Thursday, May 21, 2009

Final AI Recap: Kris Allen wins Idol . . . .

Congratulations to Season 8 American Idol winner, Kris Allen! Although I was hoping Adam would win, I'm not entirely upset that Kris won. He's very talented and he deserves it just as much as Adam did. And besides, I'm pretty sure Adam will be just fine.

What an Awesome results show! Queen Latifa, Keith Urban, Jason Mraz (love that song), Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, Cindi Lauper (I really loved this duet with Alison), Lionel Richie, KISS, Carlos Santana (it was great seeing him perform), Steve Martin, David Cook (very cool to see him after the loss of his brother and for him to donate all proceeds of the song he sang to cancer research), Rod Stewart and the last big surprise guest, Queen (loved their performance with Adam and Kris)! Never expected them! Sorry, they couldn't get David Bowie Annie & Anne.

It was so great seeing the top 13 Idols perform throughout the show and they all looked fabulous each getting to sing with one of the guest stars at one point during the evening. Very entertaining!

And BTW, I can believe that they brought back Norman Gentle and Drama Queen Tatiana Del Torro by awarding them a Golden Idol award and extending their 15 minutes of fame, but I shrieked when they gave an award to Bikini Girl! Why can't they give special awards to people like Kai Koloma and the other great singers who had great stories to tell. Oh well, I guess that's show business!

Thanks so much Annie, Brenda, Maria, Marcia, Menehune, Barb, Girasoli, Jane, Sandra and Anne for stopping by and sharing your recaps and comments. It was a lot of fun!

And so, Season 8 comes to a big Ding Dong end (sorry but I just had to do one more for the road)!

And that's my Final Recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Excellent recap Kathy! It was a thoroughly entertaining finale. LOL about you shrieking when they gave that award to Bikini Girl. I figured they'd bring her back one way or another. And what's up with Kara in a bikini too? I have to say that her voice sounded good!

    Well, I'm a bit surprised that Kris won, but not shocked (he looked VERY surprised and shocked though!!). I never would have predicted it a few months ago but he just kept getting better. And the thing about Idol is that there is only one winner, but no losers, really.

    And in a way, it might end up being a blessing for Adam because he will probably end up having more freedom and creative control over his future career. He is one that I can't wait to see what he does and look forward to hearing more from him.

    I was thinking this's been only a couple of years since they started allowing Idol contestants to play instruments in addition to singing. And now, two years in a row, the winner is someone who both played AND sang! America seems to like musicians/singers.

    Gotta run to a meeting...more later about all the guest performers!

  2. Over but not OUT, Kathy! Boy, I missed a lot with this show -- and it was difficult finding recaps at midnight altho I did find out that Kris won. I agree - both are star quality and both are deserving. Kudos to all of them for taking a risk and going for what their heart desires. Many thanks for your postings. It's a glorious day in the East - hope it is there as well! menehune

  3. It was a big ding-dong!
    I was as surprised as you to see...Queen!
    Wow! That says something about this show when the producers can reel in the likes of Queen, KISS, Lionel Ritchie, Carlos Santana, Rod Stewart...and on, and on...

    I can live with Kris as Idol, because there are a million pathways open for both Kris and Adam. I do thing the voters got it wrong, though. As Simon said a million times, "This is a singing competition." And, for the most part, Adam outsang Kris hands down, for me.

    So, what that tells me is that it is not only a singing competition. There's more attached to it than feeling comfortable with the contestant, liking the contestant,having that person fit in with the voters...all of those things are tied in with the votes, I think.

    Look at who each person was partnered with:
    Kris and Keith Urban
    Danny and Lionel Ritchie
    Allison and Cyndi Lauper
    Adam and KISS
    Adam and Queen...

    Didya notice that there were some stars that sang on their own? No one dueted with Rod, baby! Whose got a voice like his? No one!
    As I said before, perfection.

  4. Me again....I absolutely loved Adam and Kris singing "We Are the Champions" with Queen! That was probably the highlight of the show for me, along with Santana who I really love. And Adam was awesome with KISS, what a voice and a stage presence he has.

    Poor Kris, having to sing that bad No Boundaries song again, LOL.

    Bummed about no David Bowie but Rod Stewart was a nice surprise and I'm glad he sang Maggie May because I think that's his best song. Loved the Cyndi Lauper/Alison duet and the Steve Martin on banjo song was sweet.

    Did Scott sing with anyone? I was trying to remember and can't think if he did.

    Anyway, it was lots of fun. I saw that the TV Guide channel is going to have an "Idol Wrap" show tonight with interviews with Kris and Adam, so I'm going to watch that too.

