Monday, May 25, 2009

Scotland: It's your turn . . .

Well, today I was off due to the Memorial Day Holiday and decided it was a good day to officially begin my trip planning. In honor of this occasion (and it is something to celebrate since I have a tendency to procrastinate), I am introducing my traditional Trip Planning Blog/Website and have added it to my sidebar:

Trekcapri Discovers Scotland

With each trip that I take, I always manage to find one standout video which I use for inspiration throughout my trip planning. After much research, I found this beautiful youtube video called Scenic Scotland. Watch it and you will understand my attraction. It has these beautiful images of Scotland set to a very famous song called Caledonia. According to Wikipedia, Caledonia is the Latin (more romantic and poetic) name given by the Romans for Scotland.


  1. Trekcapri, Wow this is so exciting. I have never been to Scotland but have heard it is beautiful. The video clip was wonderful. I look forward to reading all about the trip planning. Congrats, how fun!

  2. Hi Barb, thank you so much for your comments. That video is so beautiful and thinking of it will keep me on track during my trip planning. Its been interesting so far.

    Scotland is very different from Spain last year and Venice the year before that. I almost feel some similarity to my trip planning to Prague for some reason. I don't even know why I'm making a comparison. Human nature I guess. Planning Scotland will be very fun. I'm learning a lot from a couple of great threads on ST and David's notes. I'm also reading my DK Guidebook and Lonely planet books. Glad I have today and tomorrow off. :)

    Thanks again for your comments Barb. Hope you're are enjoying your long Memorial Holiday weekend!

  3. Isn't the planning an important part of the trip? I LOVE all of the planning because it gets me excited and rarin' to go!

    Enjoy your planning!

  4. Beautiful scenery and music! I can see how you have been inspired by this video. You might have mentioned before, but when are you planning to go? Thanks for sharing this amazing video.

  5. Kathy, I can see why that video slideshow is inspiring - what a truly beautiful country! You're going to have a blast taking photos there.

    You do such a great job documenting the stages of your trip planning; your website is such a great resource for fellow travelers. I'm looking forward to reading more about your plans.

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Hi Nancy, thanks so much for your comments. I love planning too. Whether I'm going somewhere new or familiar each trip is a brand new and wonderul experience. I treasure each moment involved in planning it. Well, except for finding my airline tickets. That is kind of the most stressfull part for me. :) Glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks again and have a great day!

    Hi Girasoli, thanks so much for your comments. Glad you liked the video. I am drawing great inspiration from it as I start to think about what I want to do and see on this trip. I've only mentioned that it will be a fall trip but haven't said a date yet. I usually travel late fall (November) because of work commitments and it is really a slow month at work which makes me feel better about taking off 2-3 weeks. I've traveled in November the past 4 years and have enjoyed it. Plus I'm a much better traveler in cooler weather than hot weather so traveling that time of year is nice for me. The only downside to traveling this time of year is the shorter days and poor lighting when taking photographs. Oh well, can't have everything!

    Thanks again and hope you had a nice long memorial weekend!

    Hi Annie, thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, I'm feeling very inspired from this video and I think I will have a blast taking photographs in Scotland too.

    That would be cool to know that my trip planning notes may somehow help others. I think your awesome blog is such a valuable resource for anyone visiting Venice. I have learned so much from reading your entries and it really motivates me to writing better and more informed entries on my blog.

    Keeping a trip planning site, helps me to focus, especially because time while there is so precious.

    I was being a real sleepy head this morning and woke up late. Luckily I still have today off, yay.

    Thanks again Annie and happy Tuesday to you too! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend! Didn't it just fly by!

  7. Wow-breathtaking. Amazing the technological links you have and the skills to make this such a pleasure - looking forward to learning about Scotland vicariously through your visit! Happy planning. menehune

  8. Hi Menehune, thanks so much for your comments. What would we do without the internet. It has really made trip planning so much easier. It will be fun to plan my trip to Scotland, although deep down inside, I can still feel a little bit of missing Italy in me ...

    Thanks again for your comments and have a great evening M!

  9. Kathy, Scotland looks so beautiful -- and interesting! So many contrasts, between the mountains and the villages, the castles and what look like Roman ruins.

    This sounds like it will be very different from your other recent trips!

  10. You definitely found a beautiful video. What a great way to build up anticipation for the trip. You are going to have a great trip. I can't wait to travel with you.

  11. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your comments. I think Scotland looks beautiful too. I'm finding out that there are a lot of castles there so deciding which ones I want to see will be hard. I'll have to watch the video again because I didn't notice the Roman Ruins. Very observant of you. This trip does feel different from Spain and Venice and it sort of feels similar to my trip to Prague, but maybe that's because there were castles in the CZ too...

    Thanks again for your comments and have a great day today!

    Hi Marta, I really love that video and yes I think it will help me to build up to my trip like you say. It will definitely be fun doing the research.

    Thanks again for your comments and have a great day today!

  12. Hey Kathy, just wanted to say that I was cracking up at your "Don' Assume..." list of Scottish terms. I hope there won't be another "lavvy" incident on this trip, LOL.

  13. Hi Annie, so you saw that, huh! Oh yes! Let's hope that there won't be another embarrassing repeat of "that" incident in Scotland!

    I thought that term and the explanation was so hilarious!

    I like using that blog feature on my trip planning page for any brainstorming ideas or off the wall thoughts as I make my plans, especially when they are a bit whacky (like revieing commonly used terms).

    Thanks for your comments Annie and glad you got a good laugh. I know I did! :)

  14. Kathy,

    I am just catching up on my favorite blogs. Wow! What a lovely scenery!
    I can understand how inspiring that would be.
    Have fun planning!

  15. Hi Candi, welcome home! I just read your fantastic blog entry about your impressions and trip highlights! Sounds like you had a fantastic trip and I am looking forward to reading all about it.

    And yes, I think I will really enjoy planning my trip to Scotland!:)

    Thanks for your comments and hope you have a smooth transition back!


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