Thursday, April 30, 2009

AI Recap: Matt departs Idol and Adam lands in bottom two . .

So here's how it went. Ryan first revealed that Danny and Alison were saved and that Matt, Kris and Adam were in the bottom three. I was happy for Alison and Danny, but had a passing thought that wow wouldn't it be weird if Adam landed in the bottom two and even more weird that Adam could possibly be eliminated tonight. Did everyone like me vote for Alison to save her and neglected our favorite Adam! I had a flashback to Melinda Doolittle's premature elimination two seasons ago.

Next, Ryan then announced that Kris was safe. Yikes! And after Jamie Foxx's performance (and BTW, I thought Natalie Cole was wonderful and I really enjoyed seeing Taylor Hicks perform), I was prepared for the improbable!

And then the moment of truth! Was this going to be another Idol Elimination gone wrong. Could we see Adam get booted off Idol! Dim the lights . . . Ryan announces that Adam is safe! Whew!

It was pretty sad to watch the good-bye video for Matt and I thought he actually sang his song better last night than the night before. I think he will definitely have a successful career in music. He has the look, the talent and the personality to have a very successful musical career!

So judging from how the votes went last night no one has a lock on the competition and these remaining Idols will have to give it their best performance each night from this point on to earn the title of Season 8's New American Idol!

And that's my recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Great recap Kathy! It was a very interesting and surprising night, wasn't it?

    I was thinking...last week after Anoop and Lil were eliminated, that meant that millions of their fans had to start voting for someone else. So I guess it's not surprising that it changed the playing field!

    And just like you did, I bet many others voted for Alison or Kris because everyone assumed that Adam was safe. Plus this week wasn't Adam's best, so it shook everything up.

    But in the end, I do think the right person was eliminated.

    I wasn't that crazy about Jamie Foxx's song (but loved him as a mentor). I agree that it was great to hear Taylor Hicks again! I really like him a lot and thought his new song was pretty good.

    And next week is Rock n Roll week - woo hoo! Song choice is going to be critical for all of them. I think they need to go High Energy!

    Thanks for the recap and have a great Thursday!

  2. Hi Annie, you are so right! I forgot about all the votes from eliminated Idols! That's probably what happened. And coupled with Adam's not best performance and people like me thinking Adam is safe and throwing my votes elsewhere... It did make last night's results show a real nail biter!

    BTW, it's so funny seeing the Randy/Kara vs Paula/Simon rivalry on who got it right! :)

    Thanks for the reminder that next week's theme is Rock-n-Roll. This will be really good for Alison and Adam. It'll be interesting to see how Danny and Kris will do! I agree that it will be a high energy show and I can't wait!

    Thanks for your great recap Annie! Have a great day today too!

  3. Yes to Kathy and yes to Annie. I agree about Jamie Foxx's song but as a mentor he really seemed to connect with these people and got them to personalize their choices.

    Next week should be very interesting indeed - but, I was a little leary that the judges started singing the praises of the other 'neglected' songsters the first night -- think they have swayed the public's choices? I mean Kris is my No. 1 choice however both Ty and I did not feel his song was the best he had done. Interesting insight that Anoop and Lil's followers may be swaying results differently...hmmmm.. there must be a science to this! This year it is definitely entertaining. Thanks, Kathy, you are quickly becoming my no. 1 recap page - better than the magazine shows on TV! menehune

  4. Jamie Fox may have been a great mentor, but was that singing? Hmmm.

    Nothing surprises me anymore on AI, and I gave up being emotionally involved maybe back in the Melinda Doolittle season. While I think America finally got it right with Allison, there is no way that Adam should rank behind Kris, that's just the way I see it. But Adam may just be too edgy for those who vote, and since I do not, I guess I won't make judgement on those who do. The next two weeks should be something else to watch.

  5. Kathy,
    Good recap!
    I truly believe this is the most talented group ever. I've watched the show for a long time and there hasn't been a stand-out group of contestants like this before, IMHO. As we got down to the top 10, there were a LOT of people I wanted to stay in! Now, at the top 5, it's a crap shoot!
    Amazing talent, gifted singers!

  6. Hi Menehune, thanks so much for your comments. The song Jamie sang was okay but nothing to write home about for me, but he was a very good mentor and did give some great compliments to the Idols. I was really surprised that Kris and Adam was in the bottom three. I think the top 4 is correct and the voters did better this year. I think it is anyone's competition to win from this point on. It will definitely be fun to watch next week. I think Adam and Alison should do well, but Kris and Danny could surprise us with a rock ballad possibly or something more creative from them. Annie pointed out something I hadn't thought of. So it looks as though Anoop's and Lil's fan went for Alison and Danny. So interesting and so much fun to watch. Glad you enjoy checking in here for your AI recaps. And I think the reason that maybe it is better than a magazine is everyone's contribution and all the different perspectives, observations and personal opinions that each of us have on the performances. What's the old cliche two heads are better than one, in this case several heads are better than one! :) It's been a lot of fun reading and analyzing and predicting! Can't wait for RnR week! Sparks should be flying then. Have a great evening!

