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AI Recap: Three Idols compete for final two . . . .

Last night, Adam, Danny and Kris competed for the right to move on to the final two on Idol! One song was chosen for them by the judges and the other a song of their choice. And here's how it went . . .

First up, Danny Gokey sings Dance Little Sister by Terence Trent d’Arby, an upbeat jazzy song. Liked his performance, but didn’t like Paula’s song choice.

Kris sings Apologize by One Republic, a song chosen by Kara and Randy! I thought it was very good and was surprised that Kara was a little hard on Kris in her comments. Interesting that Randy and Kara shared their song choice while Paula and Simon were able to choose a song by themselves . . . I thought Kris did a great job!

Adam sings One (Awesome song) by U2. I totally Loved it! I also thought it was cool that Bono himself called Simon to give his permission for Adam to sing it! Simon said it was a brilliant performance!

And now, the songs chosen by the Idols . . .

Danny sings You Are So Beautiful by Joe Crocker. All the judges loved it and I did too!

Kris sings Heartless by Kanye West. I thought he did a really great job and so did the judges.

And saving the best for last (ha, ha!) Adam sings Aerosmith’s Cryin. Just a little too much screaming for my taste, but hey that's the song and that's Adam. And thank you Simon for reminding the voters to vote and not assume that your favorite will move on.

Although my fav is still Adam, I think all three Idols gave a standout performance last night! May the best two Idols move on! BTW, I voted last night and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you know who to win. :)

And that's my Recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Thanks, Kathy. Should be a real 'nailbitter' tonight. I actually missed the first half of the show. But, what I saw was good. Question - do you actually VOTE? Ty encouraged me to try for the very first time but the lines were busy and then I got a recorded message that the call could not go through - just wonderin' if it's me or too many calls brought down the system? menehune

  2. Great recap Kathy! I agree with you that all three of these guys did a great job and it's really hard to predict who will move on. Adam is the only one I feel certain about, because he continues to be consistently amazing. On Monday, I got home in time to watch the end of Oprah and Simon was her guest, and he predicted Adam to win it all. I hope he doesn't jinx Adam!

    The judges were kind of rambunctious last night. I was glad that Simon called Kara down after she criticized Kris for the way he did the song she chose for him!

    But that U2 song...Adam was lucky that Simon was the one who chose for him. I agree that the Aerosmith song was a little bit screechy but still, he's an incredible singer.

    I don't even know what to predict for tonight. I can't wait to see what happens! And I guess tonight they will show us clips of their visits to their home towns? That is always cool to see.

    Thanks for the recap and happy Wednesday!

  3. Hi Flygirl, yes tonight will be a big elimination results show! Can't wait! Yes, I have to admit that I actually do vote! My friends and co-workers can hardly believe that I do! :) I thought the phone lines were much busier last night than last week and so once I dialed the first time I just hit the redial over and over. But I did come across that busy recording a few times. They had three lines available for each Idol to help handle the volume but I think a lot of people voted last night.

    Tonight will either be the expected or the big surprise results show in AI history...and I can't wait to find out the results.

    Thanks for your comments Flygirl and I agree with Ty that you should try voting. It's fun! :) Have a great day!

    Annie, thanks for your recap comments Annie! That's so funny that you mention the Oprah show because I was off on Monday and by chance caught the last part of Oprah's show too. I loved that Oprah asked the question and it was great to hear Simon pick Adam to pull it out in the end. I'm also wondering if that's why he said what he said last night. Telling people to vote and not assume that Adam will sail on through! Very good point. I hope it didn't jinx Adam too.

    I thought Kara got flustered when Simon called her out. And he made some really good points. I wonder if she'll be back next season. The four judges thing just seemed off to me this season, but who knows. And I agree that Adam was very lucky that Simon picked his song and he did a great job with it. Brilliant song. And I agree that Adam is a great singer and so creative. To me, he has the "it" factor or as Simon put it on Oprah's show, the swaggert (but in a real humble way)...

    Can't wait to see the home town clips. Didn't realize that Adam is originally from San Diego. And I definitely can't wait for tonight's results! :)

    Have a great Wednesday too Annie!

  4. Kathy, I'm not crazy about the four judge thing either and hope they go back to three next season. But with all these rumors about Simon only having one more year on his contract, I wonder if they are trying to cover their bases in case he really leaves.

    You are so right about Adam having both the swagger and being humble! Whenever he says "thank you" to the judges or the audience, he seems so sweet and sincere. And the way he praised Danny and Kris last night was very nice...I don't think it's a put-on either, seems to be the way he is!

    I still haven't voted this season. Might do it for the finale!

    Thanks again for the recap. I'm psyched for tonight!

  5. I agree. All three gave a standout performance last night but my money is on Adam. I too didn’t know he was originally from San Diego. There’s an interesting article where an operatic panel from San Diego give their opinion on Adam’s voice, looks and charisma. Here’s the link:

    If you get a chance, listen to him singing a song from Brigadoon:

    Musical theater is not his genre, although he'd be a superstar on Broadway if he wanted to, but the youtube video gives you an idea of his wonderful voice and range.

    Thanks for a great recap. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight.

    Have a great day!

  6. Kathy,
    I caught the very last end of the show,and saw/heard Adam perform Cryin. I LOVED it, and him. I love Aerosmith and that song,I like screaming:) and I thought he nailed it!

    Thanks for the recap!

  7. As always, a great recap and since we don't always vote, it will be America who choses. The guys are all so talented, so different. While my heart still belongs to Danny, I really am not sure where this will go this evening. I would put money on Adam, but America is fickle. The judges, IMHO, could use some manners; I thought Kara was deliberately goading Simon last night, so distracting for the performers. And I think Simon should have kept his big mouth shut on Oprah.

  8. LOL at Marcia's comment about Simon's big mouth. :)

    It does seem like the judges ought to be more neutral maybe? But hey, it's Simon!

  9. Hi everyone! Thanks for your recap comments. First I have to say that I am sooooo happy that Adam made the finale. I was flashing back to Melinda Doolittle’s elimination big time.

    Annie, I think they should go back to the three judges next season. The 4th judge system really didn’t add much to the show. I think three is better. I agree with you about Adam. I think that’s his genuine personality. Next week’s finale will be so awesome and I can’t wait!

    Maria, thanks so much for the article link. I’ll have to read it tonight when I get home. It sounds really interesting. Adam does have a great voice and charisma. The whole package! Thanks for the youtube link too. If I didn’t wake up so late this morning (no doubt from the excitement of last night’s results :) I would watch it before heading to work . . . Can’t wait to watch it tonight. Adam does have an unbelievable range in his voice and such control. Thanks for your great recap comments Maria. Have a great day!

    Candi, thanks so much for your recap comments. Glad you caught Adam’s performance. I just learned something new about you. You are an Aerosmith fan and like screaming! :) I agree with you that he nailed that song. Great performance for sure and I’m so glad that he’s in the Finale! Whoo hoo!

    Marcia, I’m sorry that Danny didn’t make the Finale. He was originally my favorite too, so it was really sad to see him go. I had to giggle reading your comments about Simon on Oprah! I think that’s why he probably made that statement for voters to keep voting . . . Thanks so much for your recap comments.

    Thanks everyone for your AI recaps. I can’t wait for next week’s finale!


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