Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Here! In Glasgow!

Well, I finally made it! My flight went by really fast on this trip. I slept most of the way and was as comfortable as anyone can't be in economy class! :) But I did the Happy Dance because I had an empty seat between me and the other passenger.

Going through the Passport check was interesting. The customs worker just couldn't believe that I was here in the UK not knowing anyone and traveling by myself. When she asked me why? The first thing that popped into my head was I "love" traveling and I just wanted to see Scotland! She smiled and let me pass!

The weather here is not bright and sunny but it is also not that cold either! And for the time being it's not raining. I'm very thankful. It is wonderful walking around weather.

So here is a photo from the inside of the Taxi that I took to my hotel. I'm definitely in the UK! :) The Taxi driver was very nice and gave me a lot of tips and a great orientation of the city layout. My hotel is in a pretty good spot, 10 minute walk to the City Center where there is a lot of restaurants, bars, shops and more importantly Banks with ATM machines. Before heading out to dinner and checking things out I just wanted to do a quick post just to let you all know that I arrived safe and sound. And now I can begin to write the pages of my Scottish Adventure.

Tomorrow I will head out to check out the many museums here in Glasgow which are all (get this) free! The taxi driver told me that the government believe that Art belongs to the people and so that is why the museums are free. Cool!

The people here are so nice and friendly! My hotel here is a small and run by a family. They have been so helpful.

Since I just got in I didn't get a chance to take much photos, but here are a couple to get the ball rolling...

My friendly taxi driver ...

Just above a small hill by my hotel there is this high Tower! I asked the hotel guy what it was and he said that it is a viewing observatory to watch the stars. He said that there is someone there each night and he goes up there there to observe the stars. He said I can just walk up the hill to check it out! I told him that was a wonderful thought and maybe I just will.

Well, gotta run! It looks like my trip is off to a great start. Thanks again everyone for your comments and well wishes! Sandra, sorry I didn't get to reply to your comments before I left. Thank you so much. I think I'm going to enjoy the Art Car Parade and the Talisker Tour! Hi Leslie, welcome back! I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful photos from this trip.

And now I'm off to check out Glasgow at night! :) Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Glad that the flight passed quickly and that you made it safe and sound. I always worry about passing through customs as a solo woman, but I am usually on my way to visit someone which helps. Glad that they let you through with just a smile! I love the idea that Art belongs to the people-that is the way it should be. I look forward to reading more about your trip. Have a wonderful time, and enjoy each day to its fullest.

  2. Hey Kathy, it's great to hear from you. It sounds as if you're off to a fun start, with lots of friendly people.

    Can't wait to hear more -- have a fabulous time (and I love the idea of climbing up a tower to do some star-gazing)

  3. Well - this is exciting having you over there! Wow! Will look forward to hearing more. :)

  4. I was so happy to see your post and hear that you had a safe and easy flight off. Sounds like you are off to a great start.

  5. Hi everyone thanks so much for your comments...can' t wait to see Glasgow during the day. It looks a little wet today so will have bust out my umbrella and ho on the double decker bus. Thanks so much again and talk to you soon .

  6. Good to hear from you! Glad you made it safely and had the good travel karma to have an empty seat next to you!

    Sounds wonderful. Love the idea that Art belongs to everyone and should be free (I agree!).

    I'm at the public library cause my computer is down at home. Might not be back online until Monday but will check back then. Have FUN!

  7. Have a wonderful time. Sure sounds like your trip is starting off right.

  8. Yay for the empty seat in the middle!! I never even thought about possible problems passing through customs as a single woman. I guess I have been lucky so far. Loved your response.

    Hope the weather improves. Glad it was good enough when you arrived. Free museums! Yay!! How are the prices with the exchange rate on food in restaurants?

    Ooooohhhh!! A tower!! That would be very cool to climb it at night!

    Did you bring a computer with you or are you using the hotel's computer? I thought maybe the touch but then no photos.

    Have fun!! :)

  9. Well, we, I mean, you are off to a 'smashing' start. Think the customs person was a little suspicious of you? Have a fabulously super time. Can't wait to see more...menehune

  10. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments. Sorry to hear about your computer Annie. Yesterday was wonderful, the museums are incredible and I still can't believe that they are free. They do ask for donations which I have gladly donated. I think it is just so cool that it is free for all to enjoy and learn. I will talk more about the museums later today hopefully. Girasoli & M, it is interesting that the customs worker was so stuck on me visiting without anyone. Probably as Maya pointed out I think most people probably visit knowing someone there. I think she probably asked me three times you don't know anyone in Great Britain? So finally when I did say I just love traveling and really wanted to see Scotland, that was finally acceptable. :) I also love the idea that Art is for the people. It really should be like that.

    Well, off to catch my Raymond Meads Double decker touring bus! :) Thanks again everyone, it does look like I was off to a great start. I'm so grateful...

  11. WooHoo, you are in Scotland.
    Sounds like a great start to your trip, I too do the happy dance when the seat next to us in the plane is empty.

  12. I'm so glad you had an easy flight. We had an empty seat between us on our way back from Milan in September, and it was so nice!

  13. I'm going to greatly enjoy reading about places in Scotland that Dan & I didn't visit this summer!
    Thanks for posting your trip!

  14. Hi Kathy, I’ve been looking forward to reading your first entry from Scotland and now that I’m home I’m planning on spending the next couple of days catching up with your Scottish adventure.

    Sounds like you had a great start on your trip. How cool and civilized to have free admission to the museums. Love the photo of the taxi, with the steering wheel on the wrong side.

    Off to

  15. Hi Maria, thank you so much for your comments. Welcome home! I bet you and Polaris had a wonderful time in Southern California. I really hope to see you both the next time...

    Yes, Glasgow was so awesome to have the mnuseum admissions for free. I went to as many as I could squeeze into 3 days as I could! :) It was so great....

    Thanks so much for your comments.


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