Sunday, May 31, 2009

PhotoHunt - Book (s)

"Every once in a while I enjoy reading a good trashy novel"

I'm a little late on my photo this week because first I couldn't decide and second I had to take new photos! :)

The quote came from someone I met at a work conference a few years ago. While standing in the check-out line at the airport, I spot a person (of very high ranking I might add) from the conference waiting in line a few feet behind me. After acknowledging each other's presence she saw that I was reading a book and asked what book was I reading! Feeling embarrassed that I wasn't reading some great literary novel, I hesitantly told her that I was just reading a trashy book! She smiled and giggled and said, you know what Kathy don't feel embarrassed, every now and then I enjoy reading a good trashy book!

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  1. Great post Kathy! I confess that I enjoy a trashy novel once in a while myself; I've read several in your photo, ha ha! Sometimes we need something relaxing, absorbing, but not too thought-provoking - and books like this are PERFECT for reading on airplanes because they make the time fly by!

    Excellent post for this week's theme!

  2. Ooohhh... I love reading trashy books - especially in the summer or on vacation. :)

  3. Where would we be without "trashy novels?" They -- and fashion magazines -- are my guilty pleasures when traveling! Time flies by when I'm nose-deep in these.

  4. Hi Annie, glad you liked my post! I agree, I think these books are excellent for travel, those long waits, long flights, and what not! Definitely makes the time fly especially when the book is really good! :)

    Thanks so much for your comments Annie! Have a great evening!

    Hi Marta, thanks for your comments. You're so right. These books are great on summer vacations! When I'm on a nice quiet beach kind of vacation, I can sometimes go through 2-3 of these books! :)

    Thanks so much for your comments Marta and have a great evening!

    Hi Sandra, yes where would we be is right! I love reading magazines too! And I totally agree that time sure does fly by especially when the story is very entertaining! :)

    Thanks so much for your comments
    Sandra and have a great evening!

  5. My favorite trashy novels are Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts. Fun photo!!

  6. Hi Girasoli, thanks for your comments. Glad you liked my post. I do like reading all kinds of books, but when I travel or are on vacation or every once and awhile, I enjoy a good not so involved book that makes the time go by or for the entertainment. I have not read Danniele Steel but I have read a couple of Nora Roberts books and like her too.

    Thanks again for your comments and have a great day!

  7. Fun take on the photo hunt. I'm with sandrac - every once in a while, a trashy novel does the mind a world of good...menehune

  8. Love the quote and your PH choice! Trashy novels and trashy magazines is what I read on airplanes. Makes time go faster, I think.

    I've been deep in reading Donna Leon's books. I started six weeks ago with the first one and I'm now on number 9 of about 18 books. I have to thank a blogging friend for this new addiction. ;)

    This is so funny: I also posted my PH entry yesterday along with the salad post. Too much going on during the weekend to get near the computer.

    Happy Monday, Kathy!

  9. I have a degree in Italian, but I also studied literature and modern novel at Uni. My reading tastes are wide and varied and Jane Asten is my favorite author.

    However, I like to read ALL kinds of things, and do you know what series I am reading at the moment?

    Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

    I was on a plane recently sitting next to a little poppet of a teenager, and that's what I was reading while she read a massive book club type book. And she was drinking black coffee while I was drinking Coke. She was also taking notes on her book, while I played the games on my ipod. My gosh it was funny.

    I think the printed word... whatever form it is in, is the perfect thing to read. :)

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  11. Oops, I accidently posted my salad comments here and almost posted these comments on my salad post! Had to delete the mistake I made! :)

    Hi Menehune, thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed the post. And Yes, I completely agree with Sandra too! :) There's something very relaxing and entertaining about a good trashy book! Thanks again for your comments M and have a great evening!

    Hi Maria, thanks for your comments! I agree, trashy books and magazines do help to make the time go by. And wow, 9 of 18 is a pretty good addiction that you have going there. Or should I say that your “blogging friend” has got going for you! But the really great news is that some addictions are pretty wonderful to have! Enjoy reading your Donna Leon books!

    I’m glad you still had a chance to post after your busy weekend. I’m looking forward to reading your entries now.

    Thanks again for your comments Maria and hope you have a great evening.

    Hi Leslie, thanks for your comments. I would really like to read a Jane Asten book too. I’ve heard so much about her, but can you believe I have never read one of her books. I hope to correct that soon. That is very cool that you have a degree in Italian and have studied literature and modern novel. Its so great that you have a wide variety of reading tastes.

    I just loved reading that story about you and the teenager sitting together on the plane. And I totally loved your quote “I think the printed word... whatever form it is in, is the perfect thing to read.”

    Thanks for your comments Leslie and I really enjoyed your story a lot! Have a great week!

  12. Ha ha, since I think I'm the friend in question, I just have to say that some addictions are postive. :) Esp. if they involve books!

    The Donna Leon mysteries ARE very addicting, especially if you love Venice. I wish I hadn't read them all!

    Love Leslie's story about the airplane.

  13. Life would be way too serious without trashy novels! I am in the midst of a Jodi Picoult book right now, my first of hers and am zipping right along. Have Angels & Demons lined up on the night table. And I love Donna Leon (I can probably thank Annie for that discovery too!)

    Excellent post, Kathy - obviously rings a bell with all of us!! Always great to know we're not alone in these secret pleasures :)

  14. Hi Annie, LOL! Yes you are the friend in question!:)

    I agree that some addictions can be positive. And reading books is a good one to have. I think I need more of this addiction too. :)

    I also loved Leslie's airplane story! Priceless!

    Hi Anne, I agree. Sometimes we need a little lightness in our lives every now and then. And so you have the Donna Leon addiction too! :)

    I have not heard of Jodi Picoult before. May have to check it out.

    Glad you liked the post! And yes, its always good to know that we are not alone in our secret pleasures! Good one!

    Thanks Anne & Annie! Have a great day today!


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