Saturday, May 16, 2009

PhotoHunt: Painted

Painted paint brushes! :)

I happened across this colorful and interesting display, while wandering aimlessly somewhere in Venice,Italy.

"Wandering always leads to discovery. Especially when you're in Venice!" ~ Trekcapri

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  1. What an awesome find! Great photo of that very cool painted display. And just the thought of wandering aimlessly in Venice makes me smile! Love your quote too.

    Thanks and happy weekend!

  2. Now , that's definitely painted..LOL
    Mine's up, too

  3. Hi Annie, thank you! I loved your take too! Venice wandering makes me smile too! So much to see in that beautiful city...Glad you liked my quote. I had to come up with something myself because I couldn't find one that I liked or that fit my theme! Ha, ha...

    Have a great weekend too!

    Hi Sandy, thank you so much for visiting. I couldn't resist posting these "painted" paint brushes... he, he! I just came from your website and totally loved your photo selections for this week's theme! Thanks again for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  4. Super photo. It's like finding a treasure .. THANKS for sharing, Menehune

  5. I love this photo of the painted paint brushes! A great find in an amazing city. And I love your quote. It's my favorite thing to do in Venice.

    Have a fun weekend!

  6. That is very cool. I love the venetian masks in the background. And the quote is perfect. Have a great weekend.

  7. That would be me if it was a real project. I am a Grade A Paint slob. My wife hates it.

  8. Hi Kathy:Great choice! Have a good weekend, menehune

  9. This is a very cool photo! I love that you noticed the vase full of paintbrushes. Perfect for the theme this week :)

  10. Now that's a good one! Love your photo for this week. :)

  11. Cool shot for this week's theme!

    You're right - Venice is one of the best spots for just wandering and enjoying the joy of 'being'.

  12. Hi Everyone, thank you all so much for your kind comments. My apologies for being so late in replying and visiting your photo hunt choices this weekend. But well remember my B2V weekend in Vegas! Our party is today and since everyone liked my video last year the asked me to do one for this year too! Okay, I’m no Martin Scorsese, but they still like it. I’ll have to do a post about my battles with my slow computer. Maybe it’s time to get a new one! :)

    Marta, thanks so much. Glad you liked the photo. This display just struck me as so out of place and so quirky that it grabbed my attention right away. And I also loved that those beautiful masks were in the background of this less than neat collection of paint brushes! :)You have a great weekend too!

    Hi Colin, you made me LOL with your comments. I’m sure you’re not as bad as the painter from this project! :) Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great weekend!

    Hi M, thanks so much. Very glad you liked my choice. I had a close second choice which I still may post since it is about travel and I always enjoy writing about travel. Have a great weekend too!

    Hi Girasoli, thanks for your comments. Venice has everything doesn’t it! Well, everything but cars . . . . Thanks and have a great Sunday!

    Hi Leslie, thanks so much. I’m glad you liked by choice! :) Have a great weekend!

    H Jerry, thanks so much. Glad you think my choice is cool! Venice is such a great place to wander. Made my two weeks fly by!!! :)
    Thanks again and have a great weekend!

    Thanks again everyone.

  13. I guess we cannot be separated from our cameras, esp. in places like Venice where around any turn you never know what treasure your eyes will behold. This is a gem that you photographed and so perfect for this theme. Good one!

  14. What a cool photo, Kathy. Great choice!


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