Friday, October 16, 2009

PhotoHunt: Dream(s) . . . (Free Choice)

My mother once told me that when I was in Kindergarten I actually told my teacher that I wanted to fly to the moon! Talk about imagination! Although I don't remember that conversation, I can remember that I have always dreamed of traveling around the world. Who would've thought that this little girl with a butterfly pin in her (slowly growing) hair would one day travel to Europe! And I am very grateful and happy to say that the "Dream" still lives on as I am headed to Scotland in less than a month. Whoo Hoo! :)

And here's my photo pic of the week, a place I think everyone dreams of visiting at least once in their lifetime . . . beautiful Venice!

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  1. I'm so glad you had a "big" dream when you were so young. You keep making that dream come true as you travel around to see the world. I love seeing that photo of you when you were little and the picture of Venice is lovely. I'm so excited for your upcoming trip. Just so excited.

  2. Lovely sentiments - and a super photo! Glad you are following your dreams. Count down on! menehune

  3. Hi Barb, thanks for your comments. I think it is great to have long lasting dreams. It will be great to see Scotland and keep the dreams going. I'm excited too. Glad you liked my photos. Originally, I wasn't going to post my photo, but I just couldn't resist, plus it kind of went with the theme. :) Thanks again and have a great weekend!

    Hi M, thanks so much for your comments. Glad you liked the photo! And yes I too am glad to have the opportunity to live out my dreams. Couldn't have done it without the help of my family & friends. And Whoo hoo is Countdown on! :) Thanks again and have a great weekend.

  4. Woo hoo is right! I'm so glad your dreams of traveling have come true for you. Love seeing the little Trek Capri photo (what a cutie!). And that Venice photo is magical. Not too many days on the countdown clock until your next adventure.

    PhotoHunt "Free Week" is going to be fun, I can tell!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Annie, LOL, it was a last minute decision to put little Trekcapri in there! :) Seeing that photo makes me laugh.

    I don't thinkg that I would've had the skills or courage to traveling on my own without having discovered Slow Travel and all my blogging friends! Can you imagine the thought of going on group tours and missing out on all the really fun part about traveling...

    Glad you like my Venice photo! That's one of my favorites! I just love that shot too. It does have a magical and dreamy vibe to it.

    It is getting close and the excitement is definitely building! Whoo hoo!

    I can't wait to check out your photo and everyone's too. I think I like free choice week!

    Thanks again Annie and have a great weekend!

  6. Kathy, thanks for sharing the picture of young Trekcapri. Good on ya for keeping the dream on. I can't wait to read about your adventures.

  7. Hi Maya, thanks so much for your comments. Young Trekcapri was bound to make a guest appearance sooner or later and this was a perfect post for it. :)

    The Highlands in November and driving on the left side for the first time will probably produce a few interesting moments and I will gladly share them.... :)

    Thanks again for your comments and have a great weekend!

  8. Kathy,
    What a fabulous post! I love your photo of Venice, and your photo of little you is adoring!I can't wait to hear all about your adventures and following your dreams.
    Woo Hoo... countdown is on!

  9. Hi Candi, thanks so much for liking my photos (Venice & little Trek). :)

    Whoo hoo on the countdown for sure! I'm getting to that nervous stage as the dates get closer, but I get that way on every trip...It's all very exciting.

    Thanks again Candi and have a great weekend!

  10. Oh my gosh, how cute were you?? :) Love that photo of little Trekcapri!! Fly me to the moon...ok, I must go listen to some Sinatra now!

    And Venice is a perfect choice for a dreamy theme. One of the wonderful things about our blogging family is how everyone encourages each other to live out their dreams when possible. As I've said before, I'm not at all sure I would have taken the leap into solo travelling had it not been for the support of my blog friends and reading of others' solo adventures. Very inspiring. Thanks for the thought provoking post, Kathy! Enjoy your weekend :)

  11. Hi Anne, thanks for liking my photos. :) And now you got me thinking of Old Blue Eyes, Fly me to the Moon now too! :)

    I'm so glad you also took that leap to travel solo. I really enjoyed reading your blog as you explored Florence on your own. And it was fun too when you met up with Maria in Venice.

    I agree with your comments about being inspired by our wonderful blogging friends. I too, could not have done it without reading about everyone's successful trips. It's fun to know that dreams can and do really come true.

    Thanks so much for your comments. Enjoy your weekend too Anne!

  12. Lovely evening shot of Venice. It is always amazing to think back at what our dreams were when we were young. And how many of us really do follow our dreams.

    Scotland - you will be there soon!

  13. Hi Marta thanks so much for your comments. Glad you liked my photo, that photo is one of my favorites. And I agree with you that it is cool to realize our dreams. My clock now all of a sudden says 24 days, so Scoland soon is so right. :)

    Thanks again and have a great day today!

  14. Kathi, that was such a beautiful post. Love the photo of you as a little girl. Looking back now, the symbolism of the butterfly hair clip is appropriate, don't you think?
    I can't wat to hear about your Scotland trip. I'll be reliving that beautiful country through you.

  15. Hi Deborah, thanks so much for your comments. I had not thought of the butterfly symbolism before. Maybe my mom already knew back then . . . .

    I hope to write as well as you do on Scotland. I have been really enjoying reading your blog and seeing your beautiful trip photos.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    Have a great Sunday!

  16. Little Trekcapri is adorable! I love how your mom put the butterfly clip in your hair :)

    Your Venice photo is gorgeous! I love that view.

  17. Kathy, what a beautiful photo of you as a little girl! You really do dream big -- that's fantastic!

    And I love your photo from Venice.

  18. Hi Girasoli, thanks for liking my photos. That Venice shot was one of my favorite evening shots in Venice, so glad you really like it. And about my butterfly mom told me how she strugged a little to put the pin in my hair because I had so little hair at the time ... it was a funny dinner table topic of conversation that we all enjoyed and laughed about.

    Sandra, hope you had a nice thanksgiving holiday. I'm glad you like my photos too. Venice is pretty all the time and at night it is so beautiful. And yes, I had a pretty strong imagination when I was young. I didn't get to the moon but flying clear across the world to amazing places like Italy, Spain, etc. isn't too shabby either... :)

    Thanks again Girasoli & Sandra. Have a great day today!

  19. I love the photo of your adorable little self! So cute and what a beautiful smile.

    I'm so exited to see that your trip is fast approaching and that you are following your dreams.

  20. Hi Maria, thanks so much for your comments. And yes, my trip is fast approaching and although I'm still not feeling very prepared I'm totally getting excited about seeing Scotland...the dream does live on. :)

    Thanks again for your comments and have a wonderful evening!


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