    Thanks so much Kathy for being Idol Central this season - it's been a lot of fun to chat about the show! Keep on Rocking AI and Kathy! :)

  5. I could have totally lived without ever seeing Bikini Girl again - thought that segment, the awards, is the tackiest thing that they do, and in a year where the finale totally rocked.

    I was pretty sure Kris would win, not my choice by a long shot, given all I had been reading, and sadly I think it points to big problems in the voting process, and the habits of tweeners. Strangely enough, I think Adam's career will go better places without the AI crown, and it was such a pleasure to see how the final 4, then 3, then 2, truly seemed to bond and like each other - I think these guys (and Alison) will have some lasting friendships.

  6. Sounds like it was a great show!!!!!

  7. Hi Annie,

    Thanks so much for your recap comments! Yes, I just couldn’t believe they brought back Bikini Girl! And is it me or did she sound better during the tryouts than she did on the show. I thought Kara sang pretty good too!

    I was a tad worried that Adam might lose only because when I was voting the other night I didn't experience a busy signal once, not last week. I think Kris had a huge fan base, all those teenage girls with quick dialing fingers probably. Still I was really hoping that Adam would win. But like you and Marcia said, it might be a blessing in disguise. He's going to have an awesome career.

    That’s a good point about the Idols being allowed to play instruments. It is very possible that voters may have been swayed by that. How interesting.

    As for the performances, I also loved seeing Queen playing for Adam and Kris. That was very very cool! And I love watching Carlos Santana and the idols in their set. Yes, poor Kris having to sing that song again and even worse he’ll have to record it! :)

    I think Scott and Jorge were the only two that didn’t have a set with a star on their own or in a pair. They were both in groups of three or more. That’s too bad because it would’ve been nice to see them share a little lime light but nooooo they gave more airtime to Bikini Girl! Oh Well.

    It was a bummer that David Bowie didn’t make a showing for you and Anne, but seeing Rod Stewart was pretty cool. He just never seems to age does he. I loved the duet between Cyndi and Alison and I really enjoyed the set with Steve Martin, Megan and Michael. One of my favorites of the night. It was a great pairing. You know I told my friend about the Anoop-Megan thing and she had not heard about that yet and asked me where I had heard about that and I said one of my blogging friends live in NC(and is a fellow Tar Heel) and she heard it in the news there! She was like wow cool!

    I wish I could watch a show like Idol Wrap too. That would be wonderful to watch an interview with Kris and Adam.

    Thanks so much Annie for sharing all of your recaps with me too! It was soooo much fun! And you know I’ll keep on rocking… :) Have a great evening and a wonderful Memorial Holiday weekend!

  8. Hi Menehune, thanks so much for your comments. Too bad you missed the show, it was a star studded event and very entertaining. The best in my opinion. I agree with you that both Adam and Kris were equally deserving to win and yes a big Kudos to everyone for following their dreams. Thanks again for all of your recap comments. Glad to hear that it is a beautiful day in the East. Enjoy your evening and long Memorial Day weekend!

  9. Hi Brenda, a big ding dong is right! I totally loved seeing Queen and I agree with you. A big Kudos to the AI producers for getting the line up that they did. So talented and very diverse. Really cool seeing Steve Martin. You’re right, some Idols sang before Rod but no one sang with him. I wonder who I would’ve paired with Rod, he does have such a great and unique sound, I’m thinking Danny or Alison would’ve been an interesting pairing with Rod! Thanks so much for your recap comments Brenda. I have also enjoyed visiting your blog for your recap posts. Very fun! Thanks again & have a great evening and weekend!

  10. Hi Marica, I could’ve done without Bikini girl too. I thought the skits were kind of lame as well and would’ve preferred more airtime with the Idols singing rather than watching Bikini girl and Norman Gentle (I have to admit that I kind of enjoyed seeing Tatiana again :) ) I think this finale show was definitely the best in Idol history and there were more stars on this show than on previous finale shows and it was just so much fun watching it. Annie said the same thing about Adam probably doing better in his career without the Idol crown and that is really good to hear, because he was my fav. It is really cool to see how close the top four really became. Such good sportsmanship. For that reason and also their talent I think they will go far in their careers. Thank you so much for your recap comments Marcia! Have a great evening and long Memorial Day weekend!

  11. Hi Sandra, it sure was! :) So entertaining. Have a great evening and weekend Sandra!

  12. Hi Kathy, I watched some of the wrap-up shows last night and got a few interesting tidbits.

    They showed the audition tapes for both Kris and Adam; I hadn't seen them before (or maybe I don't remember). Simon told Adam that he was too theatrical and told Kris that he had no star power. :)

    In the interview, Kris said that he had to do one of those dreaded "sing-offs" when the judges were selecting the Top 36 but they didn't show it on the show!

