Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Performance Finale tonight . . . .

I've not blogged about AI except for after each show, but tonight is the American Idol Season 8 Performance Finale and it will probably be one of the biggest in Idol history. The two best (according to the judges and Idol fans) will be performing for the Idol Crown and I can't wait.

And for fun, there are all these rumors HERE of who will be the "big" surprise performer on the results show. KISS has been named along with possibly, David Bowie to sing with Adam Lambert . . . that would be very cool!

Enjoy the show, "THIS" is American Idol . . . . (couldn't resist Ryan's signature introduction!)


  1. Cool! I had not heard any of these rumors and if David Bowie shows up, you might hear me scream all the way in California, LOL. I love him!

    But I don't think they will ever top the surprise appearance of Prince, aka, The Cool One. I was so amazed when that happened.

    I'm getting psyched! Thanks for sharing this info Kathy!

  2. Hi Annie, I think a David Bowie & Adam Lambert Duet would be so great! Didn't know you were a big David Bowie fan! :)

    I bought this Tina Turner Concert DVD and in it, David Bowie makes a surprise guest appearance for a duet with Tina and that was the best part in the DVD!

    David would be very cool! However, as you said it would not be nearly as cool as the Prince of cool! :)

    I'm so psyched and overly excited about tonight's show I can hardly stand it!

    I'm so curious what songs the Adam and Kris will choose! Enjoy the show tonight Annie!

  3. David Bowie?? Seriously?? Ok, I'm totally checking this show out tonight, with my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that he turns out to be the surprise performer! I still have the Bowie poster that used to hang on my teenage bedroom wall! Love LOVE him :)

  4. I've seen that clip of Tina Turner and Bowie together and it's great. I also love that one of Tina and Mick Jagger singing "It's Only Rock n Roll" - have you seen that? I think it might have been at Live Aid or one of those benefit concerts. Very high energy!

    I'm curious about the song choices too. Don't the finalist usually have to do one of those "written just for Idol" songs? Those usually aren't that great. But since they are each doing three songs, it won't matter.

    Even though I'm pulling for Adam, I really think it's anybody's game and tonight's performances will sway the undecided voters and the former Danny voters.

    Have a great evening and enjoy the "big dingdong" as Simon would say. :)

  5. Me Again, I just saw Anne's comment. Wanted to tell her that Bowie might be the surprise guest either tonight or during tomorrow's results show (and I'm guessing that it's more likely it would be tomorrow, but who knows. This season has been full of surprises!).

    Kathy, do you think they will bring Bikini Girl and/or Tatiana back for the finale?!?

  6. Hi Anne, another David Bowie fan...Cool! If they are able to get David, that would be a great surprise guest. I'm not sure but if they did, I think he would perform not in tonight's show but in tomorrow's results show. But you can still watch it tonight too! :)

    For you and Annie, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a David Bowie appearance too! And if he does perform, then I'll look out for the loud screams coming from the east and northeast! :)

  7. Hi Annie, yes I’ve also seen the duet with Jagger and loved it! Did you know that after watching Tina perform with her signature strut move that Jagger actually copied it. That came out in an interview with Tina. I forgot if it was on Barbara Walters or Oprah. But Tina said that Jagger had told her that after watching her perform he followed her moves and she considered it flattery when he did it. So after watching that interview I watched Jagger perform and I could see the similarity. So interesting. High energy is so right!

    Not sure what songs they will choose but it will be an important choice. Like you said it is anyone’s competition to win and it will really come down to song selection and delivery of it tonight. They have been the most creative and consistent during the entire competition so I think that’s why tonight’s show will be very exciting to watch. I think Adam will have Alison’s votes, but I have a feeling that Kris may get Danny’s votes.

    I’m glad you commented on Anne’s comments Annie. I was thinking that the big surprise guest will perform tomorrow rather than tonight but like you said this season has been full of surprises and who knows what might happen tonight. It’s probably best to watch both nights!

    I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Tatiana again, but I hope they don’t bring bikini girl back. :)

    Ooh I’m just very excited! I am definitely going to enjoy the “big ding dong” finale show tonight! I love that saying…ha ha!

  8. Please please give a full recap. I'm dying to see the show but will be taking my daughter to the airport tonight. I'll have to miss the show.

  9. I didn't know that about Mick imitating Tina's strut, I think it's great! I have seen Oprah talk about Tina though and one time, she wore a Tina Turner wig. Oprah is funny because she always makes jokes about how she is such a bad dancer and wishes she could dance like Tina.

    Not long ago, I watched a DVD of a recent Rolling Stones concert in Rio, Brazil. Excellent concert and Mick was doing the Tina strut, now that I think about it!

    I saw a few clips of Bikini Girl in the video they played during Carrie Underwood's song at the end of the show last night. I hope that is all we will see of her, LOL. Here on the East Coast, they cut the show off before that song was over - did they do that on the West Coast too?

    Funny how Ryan kept saying that the show will go long tonight. Fine with me!

  10. Hi Barb, no worries! We will all gladly fill you in on the night's performances. Safe travels for your daughter where ever she is off to.

    Hi Annie, I think it is pretty interesting that Mick imitates or learned his strut from Tina. She's one of my favorite female artists. I also like Oprah too. I must have missed that show with Tina. I would've loved to have seen that.

    Tonight's results show will also be two hours and they will keep us all in suspense (I'm sure) the entire 1 hour and 59 minutes until the winner is revealed.

    Thanks for your comments Annie. Enjoy the results show tonight! It's finally here!


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