Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scotland: Glasgow Teaser . . .

Yesterday, I felt like Raymond Meads the comedian on the City Bus Tour Video that I posted. The weather wasn’t too bad, a little rain, some sun and then at the end piercing cold wind! The wardrobe for today is “layer”! It’s chilly outside but in the museums it was toasty!

I decided since I am only here for 3 days I needed to get to all my must see’s in the most efficient and fastest way possible. I could’ve taken the bus pass route but the tour bus is going to all of my must see’s and I could just pay 10 lbs for a two day pass. Not bad and they run every 30 minutes.

First stop, the Glasgow Cathedral….founded in 1250 and completed a century later the Cathedral is Glasgow’s oldest building. The cathedral was erected on the site of where St. Mungo (Patron Saint and founder of Glasgow) established a monastaric settlement. His tomb is located in the lower church beneath the ground level. Here, they also house some interesting displays of the Church architecture (which was nearly destroyed).

Above on a hill is the Necropolis (cemetery) which has these large tombstones. I’m not really high on visiting cemeteries, so I viewed it from the Cathedral (it was pretty amazing to see it because some of the tombstones were quite large) and then spent some time at the St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art. The museum explores the importance of religion in people’s lives around the world. And in doing so it promotes understanding and respect between people with different faiths or none. It was actually a very interesting experience. There were three floors and they used interactive displays as well. If you are visiting the Cathedral it is worth it to have a quick visit here.

You can see the Necropolis in this photos which I took from the St. Mungo Museum...

And here's some beautiful blue sky weather (which lasted about maybe an hour or two)...Glasgow is quite a beautiful city when the Sun is out and the skys are blue. But the people are so friendly that it is a beautiful city rain or shine! This is the outside of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum located near the Glasgow University. More on the Museums in Glasgow in my next post ....


  1. Kathy,

    Great photos, thanks for the tour. I can't wait yo see and read more about Glasgow.

    Have a great time!

  2. Hi Candi, thanks so much for your comments. I did one more post before I head for the Highlands. I'll be off line for a few days (unless there is an internet cafe somewhere). But once I am on Skye, I will be able have wi-fi access again. Glad you enjoy my post! Have a great week.

  3. Thanks for the photo walk of Glasgow. It looks like a beautiful city even on a wet day.

  4. Glasgow seems to 'glow' with a backdrop of blue skies. Looks like like an interesting city - great architecture and history. Glad to hear the people are friendly. That certainly helps whether you are traveling alone or with a group. Let's hope the fun continues. Great deal on the tour! m

  5. Hi Kathy, sounds like so much fun! Glad you got a few glimpses of blue skies. That cathedral is gorgeous! And the bus tour sounds like a great deal, plus a good way to see lots of the city. Hope your trip the Highlands is going smoothly!

  6. It sounds like you are making the most of your time in Glasgow. Enjoy!

  7. Hi Kathy, great photos and I'm glad to hear that you had at least an hour of sunshine! (Altho I'm sure you're too excited to care all that much about the weather.)

    I love hearing about St. Mungo's, it makes me think of the Harry Potter series and "St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries." J.K. Rowling must have been inspired by the real St. Mungo's when she named her wizarding hospital!

  8. So funny, Kathy...I would have been all over that graveyard!
    Loving your posts.

  9. Amazing cathedral! And the St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art sounds very cool. Glad you had a bit of sun.

    Thanks for your comment on my music post. ST blogs are down again. Won't let me publish it at the moment but I did read it :)

    Have fun!! Oh, and stay warm!

  10. Great post on Glasgow! When I was reading the part about not being high in cemeteries, I immediately thought of Deborah, then I come to the comments area and there she is, mentioning her interests in cemeteries. I thought it was funny and cute.

    The last photo with the gorgeous sky is absolutely stunning.

    I can't wait to read the next installment.


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