the forrest before the trees and now I can look at both with equal attention. I love all the cute little sheep and cows. Some of them go right up to the fencing and when you're driving by they look right at you. I acutally had to double back around to snap this photo from the road while no one was coming. :)

    Thanks Annie & Sandra for your comments. I went into Mallaig today to pick up my ferry tickets for my boat ride to the Isle of Skye. That'll be interesting. The winds have been so fierce I may have to pop a dramamine. :)

    Thanks again and have a great evening.

  5. It's all the details for sure - what a beautiful church and shrine. Love the sheep, but the cow - well the his/her 'do' just steals my heart.... Great find!

  6. Hi Annie, yes Sandra is so right. You have influenced us all. I don't think I can pass a church or shrine without trying to learn it's name or something about it before I move on.... Thanks so much for the link to Adam's interview. It was a great read and he really is such a great and so well grounded individual. Although I'm not that fond of his first single, I'm sure I'll like the other songs on his debut CD. And I love the downloaded songs he did on Idol. I wish him well. It's so great to see good guys be successful! Thanks so much Annie.

    Hi M, thanks so much for your comments. That church was really cool and the shrine was so beautiful and a very pleasant surprise to find. I love my little cows curly top doo! I won't say how I got him/her to look up from chewing on his lunch. Finally he looked up. I felt so guilty interrupting his meal but I just had to take his photo. All the other cows have been so far... :)

    Have a nice evening girls!

  7. I LOVE that little church - what an unexpected find!

    And the cow and sheep - I always like seeing the local animals!

    I'm loving your posts!

  8. That is such a sweet church. I love the window. And the sheep! I love their shaggy look. Good job in your search for small wonders.

  9. That is a very cool little church! Were you able to go inside? I love the window. I am guessing it is stained glass but can't tell.

    I had to laugh about the sheep photo. Somehow I was fixated on the cows and kept staring at it as I scrolled down wondering why I kept seeing sheep when they were supposed to be cows. I thought to myself what strange looking cows and then realized that you posted 2 photos - the top one was sheep and BELOW it was the cow photo! I think the migraine meds I took have made me much too spacey tonight to process anything.

  10. Am loving this virtual tag along with you on your travels. Seeing the little details and the discoveries as you venture off the planned sights is just so much fun. It's seeing through your vision...and it's beautiful. I love those cute sheep and cow! Thank you and keep enjoying it all.

  11. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your comments...

    Nancy, yes that is such a beautiful church, I just love it and I'm loving seeing all these cool animals. We certainly don't see them in California! :)

    Marta, thank you so much for your comments. Yes that is a really cool church and I just love the sheep here! I look at them everytime I pass them by and if I have my camera ready, I'll snap a photo. Can't have enough sheep photos! :)

    Girasoli, unfortunately I didn't get to go in because it was closed. I went around the side but no one seemed to be in there. They stained glass did look really cool. I saw another church today and they seem to look alike. I still have to figure out it's name before I post that photo. That's funny about not seeing the 2nd photo. Sorry about your migraine. Hope it gets better.

    Barb, I'm glad you enjoy the virtual tour. I really enjoy blogging because it mainly allows me to share my experiences with everyone and I also find it fun to read my thoughts when I get home. And it is a nice way to remember the sequence of my trip....but mainly I really enjoy sharing. I get so much from reading everyone's blogs like yours and everyone....

    BTW, Girasoli, did you read M's reply to your post about driving... :)

    Thanks so much again everyone for taking the time to read my blog entires. Tomorrow I head over to the Isle of Skye! Whoo hoo!

  12. Oh Kathy, this is so great. Sounds like you are having a marvelous time. What a great shrine! And great photos of the sheep and Scottish cow.

  13. Hi Candi, thanks so much for your comments! I'm glad that you are enjoying my photos. It's been so much fun here in the Highlands and I am totally haveing a wonderful time.


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