Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scotland: The Sights and Sounds of the Trotternish Peninsula . . .

Today, I explored the Trotternish Peninsula. It rained all day yesterday but today it was a lot better. Clear but cold and very windy. And Yay, no rain.

I took the road traveling north towards the town of Staffin. The Trotternish ridge is made of volcanic rock and one of its most famous rock formation is the Old Man of Storr. From Loch Fada I managed to get a good look at this amazing formation. I then traveled on to Kilt Rock which is a 200 ft high sea cliff with a beautiful waterfall nearby. The massive columns of dolerite resembles the pleats on a Kilt, hence the name. It looked exactly like the photos of saw of it during trip planning. It was totally cool to see it in person.

Next, I ventured on a small single track Road that climbed up on switchback roads through the Quiraing. The views during this part of the drive was so amazing. There is a car park and a path that leads you up a short hill for a better view. It was so cold and windy. And I mean very windy. I went as far as I was willing to go. I could have gone higher but with the wind and unsure footing because of the rain from the night before I stopped, took photos and then headed back down the rocky pathy. In better conditions I might have gone all the way up, but I decided that I would rather stop and live to tell about it then to go any further. :)

On the way down I approach a small sea port village called Uigg where I heard about a Pier Restaraunt as a nice place to have lunch. And it was. I had some prawns and chips with a salad. It was very delicious and had a beautiful view of the bay.

From here it was a quick drive (15 miles) back to Portee and just in the nick of time because it started to down pour. Whew! I got most of my must see's in.

I have some photos, but I thought this time I would share the Sights and Sounds of my day's adventure! :)


  1. Cool video! What's with the blue butt on that cute sheep? I was nervous just viewing the single track road. I hope it's a one way road. You are very daring taking video while driving on the "other" side of the road. Lunch sounded great! Thanks for sharing part of your day :)

  2. Kathy, thanks so much for the video clip! The sound of that wind brought me right back to our trip.
    I see you got in the way of quite a few sheep as well. :grin:

  3. Kathy, that's so beautiful in a wild way! The wind sounds super strong -- was it hard to drive?

    Those sheep look very healthy, very sturdy. I don't think I'd want to annoy them!

  4. Hi Kathy, I really enjoyed your YouTube with the waterfalls and the sheep in the road and all that beautiful landscape. It was fun to think about you driving and filming at the same time on those single track roads. Your photos and videos make it look like you've just about got Scotland all to yourself!

    Hope you've had a great weekend and I can't wait to see the next installment of your adventures.

  5. Awesome video!! I love the waterfall, and the wind on the metal railings. But what's up with the blue butted sheep?! lol (Assume is an ownership marking of some kind, but made me laugh as it kind of looks like a target!)

    Scotland looks and sounds just like I imagine, can't wait to see if for myself someday. My Dave will be indebted to you for upping my enthusiasm to visit Scotland, it's WAY high on his list of places.

  6. Wow! That wind sounds brutal!

    Thank you for the video - now we really feel like we are there with you!

  7. Hi Everyone, thank you so much for all of your comments and for taking the time to read my blog. It means a lot to know that you are enjoying it. . .

    Nancy, isn't that wind something! I've experienced high winds before but nothing like up on that ridge. Glad you enjoyed my short video.

    Annie, I'm so glad you enjoyed the video. The waterfalls are very beautiful. The sheep are so cute. They just love to chew on their grass even when it is on the side of the road. There are constant signs to watch out for them on the road. And since I would never forgive myself if I hit one, anytime I saw them even near the road, I slowed was actually fun to watch them walk by! :) And yes, I'm such a nut! I just had to video tape driving on the single track roads! :) Luckily there are very few cars and I have been pretty much the only car driving on these small roads, it almost does feel like I have this place to myself. I've come across a few tourists at certain locations which (because there have been few) I have actually welcomed their conversations. Beats talking to the cows! LOL!

    Sandra, driving with the winds isn't bad, only when I'm out and walking around. I don't get cold very easy and I have a thick fleece jacket plus a wind jacket and I can still feel it a little. My feet are warm though because I brought good shoes. The sheep do look sturdy! :) They seem to eat all day long. Everytime I see one they are eating or sleeping. What a life. And I think their fur does keep them warm because they don't seem to be bothered by either the rain or the wind.

    Deborah, now I understand that entry you did with your hair a while back. The wind is so fierce and I had no idea until I felt it. I don't even bother brushing until I get back to my hotel. :) And yes, I did get in the way of a few sheep! :)

    Anne, glad you liked my video! I hope you see my next entry with the beautiful rainbow. I immediately thought of you when I saw it. So I had to stop and take a photo of it so I could post it. Girasoli asked that same question. At first I thought it was for a farmer to mark his herd because the sheep is all over the place. But today, I saw a sheep with a blue and and red on his back, so now I'm not too sure. I'm going to ask the waitress tomorrow at breakfast to see if she knows. They are so adorable though. Today I actually heard one talk for the first time! The scenery seems very close to New Foundland here. It would be so wonderful if you and your family can come to visit. I think you would totally love it here. So many hikes and walking routes.

