Friday, May 1, 2009

PhotoHunt: Walking

These shoes are made for walking . . .

This week's PH theme reminded me of that classic song by Nancy Sinatra and THIS scene from the movie Kinky Boots!

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  1. Great photo Kathy and perfect for this theme! I have those same shoes but mine are bronze. It does make me think about the Nancy Sinatra song and Kinky Boots (I loved that movie!)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. Cool shot. I love the angle of the photo and the sand. It made me smile. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love your take on the theme! Kinky Boots is one of my favorite movies, thanks to Sandra. I've watched it three times and wouldn't mind watching it over and over again.

    Lovely photo of the month. I can tell you have the United Kingdom on your (traveling) mind.

    Have a fun weekend, Kathy!

  4. Kathy, I LOVE your take on the theme. Awesome shot and video.

  5. Kathy, the link to Kinky Boots is an inspired take on the Photohunt theme, I love it!

    I had a cocktail party last night with the Kinky Boots soundtrack in the mix, and one of my guests was so excited to hear In These Shoes, he started dancing (on my couch. That didn't last.)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  6. Good old crocs! Great shot for this week's theme.

  7. Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your comments. I had 4 PH photos to choose from this week and so I enlisted my Sister who has been visiting with me over the weekend to help me select one. I showed her all the photos and she really liked this shot the best. I told her it reminded me of the song by Nancy Sinatra and a scene from Kinky Boots. She agreed that it would go well with my theme. So therefore I have to give her credit for this week’s pick and she will be really thrilled to hear and read that you all liked the photo choice!

    Annie, I love that scene from the movie and was so happy when I found a YouTube link so it could go along with the photo theme. I have these clogs in bright yellow, red and blue and I think they are perfect for the beach because they are easy to find in the sand. :) I also have to tell you that yesterday we all went out to dinner at her friend’s sister’s fiance’s restaurant called Pane E Vino! I had so much fun talking with her because her and her fiancé went to Venice recently (he is Italian and is from San Marco in Venice) and we were both telling my sis that she would love Venice too. I just thought that it was a pretty fun and interesting coincidence! Thanks again and hope you have a great Sunday!

    Marta, thanks so much for your comments. I took a bunch of photos of people wearing crocs at an AVP volleyball tournament a while back and saved all my photos. I loved this shot a lot and am really glad I saved it. Who knew it would come in handy for PH! Thanks again Marta. Glad it made you smile! Have a great Sunday!

    Maria, glad you loved my take on the theme. When my sis picked out this photo, I thought of that song and I immediately thought of this scene in Kinky Boots (and definitely yes thanks so much to Sandra). I watched it several times too and the music and this version of the song is so good! I love the runway scene! And you are right, I do have the UK on my mind and I am drawing from the inspiration now! :) Glad you liked my park Photo! Thanks again and hope you have a great Sunday!

    Candi, glad you liked my take on the theme! I had fun with it! And it was especially fun writing the post and theme with my sis! Thanks so much for your comments and have a great Sunday!

    Sandra, thanks so much. Glad you loved the PH theme! The soundtrack is a cool selection for your dinner party’s background music. And that one guest must have really loved that song a lot to hop on your couch and start dancing! Glad it didn’t last too long, though! :) I really need to buy that movie for my personal library! It has become one of my favorites. Thanks again for telling me about it and having a hand in this week’s photohunt post! Have a great Sunday!

    Jerry, thanks so much for your comments! I thought this shot was pretty cool too, so it was one of the photos I thought of first when I saw this week’s theme! :)Glad you liked the Shot! Thanks again for your comments and have a great Sunday!

    Thanks again everyone!

  8. Hi Kathy, I think that is so cool that you got your sis to help pick out your PH photo. She did a great job!

    And Pane e Vino sounds like my kind of place. How wonderful to make a Venetian connection there and get to talk about Venice. Is your sister convinced that she needs to go? I'll chime in and tell her that it's the most beautiful city in the world!

    And I saw your other comment about those lettuce wraps at PF Changs. I love those things too. I've got a recipe for them but I haven't tried it yet. But there is a PF Changs close to my brother's house and we go there sometimes and that's always what I get.

    So I just saw a thing on TV about how Simon Cowell gave a big interview and said that next season will be his last season on Idol. Hard to imagine AI without him. The lady on TV said that she thinks he's bored after doing it for 8 years. But he will be back for Season 9 next year. Kinda wild!

    Hope you've had a great weekend!