    Marcia, that's funny. Not a lot of people liked his song. I thought it was okay but it just didn't go with the theme. But then again neither did Taylor so I guess it didn't matter. I didn't know you were a Melinda D fan too! I thought she should've won that season. I tend to get emotionally involved rather quickly and I think that's why I sat with two phones programmed on speed dial to dial in my votes to keep Alison in. Not that my 7 votes made any differnce but that's the emotional involvement! :) But I think now that these are the top 4, I would say I would be happy if anyone of them won so that makes it better. I am very excited to see the remaining show and the finale. It will be probably one of the best finales ever on AI's history! Thanks again Marcia and have a nice evening!

    Hi Brenda, I really liked your recap too! I agree with you that this is probably the best Top 10 Idols in AI history and it is making watching this Season so much fun! And I also agree that from the top 5 it was really anyone's game. And yes the competition is so much better this season. Thanks Brenda, I am looking forward to reading your recaps after RnR night! Have a great evening!

  7. Hey Kathy, thought you'd be interested in this article in my local paper about "Anoop Day." :)

    Town, UNC plan 'Anoop Day'

    Chapel Hill celebrates his top-six finish on 'Idol'


    CHAPEL HILL - "American Idol" finalist Anoop Desai is home after a top-six finish on the hit TV show.
    Desai will meet fans from 4 to 6 p.m. Sunday at the Franklin Hotel, 311 W. Franklin St., according to the Chapel Hill-Orange County Visitors Bureau.

    UNC-Chapel Hill and the town of Chapel Hill have declared Monday "Anoop Day."

    From 5:30 to 7 p.m., friends and family will speak and Chancellor Holden Thorp will thank Desai on behalf of the university during a reception at the Carolina Club on the UNC-CH campus. The event is open to the public.

    At 7 p.m., Desai will head to Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., where Mayor Kevin Foy and the Chapel Hill Town Council will declare Sunday"Anoop Day in Chapel Hill" and hand the singer a key to the city.

    Free buttons and posters congratulating Desai have been produced by the Visitors Bureau. You can get them at the office at 501 W. Franklin St.

    Desai, 22, recently announced he would leave UNC, where he is a graduate student, to pursue a music career.

    The former Clef Hanger, whose soulful crooning alternately floored and frustrated the judges, was voted off last week after getting mixed reviews on Donna Summer's "Dim All the Lights."

    His exit and that of Lil Rounds before him left five singers in the top-rated competition.

  8. hi Annie, cool article! Thanks so much for sharing it. And how cool to have a special day named after Anoop! And all the festivities sounds like a lot of fun too! I think he's going to have a very good career! I can't wait for finale week when all the idols return. That will be fun!

    Thanks again Annie and have a great Friday. I'm actually off today cuz my sister & BIL are in town for a couple of days before they meet up with their golfing buddies in vegas. Right now we're in target! :)

  9. Nice recap, Kathy. I am glad your favorite is still rocking AI:)

  10. BTW, I forgot to mention, I LOVE your photo of the month!

  11. That cracks me up that you are blogging from Target! LOL. Technology is amazing!

    I'm happy that they are making a big deal for Anoop too. And I forgot that all the finalists will be back - that will be cool!

    I hope you have a great weekend with your sis and her family!

  12. Hi Candi, thanks so much for your comments. Glad you liked the recap! And I'm glad you love my photo. I love that photo too! Reminds me of that park in that movie Notting Hill with julia Roberts. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

    Hi Annie, I'm in Ross now! LOL!! Yes ain't tecnolgy grand! Can't wait to see Alexis and Megan again and all the other top ten!

    Well, I think six is out of the dressing room now! :)

  13. oops I meant Sis and not six :) we're off to trader joes now LOL!

  14. I love Ross and Trader Joe's - Target too so you guys are going to all my favorite stores! Hope you're finding some great bargains. Have you tried the Trader Joes' prosecco? It's pretty good and cheap too (here in NC it's about 6 bucks a bottle).

    I'm home from work and TGIF!!!Hope you have a great evening and great weekend!

  15. Hi Annie, sis bought a blouse for only $6 and a pair of golf gloves on sale for $7, a very productive day! :)

    TJ's is my favorites and yes I discovered their Prosecco last Christmas while shopping there and love that Prosecco. And you can't beat it at $6.

    We're off to PF Chang's for dinner! Start off with the chicken lettuce wraps (yum) then they have this really great fish dish that is soooo good.

    Glad you're home and starting your weekend off! Enjoy your evening.

    And the other good news I had so many PH walking pics to choose from! :) I can't wait to see what everyone selected! I still can't decide on the one photo yet....


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