Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AI Recap: Rock-n-Roll night on Idol . . .

Hold on to your seats! Last night I expected the two rockers, Adam & Alison, to really bring it! And they did! And here's how it went . . .

After telling us about the Stage sign falling, Ryan introduces the top four Idols! They all look great, but I have to say that Adam and Alison look especially great! Can you tell who I'm pulling for! :)

First up, Adam sings Whole lot of Love by Led Zepplin! All I can say is Adam killed it! And he really set the tone for the night. All the judges (of course) loved it and so did I!

Alison is next with Cry Baby by Janis Joplin! If there is anyone who can follow Adam's killer performance, it would be Rocker Girl Alison! I loved it! And finally Alison defends herself from the judges comments! And that gets her a very nice compliment from Simon!

Another new twist (Is it just me or are these twists getting old!), the Idols are paired up to sing Duets. First up, Kris and Danny sing Renegade by Styx! The judges like it, but Simon ended with saying that Danny was better than Kris. You could just see the wind knocked out of him. This format seems a bit unfair.

Kris sings Come Together by the Beatles. Rock isn't his strength, but I thought he did a great job with his performance. The judges were luke warm.

Last up, Danny sings Dream On by Aerosmith. I really like Danny a lot, but I'm not sure I liked his song choice! Still, I thought he did a great job! The judges were also luke warm.

The closing performance was only fitting! Rockers Alison & Adam singing Slow Ride by Foghat! They were so awesome together! Great ending to Rock night on Idol!

My standout performances of the night, Adam and Alison! My standout duet performances of the night, Adam and Alison!

And that's my recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Excellent recap Kathy! What an interesting night. I love rock n roll so it was cool to see what songs were selected.

    I thought the judges were kinda harsh last night because I thought everyone did a good job. I agree with you about these new twists and don't know how I feel about the duets. I enjoyed listening to them but it doesn't seem quite fair somehow?

    My favorite performances were Alison and Kris mainly because of their song choices (I like Janis Joplin and The Beatles more than I like Led Zep and Aerosmith). I didn't think Danny's "Dream On" was that great, but it wasn't awful and I'm sure he'll be safe.

    Seems like either Kris or Alison will go home tonight probably and I hope that Alison survives because I really think she deserves it. Her new hair looked great, didn't it?

    Slash was a funny mentor - pretty deadbeat. I'm surprised he agreed to do it!

    Thanks for the recap and have a great day - I can't wait to see what happens tonight!

  2. Hi Annie, wasn't last night cool! I loved Alison's hair and it's so cute how she got hooked up by Adam. I have to admit he has great hair too. I thought the duet with Adam & Alison was the highlight for me. Unlike Kris and Danny who looked a little awkward during their performance, A&A looked like they had fun and were really bringing out the best in each other (like one of the judges mentioned). They didn't look like they were trying to outshine one another. I really hope that A&A make it through.

    I actually liked Kris's performance better than Danny. I liked Danny's performance up until the scream at the end! Yikes!

    Slash was a cool mentor. And I really liked how he had his whole band back-up the Idols! Very cool! And he even showed up for the performances! Double cool! I voted 100 times last night! :) 50 for Adam and 50 for Alison! He, he!

    I also think that Kris may go home tonight. It's going to be hard to see any of them go home. Can't wait for tonight too! Have a great day also!

  3. Hi Annie, me again! I forgot to thank you for your great recap! And I also forgot to mention that I agree with you and also thought that the judges were pretty harsh, especially on Kris. That remark by Simon after the duet with Danny was especially harsh. Danny did do better in the Duet, but it was just Simon's delivery that made it harsh. And then Kara's Swaggert comment to Danny....They were not holding back on their comments.

    Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing Daughtery tonight... I really hope that the AI producers don't create more drama again. They need to know that they don't have to create drama because there is already drama there. Plus and more importantly, I think it is too hard on the Idols already. Just give the results straight up...

    Thanks Annie! Can't wait for tonight!

  4. Thanks for the recap, Kathy! Can't wait to see the results show tonight. You know I wish Kris would win, but I'm thinking he may be eliminated tonight - unless - going with the theory of lil's and anoop's fans voting now for Kris and Alison - then maybe (can't believe I am typing this) Danny is in trouble? Just throwing it out there....menehune

  5. Great recap, Kathy.
    I missed the show last night, I meant to watch it, but kind of got distracted. I am so glad "your" idols rocked! Can't wait to hear who gets voted out after this.

    BTW, I nominated you for a Kreativ Blooger Award.
    You definitely deserve it!

  6. Kathy, I agree with you completely about not creating prefab drama tonight. But I have a feeling they will do it anyway. :)

    Yes, that "Danny was better" comment was so harsh. But typical Simon. And for some reason, Kara was getting on my nerves last night, like she was trying to be this ultra cool rock chick or something.