    And they asked Adam if he would consider becoming the lead singer for Queen. He said that Freddie Mercury is one of his heroes and he loved performing with the band, but that he intends to record his own music. I didn't know that he's a songwriter too, so that is very cool and I'll be interested to see what kind of songs he puts on his album!

    I'm going to try to remember to watch them on Larry King tonight.

    Hope you have a great looooong holiday weekend!

  13. Hi Annie, thanks so much for the info on the wrap up show interviews. Very nice of you to share. How funny that they picked up what Simon said about Adam and Kris at the very beginning. I actually remember thinking the same thing about Adam before. That he was too theatrical, too much of a performer. Well, he sort of is, but he is also a really great singer and artist. I didn’t realize that he wrote songs too, that is really cool. It’s so funny but Adam wasn't my favorite at first too and then as the show progressed he became my favorite. So interesting how things change.

    And what a trip that Kris had to sing a sing off. They really gave him so little airtime at the beginning didn’t they? I’m really happy for Kris though.

    I think that Adam has the potential of being even bigger than Kelly and Carrie. I’ve already downloaded 5 of his songs and videos off of i-tunes already! It’s interesting that you mention the Queen question with Adam. When Chris Daughtry was interviewed by Ryan after Idol, a popular band (forgot their name now) invited him to be their new lead singer and he declined because he wanted to start new and have his own band. And I think that was a great move on his part and I think it is a great idea for Adam to create his own band too. He will be so awesome and I’m going to be right there to buy or download his songs. I’m almost tempted to attend an Idol concert just to see him perform! Ha, ha! But I think I’ll wait for his own tour to do that.

    Have a super awesome long Memorial weekend too Annie! I actually have 4 days in a row off ! Whoo hoo!

  14. 4 days off is awesome! I hope you have a great time. I'm looking forward to my 3 (starting soon!).

    I was going to ask you if you've ever gone to one of the Idol concerts. I haven't but I am a little bit tempted this year (and they are coming to NC in August). But I bet it will be a very hard ticket to get (because of Anoop!). Your idea about waiting for Adam to tour might be better (that way, we won't have to hear No Boundaries again, heh heh).

    Happy Memorial Day Kathy!

  15. Hi Annie, wow that would be cool to see Anoop perform in Chapel Hill!

    I've been to three Cool One Concerts in a 3 month span (he, he), but never an Idol Concert.

    And I so agree! The bonus for me waiting for the Adam tour and you waiting for the Anoop tour is we "don't" have to hear No Boundaries! LOL!

    3 Days is wonderful! You're 3 hours ahead so you're almost starting your weekend off! I have 5 more hours...but I'm still happy because of what's ahead.

    Have a very Happy Memorial Day weekend off too Annie!

  16. Yay for 4 days off!!!! I had that last weekend, it is a wonderful break :)

    Disappointing not to see Bowie (sigh...swoon...) but I do love Rod too, so was still glad I tuned in to see his song. As Brenda said, nobody else has THAT voice!

    An awesome series of posts, Kathy! Enjoy your loooong weekend :)

  17. Hi Anne, glad you were able to watch Rod on the show. He's pretty cool!

    And yes, 4 day weekends are great breaks. May even get a little trip planning done since I'm not going anywhere (trying to save my pennies for my trip) he, he!

    Luckily there's lots to do around here for free!

    Have a great weekend Anne!

  18. Coming in late to read your recap along with the other comments. I didn’t get to see AI on Tuesday night (although it’s recorded) and managed to stay away from the computer and the TV newscasts until the start of the finale on Wednesday night.

    After reading all the fabulous comments, I can only agree with everything that has been said about the outcome, the bikini girl, the star studded show, etc. It was an awesome show and that I was surprised at the outcome.

    My kids came home on Thursday night and we watched the show again. Loved seeing Santana and Rod Stewart!

    Thank you for all your wonderful recaps and hosting, as Annie said, Idol Central!

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  19. I suspect that the "100 million" vote count represents the Adam Lambert fans versus everybody else; people out there must have auto-dial machines

  20. Hi Maria, thank you so much for your comments. That’s cool that you recorded the show and watched it with your kids. Santana was great and so was Rod. It was an excellent Finale Show!

    It was a lot of fun reading everyone’s comments about the show and for those of you who never watch it and did, Kudos for getting into it so fast. I’m glad that you enjoyed watching it this season…

    Thanks again Maria and have an awesome long weekend too!

  21. Hi Coffee Fan,

    Your suspicion may be right. Kris Allen has all those fast speed dialing fans but Adam fans are truly dedicated and will spring Adam into super stardom,way beyond American Idol Status! :)

    I'm actually happy for Kris and Adam. Great Showdown in the finale. Best in AI history.


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