Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AI Recap: Idols pay tribute to songs by the Rat Pack . . .

Last night's theme include popular 50's & 60's songs that were sung by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, also known as the Rat Pack.

First up, Kris sings The Way You Look Tonight! And I loved it. Kris is really getting stronger and stronger each week. High praises from all the judges, but Simon!

Alison sings Someone to Watch Over Me! At only 17 years of age, I thought she did that song justice. Again all the judges liked it, but Simon!

Matt sings My Funny Valentine! I actually didn't like his performance and neither did Randy and Kara. Paula liked it and this time so did Simon!

Danny sings Come Rain or Come Shine! The soul and blues came pouring out from Danny! I loved it! I thought it was his best performance of the competition. Finally, all four judges agree and loved his performance, and yes including Simon!

And last but not least, Adam sings Feeling Good! I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it as much as some of his past performances. All the judges liked him. And I have to agree with Randy that I thought it was a tad too theatrical. He's still my favorite though.

I have to give Kudos to Jaime Fox for mentoring the Idols this week! I thought he did a really great job.

My standout performance of the night (and surprisingly it wasn't Adam) was without question, Danny and second to him, Kris! Then Adam, then Alison and sorry to say but the performance I liked the least was Matt's. But because Simon told Alison that he thought she was in jeopardy, I threw all my 7 votes for her last night.

And that's my Recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Great recap Kathy! I really enjoyed last night's show. I love those old Rat Pack standards. I also thought that Jamie Foxx was one of the most interesting mentors ever - he did a great job!

    I thought everyone did a pretty good job. I agree with you that it wasn't Adam's best night but he was still pretty good. I don't know who I liked the most or who should go home - it's hard!

    I feel confident that Adam and Danny are safe though. I hope that Alison will be safe too because I think she deserves it, though it's never good when Simon says "you might be in trouble."

    We will find out the verdict tonight! Have a good day and thanks for the recap!

  2. Hi Annie, thanks for so much for your comments. Yes, I really liked Jammie Foxx a lot. I agree that Adam and Danny and I would also add Kris are safe. I think of the top five, Matt and Alison is probably the most in jeopardy tonight. But then again I thought Melinda was going to fly into the finals and I was wrong. It is definitely hard now that we are in the top five. I think that all top five Idols will end up with record deals and have a lot of success after Idols so now it's just a matter of who will win the title of Idol in the end. I really hope that Alison makes it, but with Simon's comment that does not help her cause.

    Thanks for your recap Annie! We'll definitely see tonight. I wonder if Jaime Foxx will perform? It would be cool if Michael Blube (spelling?) performs!

    Have a great day too!

  3. Such a good recap. I love this era of music so last night was a dream for me. Danny looked esp. cute last night. I thought Kris did a fantastic job. It really seems he gets stronger each week. I didn't go ga ga for Matt's performance. It just didn't keep me interested like the others. Love your reporting on this show. Oh my it's getting tough.

  4. I tuned in last night and even had my husband watching (we were watching TV while eating dinner so he had no choice!). I was thrilled to hear the theme for last night, 'cause I love the music of the Rat Pack! We both enjoyed the performances but we thought the best were Alison, Danny and Adam.

    Thanks for the recap! I can’t watch AI tonight at the time that is aired but will try to watch the recording when I’m back home. But if I don’t have the time I know where to get the latest from AI: in your fabulous blog! :)

    Have a great Wednesday!

  5. I would have loved to see the show last night. I love Frank Sinatra, and really like all the songs that were sung. Alas, my in-laws are visiting and we were busy having fun with them.

    Thanks for the recap, Kathy.

  6. I thought Jamie Fox was a great mentor, but I still am puzzling his connection with the Rat Pack.

    This is really getting tough - my heart belongs to Danny, and I really admire Adam's talents. I think Simon was unduly harsh with Allison, very provocative in trying to get this very young girl to answer to whether she thinks she can win, not sure why he was going there. Kris only gets better, and I think my vote for offish night is Matt.

  7. Marcia has a good point - what DOES Jamie Foxx have to do with the Rat Pack, LOL.

    Glad to see some other Rat Pack and Sinatra fans out there. I highly recommend "Christmas with the Rat Pack" - my all-time fave holiday CD with Frank, Deano, and Sammy Davis Jr singing all the classic Xmas tunes!

    Sounds like everyone is leaning towards Matt being the one to go. We'll find out soon!

  8. Wow, thanks everyone for all of your comments and great recaps! It is definitely getting tougher as we near the Idol Finale! But it is also a lot of fun watching the Idols compete and bring out the best in each other.

    Barb, I also love the songs from this era too, especially old blue eyes . I thought the Idols did really well. It’s so funny that Simon really liked Matt’s performance and that might have influenced some voters. I still think Alison was better. It will be hard to see either of them leave on tonight's show!

    Maria, I had to smile reading your post because of how you had your husband watching it while eating dinner. :) I also enjoy the music from the Rat Pack. I really thought Alison did so well and yet maintained her rock like edge. I just like how she stays true to herself. It will be so interesting tonight. I can’t imagine Adam, Danny or Kris leaving (it would be a shock if they do). Thanks for your recap Maria and enjoy your evening. Feel free to check back for the results.:)

    Candi, that’s cool that you were having fun with your in-laws last night. It was a great show if you like songs Frank Sinatra & the other Rat Pack members. Maybe next week will be another theme that you enjoy too. Thanks again for your comments and keep on having fun with your visitors.

    Marica, you made an interesting point about Jamie. I did enjoy how Jamie really got into his role, but I would've expected someone like Michael Buble to be the perfect mentor for this show since he sounds exactly like Frank Sinatra. I thought Simon was a little harsh with Alison too. She sings like a veteran performer but like you said she is still a young girl. I really want her to make it to top four!

    Annie, I agree about Jamie’s selection. But I also question Quinten’s selection and the non selection of Donna Summer for Disco week! :)

    I’ll have to check out that CD! Thanks for mentioning it. I try to see if they have it on iTunes. I love Christmas songs especially the classics like Bing Crosby.
    I agree that we all seem to think that Matt may go tonight. It will be hard to watch tonight I think because at this point in the competition they are just all so good and it is now a matter of who has the better performance for that night.

    You’re probably watching the results show already on the East Coast. I have two more hours to go! I hope Alison makes it through!

    Thanks again everyone for your interesting comments and recap! I am getting more excited as we get closer to the finale show! Have a great evening everyone!


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