Thursday, May 14, 2009

AI: Adam & Kris in the American Idol Finale . . .

Whoo hoo! Final two on American Idol will be Adam and Kris! Last night was intense and it was fun seeing all the eliminated Idols in the audience. Annie, did you see Anoop? I like him better without the beard. And it was great to see Alison and Megan too! No doubt they are here to prepare for the finale show next week where I'm sure they will be performing in preparations to kick off their summer tour!

Although I'm so happy for Adam and Kris, I was really sad that Danny had to leave. I think he will have an awesome career. It was very touching watching him get emotional during his hometown parade. I thought all the hometown videos were excellent. It seemed that Kris was the most well attended and now I can see why he keeps defying all the predictions of elimination week after week. He is very popular. And did you see all those screaming girls! I just loved his rendition of Falling Slowly from the movie Ocean, which they were playing in the background.

So now we have our American Idol Finale set. It will be high octane rocker/performer Adam Lambert and humble and super talented Kris Allen next week to compete for this year's American Idol title. And as Simon put it, the finale will be a "ding dong" show! I kind of understand what he means. :) Next Tuesday, will be the greatest AI Finale show of all time, so mark it on your calendars!

And that's my recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Great recap, Kathy - where does your 'blog profession' take you next:-) menehune

  2. Whoo Hoo is right! Great recap Kathy. It's going to be an awesome finale. I really feel like the best two made it (and Danny will be fine, finishing #3 is not shabby at all).

    Loved all the footage of the home visits. And yes, I saw Anoop and can't wait to see him on stage again next week, along with Megan and the others. And I'd forgotten about Danny's friend who also tried out - I still think he should have made it further, he was good.

    By the end of the show, the suspense was SO intense! And Simon's comment about the finale being the big ding dong was funny.

    So I figure that all the people who had been voting for Alison changed their votes to Adam and/or Kris (and can you believe....88 million votes?!).

    Now, where will Danny's fans move their votes???? I can't wait to see what songs Adam and Kris perform next week!

    Happy Thursday Kathy!

  3. It'll be a great finale, for sure! I was hoping for Adam and Danny...they were my top 2 from the auditions way back when, and my mind has not changed about them still. Kris has a great voice, but I just don't get the same 'star' buzz from him as I do from Adam and Danny.

    Too bad...a wicked singer just hit the dust. I bet Danny's career will top Kris' potential marketability, though...that is, if he wants it!
    I know, I the overarching scheme of things, it is not a big whoops. Still, I'd have enjoyed the finale more with Danny in it.

    Just think about all of the 2nd and 3rd placers who have gone one to do great things...and the winners who have kinda sputtered and fizzled. So, winning's not the big cheese, after all!

  4. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your great recap comments! This is it, the final two after 10 weeks!

    M, :) that's funny! What will I do with out Idol to blog and obsess over! .... Scotland! Ha, ha!

    Annie, this was probably "the" best top three finishers in Idol history. It even brought out the stars like six degrees Kevin Beacon! And I'm not sure who the female performer was at the end (just like I didn't know who Lady gaga was!) but I guess we know who she want's to win! Did you see her Adam Lambert cape! Too funny!

    I love Finale week because we get to see all the top 10 idols perform again and after seeing their elminations it's fun to see them having a good time. That was cool to see Danny's friend and it was cool that he got to ride in the parade with him. They seem like they will be lifetime friends. I have a feeling that a lot of Danny's voters will go to Kris. And I agree with you that Danny will have a fabulous and successful career and so will Anoop and Alison and Matt, Lil, Megan and hopefully Scott and Alexis too. Best Top 10 in Idol history in my opinion. 88 million is incredible! Thanks again Annie and you have a great Thursday today too!

    Brenda, I was very sad to see Danny leave but judging from his hometown video I think he will have a very successful music career. To me Danny and Kris were always pretty neck and neck with me. I really like both of them a lot. And they are all very talented. I think it would have been a great and well deserved finale with any of the top three. Well, as long as Adam was in it! :) Thanks again for your recap comments Brenda & have a great day today!

    Thanks again everyone and I can't wait for next week!

  5. Ha ha! Love the "blog profession" question from Menehune! We are all going to have Idol withdrawal pains. :)

    I saw in USA Today that "big dingdong" is a Cockney term for a wild musical party or celebration/ throwdown. So that's what Simon meant!

    I wasn't that crazy about that last performer (never heard of her either) and thought that was weird that she had Adam's name on her cape. I'm not sure that Idol should have let her plug a contestant like that!?!

    If you are right and Danny's voters move to Kris, he might win. That will be wild! I'll be fine either way but really, at this point I think Adam deserves it. I can't wait to see what happens!

  6. Hi Annie :), yes I loved her comment too...Idol was fun this year and I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments a lot. I intend to take up your suggestion and will try to do a music related blog entry if not every week maybe every other week or anytime there is a great movie soundtrack, a new Cool One CD (he, he) or a Susan Boyle type of story that just makes us smile!

    Thank you for claifying Simon's Ding Dong comment! I actually think it is a great comment and I love it!

    Yes that cape plug was really not fair to Danny and Kris! I won't be buying her CD or downloading her i-Tunes. Strange lyrics!

    I'm really hoping that Adam wins too, but like you I would be good with either...more if it was Adam. :)

    Thanks Annie!

  7. Everyone at work was talking about AI. Everyone seems to think that Adam will win. And from what I have seen, I like Adam.
    Great recap, Kathy. Thanks.

  8. Argh! I’m so mad at myself! Yesterday while I was waiting for AI to start I went online to read a piece of news and accidentally saw the headline of Danny’s elimination in Google news. I watched the show with a bit of sadness because I was rooting for him and Adam for the finale.

    I’ll be watching next week but I’ll be sure to stay away from the computer.

    Thanks for the great recap Kathy! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi again,

    I forgot to say that I really enjoyed the performance by the little boy from Africa (Noah?). What a great kid!

    I enjoyed him more than Jordin Sparks or Cape Woman!

    Happy Friday!

  10. Good morning Kathy! I don't actually follow AI, but wanted to say hello and have an awesome weekend!!

  11. Hi Candi, that's funny. No one in my immediate office watches AI except for me. But since they all know I like it they always check in with me for any Idol updates, because they know people who watches it! :) And from what they tell me, Adam seems to be everyone's favorite. Thanks for your comments Candi & have a great trip!

    Hi Maria, :) I'm sorry you found out by accident. I try to stay off the interent myself on results night because of this reason. Sometimes its good to know the results before to avoid the anticipation but I enjoy learning the results while watching the show. Part of the excitement I think.

    It was sad to see Danny leave especially after all that he has been through. He has the makings of a great career though, so I'm happy for that. And yes to be safe it is probably a good idea to stay off the internet on results night! :) Thanks for your comments Maria & have a great weekend!

    Hi Annie, I'm glad you remembered to bring him up! Yes, I also thought that Noah was fantastic! And definitely the best performance of the night. I'd rank them like this Noah, Jordan ......... "Cape Woman"! :) Have a great weekend Annie!

    Hi Anne, cool, And a big Hello to you too! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend Anne!

    Thanks everyone! And I can't wait for the .... "big Ding Dong" finale show next week! :)I just love that saying!


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