    I am looking forward to hearing Daughtry, another Tar Heel Idol!

    And that is so cool that you voted 100 times! I haven't voted yet this season, mainly because I usually go straight to bed once the show is over. :) I hope your votes keep Alison alive!

  7. Hi M, thanks for your comments! I know that Kris is your favorite and I know that Danny is Annie’s favorite, so I feel very bad about hoping that Adam & Alison makes it through because then it would mean that Kris/Danny will leave tonight! Honestly, all four are my favorites, but I am just pulling for Adam and Alison a little bit more. And yes will Lil’ s and Anoop’s fans vote for Kris & Alison? Possibly, based upon last week’s shocking results of Adam landing in bottom two! Tonight will be very exciting and yet also difficult to watch. Thanks for your great recap comments M! Enjoy the show tonight!

    Hi Candi, thank you so much for nominating my blog for Kreativ Blogger. I read your blog this morning and I think that you are so deserving of the Kreativ Blogger award and I totally loved all of your nature photos! I have never been to Yellowstone and hope to one day. I can completely understand the distractions. Last night was very cool and yes, my favorites did their thing last night! I thought they were all great but Adam & Alison just had the Rocker advantage last night and they both rolled with it in great Rocker fashion! I can’t wait for tonight’s results too! Thanks for your comments Candi, and thank you so much for the Kreativ Blogger Award nomination.

    Hi Annie, I think you’re right about the results drama. I think they’ll do it anyway too. Kara was really kind of more vocal than she has been in the past and Paula was shorter in her comments than usual. Interesting! Could there be a little judges drama going on?

    Tar Heels totally Rule on Idol!!! It will be great to see Daugherty again! He was one of my favorites during his season.

    I hope my votes help keep Alison alive too! And this time I didn’t forget to vote for Adam as well! :) Can’t wait to get home and watch the results tonight!

  8. Kathy, after reading many of your AI posts in the past, last night I watched AI for the first time, ever! I was also pretty impressed with Adam -- it took a lot of guts to tackle a Led Z. classic, but he did a brilliant job.

    I have mixed feelings about Alison, to me she sounded as if she were channeling Janis Joplin. Maybe she was supposed to, but I don't have a reason sense of who Alison is or her own, personal sound.

    Slash as a mentor is extremely hard to come to grips with. He WAS pretty dead to listen to. But then, when it comes to guitarists, I'm way more of a fan of The Edge than Slash.

  9. Hi Sandra, I'm so glad that you were able to watch Idol last night and that you liked Adam's Zepplin performance. Adam seems fearless when it comes to music. I hate to admit this but I actually have a couple of G&R songs on my i-tunes! :) I'll have to agree with you on Edge being better than Slash. Plus I'm a bigger fan of U2!

    Thanks for your great recap comments Sandra!

  10. Great comments from everyone!

    I don't really have a favorite this year. Anoop and Megan were my faves but now that they're gone, I really will be fine with any of the remaining ones winning. I think Adam is head and shoulders above everyone else but I'm still not convinced he's a pop star. :) But right now, I'd love to see an Alison and Adam finale!

  11. Hi Annie, An Adam & Alison final would be so great! Did you see him mouth "I hope so" to Simon when he commented that Adam just may have saved Alison from possibly being eliminated! I think he's pulling for her too. :)

    But first, they have to get through tonight's elimination...I'm so anxious! I almost want to cheat and check out the AI Site to find out who made it! But I think I'm going to stick it out and just watch the show. But I'm very tempted! :)

  12. Kathy, I didn't know you could cheat! So I guess since you're on the West Coast, you could find out the results on the Internet before the show airs? Wow, I'd be tempted too. But it would take away some of the fun of watching.

    That reminds me of when the last Harry Potter book came out. I didn't turn on my TV or get on the Internet until I'd read the book myself. I knew there would be spoilers all over the place and I didn't want to know!

    Three more hours until showtime for me. I keep reading these articles that say that the Final Four is where big surprises can Daughtry was sent home at this point in the show. Hmmmm.....gonna be interesting!

    Have a great evening Kathy. I've got my fingers crossed for A and A!

  13. Hi Annie, yup, I accidently almost found out who got eliminated once in the early rounds when I was surfing the net! Now like you did with Harry potter I don't get on the net so I don't get tempted or accidently come across a spoiler!:) lucky you I have 5 more hours to go :(

    Enjoy the show too Annie!

  14. Kathy,
    Good thoughts! I thought the duets were not such a much. I'd rather see the contestants singing solo. Still, it was fun.

    Adam will win this year, hands down. That's a long way from my original choice of Danny to win, isn't it? Seems like Adam gets stronger and better every week and Danny peaked a few weeks ago, and seems to have plateaued a little bit in the last two weeks.

    It's nearly over! Wow, that went fast, I think!


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