  9. Hi Annie, it was very cool that my sis helped me with my PH and she had fun too! Although she very rarely comments she told me that she reads and keeps up with my blog. And then she started naming everyone and that’s when I realized oh yeah she is reading my blog! :) I was kind of impressed that she knew everyone! We had a lot of fun with PH!

    That food in this guy’s restaurant was very good. The food was very authentic almost like being in Italy. Wood burning oven, murals on the walls (which he actually painted himself) and hearing him talk with his Italian accent was almost like being in Italy again! :) It would definitely be your kind of place.

    I think I will try to write a blog post sometime soon with the topic “Why Go to Venice? (or something like that), and that would be so great if you can chime in! I agree that it is the most beautiful city in the world and that is why I want her to see it. That couple is actually going to get married in Venice since his family still lives there, so who knows with a little bit of convincing from everyone and a bit of timing, maybe my sister will be inspired to take the leap and finally go to Venice!

    I love those lettuce wraps at PF Changs. That’s cool that you go there as well when you are visiting your brother and that you have the recipe for it. Hope you post about it when you get a chance to try it. You and the Sunday ST members are so talented.

    Thanks so much for the Idol news! That’s too bad that Simon will quit Idol after next year. I’m not sure it will be the same when he leaves. I think it will depend on who they find to replace him. Wild is right! Oh well, good thing he'll still be there for Season 9. And maybe he’ll change his mind before then. :)

    My sis and BIL left for Vegas this afternoon where they will golf for three days then fly home with their friends from there. It was so much fun spending time with them!

    Thanks so much for your comments Annie! Hope you have a great evening and a great day tomorrow!

  10. This is a VERY COOOOOL photo! Love the fancy crocs and the beach photo and the angle and crop of the photo. That was one of my favorite scenes of the movie. Am going to download that YouTube clip onto my iPod Touch.

  11. Hi Girasoli, thanks so much for your comments. Glad you liked the photo. And that is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. My most favorite was the scene about the "burgundy" boots . . . . :)

    Have a great day!

  12. Kathy, that is so cool that your sister reads your blog and knows all "the gang"! I think my family reads my blog sometimes too but they never comment.

    I think a "Why Go to Venice?" post would be great and I'd definitely chime in. How wonderful it would be to go there for a friend's wedding so I hope that works out for her!

    Glad you had a good visit with them and happy Monday!

  13. Hi Annie, thank you so much for your comments. It was so funny when my sister started naming all of you. I was like wow! It's cool that your family reads your blog too.

    I'm sure that when my sister reads why she should go to Venice she will be inspired by all of your words! I really would like for her to see Venice and maybe Florence or Rome and also Spain.

    BTW, we had a great AI recap session! My BIL is a bigger fan than she is. Their pick is Adam and Alison (more Alison). I really would love to see Adam, Kris and Alison in Final three, but Danny could come on strong again. Watching this week's elimination will be especially hard to see because I really like all of them a lot. I haven't heard anything about this week's theme either!

    Oooh the anticipation!

    Thanks again Annie! Have a great evening!

  14. Interesting that they are picking Adam and Alison. For some reason, I'm starting to have a feeling that Danny is the one who is going to win it all. But I think it's going to be all about their performances and song choices from here on out.

    This is rock and roll week, isn't it? I think I read somewhere that Daughtry will be the special guest on Wed. night.

    Oh, last night I saw some clips of "Anoop Day" on my local news. So many people came out to welcome him home. He looked like he was having a blast!

    There were a lot of kids there, around 10-12 years old. I forget sometimes that AI is so popular with kids. My nephews don't watch it yet because it comes on after their bedtime but they know about it. And one time when I was babysitting, they convinced me to let them stay up and watch a little bit of it (I can't say no to those boys!). I know they will be into it when they get a bit older and can stay up later.

    Anyway, these kids who were getting autographs from Anoop looked so starstruck and he was being very sweet to them. :)

    Can't wait for tonight's show!

  15. Hi Annie, I can't believe I forgot tonight is RnR! Thanks so much for reminding me. I can't wait.

    I'm so glad that Anoop is enjoying his success. And that is very cool how he is handling himself with his fans. He seems to have a very nice personality.

    I can't blame you for finding it hard to say no to your nephews. They are so adorable. I really enjoyed your recent post about your nephew's art class and new Buddy!

    This is definitely going to be a difficult elimination week. I really like all the top four this year and would be happy if any one of them would win. I hope Adam wins though. :)

    I'm ready for some Rock-n-Roll. Have a great day & enjoy the show Annie!


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