    Girasoli, Anne asked the same question. I think it is some kind of marking but I'm not positive exactly what for. I saw one sheep today that had a red and blue mark. I will try to find out if someone knows and will post a comment here. The road I was on was actually a two way road but it is only wide enough for one car at a time to travel on. So they have these passing lanes which are short and spread out along the route where if another car is coming one of us has to move on these passing lanes so the other car can get by. I'm a nut for filming while driving but I made sure it was a safe place to do it and that there was no car near me. And when I came to a turn I just put the camera down. I just had to film the experience as a souvenir. :)

    Thanks again everyone for your comments. The Isle of Skye is just amazing! And I'll be quite sad to leave the day after tomorrow. But then again Edinburgh will be exciting I think! :)

    Have a great Holidays everyone!

  8. Hi Kathy, just got your comment on my blog and thanks so much for the Thanksgiving wishes. I send them back to you! My family went to Maryland to visit some aunts and cousins, and I couldn't go since I couldn't take Mon.-Wed. off from work. So I am going to spend Thanksgiving Day and Friday working at the cat sanctuary! I am really looking forward to it!

    I hope you continue to have fun and now I am going to read your new post....

  9. Hi Annie, it's too bad that you couldn't take the days off to join your family in Maryland, but what a wonderful way to spending the holidays! You have such a great heart and I really admire you for caring so much. You know what's interesting here in Scotland. I have not seen one cat. I've seen dogs, rabbits, deer, and of course the many many sheep and cows. I wonder if it is because of the extreme weather or maybe I'm not seeing them. I just think it is so interesting. I hope maybe next year I can finally adopt little Ronda. Meanwhile, I have my virtual kitties in your Lulu and Maria. :) I always enjoy reading your entries of them. Makes me look forward to having my own.

    Enjoy your Holidays Annie and thanks so much for your comments and all the pre-trip encouragements you and everyone else have been giving me. This trip just couldn't be possible without all of you.

    Talk to you soon when I'm in Edinburgh. I'm definitely going to find an internet cafe so I can post photos of the Art Car Christmas Parade.

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Kathy, thanks for sharing the video, I loved it. It is putting Scotland higher and higher on the never ending list of places to go.

  11. Thanks Kathy. I'll get to spend Christmas with my family and the nephews, so I'm not too sad about missing Thanksgiving with them. Plus, I am really excited about spending it at the Sanctuary. I'm so glad that you are still thinking about little Ronda (and maybe Lola?)!

    That is funny that you haven't seen any cats. I bet there are plenty of cats in Scotland, but they are probably indoors lying on someone's sofa, just like LuLu and Maria are!

    Did you think about Trudy from Local Hero when you saw the rabbit? LOL.

    I am so excited to have a short work week this week (yay!). Safe travels to Edinburgh. Can't wait to hear about the art cars and everything else you see.

  12. Hi Annie, Christmas is the best time to spend with your nephews. That's going to be so much fun. And yay for the extra long weekend! Whoo hoo! I love short weeks. Actually, I just realized that I haven't spent Thanksgiving at home for 4 years now because this is the best time for me to get off from work. I wonder if I would miss being away for Christmas. I think one day I would love to spend Christmas and New Years in someplace like Austria or even Italy. That would be great too. I haven't forgotton about little Ronda. But I have to work a bit on my house before I get her like change my window screens. They are okay but I have a couple of loose ones that I really need to get replaced (I live in a two story).

    How did you know about Trudy! I did think of Trudy when I saw that little bunny hopping across the lawn in front of my hotel window. It was the same color too. :)

    Today at lunch I was chatting with the waitress another couple and the hotel manager because he just got a little puppy. Her name is Molly and she is the friendliest little girl. A Whirlwind just like your Maria. I asked him about the lack of cats and he told me that he has two cats of his own (I can tell that he just loves animals) and they do have them but in weather like this it is likely they are not out and about and just stayng indoors. Just like you said. It was a funny conversation because he was telling us how his cats reacted to Molly when he first brought her home. Reminded me of how Maria was with Buddy. He was pretty funny.

    Actually, your comments reminded me to get all the details of the parade and the other must see events off the internet and saved on my i-touch before I lose my wi-fi advantages. The parade is on Saturday Nov. 28th. They have it displayed near Princess Street for us to have a closer look and then the parade will start at 5:00 pm. I'm so excited to see it. And I will definitely find an internet cafe by then so I can post photos.
    I had the most wonderful late lunch a sea bass with onion mash potatoes on and greens. It was sooooo good. Now just packing.

    Have a great evening Annie and enjoy the extra two days off! Long weekends and short work weeks are the best! Thanks again for all of your comments and well wishes.


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