Wednesday, May 20, 2009

AI Recap: Living up to the hype . . .

Last night's Season 8 Finale lived up to all the pre-hype and I would say that it was probably the most evenly matched dual in American Idol Finale history. The high powered vocal performances of Adam Lambert going up against multi talented low keyed Kris Allen. They are the "best" of Season 8 and so creative and talented in their own unique way.

And here's how the big dual went:

Round One:
Adam Lambert - Personal Choice - “Mad World” by Tears for Fears
Kris Allen - Personal Choice - “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers

Round Two:
Adam Lambert - Simon Fuller’s Choice - “A Change is Gonna Come” by Patti LaBelle and Sam Cooke
Kris Allen - Simon Fuller’s Choice - “What’s Goin’ On” by Marvin Gaye

Round Three:
Adam Lambert - Winner’s Song - “No Boundaries”
Kris Allen - Winner’s Song - “No Boundaries”

I loved all the performances and I find it almost impossible to compare each of their performances. But this is a competition and so here's how I saw it. I thought Kris Allen edged out Adam in the first round. Loved that song and loved his performance. Adam was good too. In round two, I loved Adam's bluesy A Change is Gonna Come a little better than Kris's wonderful performance of Marvin Gaye's meaningful classic "What's Goin' On". And in the the final round, I thought that Adam sang Kara's "No Boundaries" a little better than Kris.

For me last night lived up to Simon's big ding dong show prediction. There was no runaway winner, no lock . . . a near virtual tie! But no matter who takes the title in the end, I honestly think that Adam and Kris will be stars in the music/entertainment industry.

But, there can only be one winner. So who will it be? Adam or Kris? I know who I'd like to win, but so I won't jinx myself I'm not going to make a prediction here. I managed to register as many votes as I could last night before crashing and like everyone else I'm going to wait to find out who the voters picked as the American Idol Season 8 winner in tonight's results show.

And the final question of the day. Who will be the surprise guest performer? Will it be KISS, David Bowie (and I'm crossing my fingers and toes for Annie & Anne that it will be David Bowie), or will it be someone else to perform tonight in this season of surprises and twists! Can't wait!

And that's my Recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Exellent recap Kathy! I agree with you completely, it was one of the very best Final Twos ever, very evenly matched and some great performances. Close to a tie, how cool is that?! I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and can't wait for tonight!

    I have to say though that Adam's performance of "Change Gonna Come" was my personal favorite song of the entire season. He nailed that one (plus, it's such a great song). I loved how Simon Fuller chose two great socially aware songs! I thought Chris did a great job with "What's Going On?" too.

    I hope that nobody based their votes on that third song. No offense to Kara, but it was a DULL song IMO, and not easy to sing.

    Have they ever done that before, had the two finalists sing the same song? Maybe they have and I don't remember.

    I am very curious to find out how many people voted and how close the voting was. I have a feeling it's going to be very close!

    The suspense is intense even though I will be fine either way. They are both winners (but I think that Adam is more unique and interesting).

    And the suspense about tonight's special guests is exciting too! I can't wait to see if David Bowie shows up! I would love to hear him and Adam sing ""!!!

    Okay, thanks again for the recap. I'm so excited about the Finale! Have a great day!

  2. Hi Annie, thanks for your recap comments too! I loved Change Gonna come by Adam last night. Very bluesy and soulful. I have to say (and you could tell that Simon really wanted to say) that I didn't really care for her song. Adam was being very polite saying that he liked it and I thought Kris struggled a bit with it (probably because he wasn't feeling it either).

    If the third song was excluded it really is a tie because I thought they were pretty even on the two songs. It really is a coin flip because I think they are both very deserving. I will be happy with either one but my heart belongs with Adam.

    I didn't know that they cut off Carrie's song on your side. This is terrible of me but I actually missed Carrie's performance. I was multi tasking last night before bed and went to throw a load of wash into the dryer! I like Carrie, but I'm just trying to get a head start on the long Memorial Day weekend! LOL!

    Thankfully, I think tradition is they only bring back top 10 maybe top 11. I want to say that I saw Rocker Nurse Amanda in the Finale night group performance last year...So thankfully no Bikini Girl! :)

    Great observation on the final song Annie. I loved that they sang the same song! I don't think they have done that before and I always thought that was unfair to the Idol stuck with the bad song of the two.

    I'm really looking forward to tonight's results! Whoo hoo! And I'm hoping for you and Anne that it will be David! That would be the performance of all AI performances to have Adam and David Bowie sing a duet.

    Enjoy the show Annie!

  3. Ding Dong for sure! Hope tonight lives up to its suspense of last evening. And to think I won't be watching it:-( BUT I do have Kathy's recaps to rely on - menehune

  4. Hi M, the "big ding dong" is right! You know I can say that term all day long I think! ha, ha!

    Oh yeah! LOL! No doubt the Finale Recap will be a doosey, I'm sure of it! :)

  5. OMG Kathy, I was just reading some Idol gossip in the NY Daily News and it said that Anoop and Megan are dating now!! That is so cool (if it's true). Maybe she will move to Chapel Hill and become a Tar Heel fan, LOL! I love it!

    Enjoy the finale!

  6. Hi Annie, that is cool! They make a cute couple. I really like both of them. Can't wait to see everyone back tonight. Very exciting! Thanks for the hot of the press scoop Annie! :)

  7. Hi Anne, oh Anne I thought of you and Annie when I realized that David Bowie was not going to make an appearance. Very sorry that David was a no show! :( But maybe next year...


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